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Discussion Items

  • Feature ownership document from last week (tracy)
    • Please linkify the areas to cover on the document
    • Start with Pri 1 areas
  • Mapping Code coverage to BFT coverage (murali, tchung)
    • Taking murali's spreadsheet and breaking
    • Next steps: clint, murali, and I will take the top .js files (layout/content/toolkit) and map them to the feature ownership document. Feature owners to then take files and break them down with development to understand testcase-wanted.
    • Murali, how hard will it be to get code coverage for XBL and XML files? (those have js functions that touch the chrome and would deem useful as well)
    • Code coverage pages: C/C++ results and JS results
  • Device allocation (aakashd, jmaher)
    • From last time
    • With tegra and fennec becoming a bigger part of product testing, we need folks to actively participate with dogfooding
    • Talk about current devices we have, and future ones we need to order
      • notes
      • Aakashd will setup a chart with in house devices, and a schedule to check out for dogfooding
      • Jmaher will look into new devices coming down the pipe, and get them ordered for the team
      • Figure out how to get some international coverage (krupa, whimboo)
  • Visibility among Development (timr, tchung)
    • feature cleanup exposes you more in bugs
    • blog and stuff. QMO bug to include personal blogfeed soon bug 505848
    • attend devteam meetings, newsgroups

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.14, Firefox 3.5.3, Tb2.0.0.23, Major Update (abillings)
    • Code freeze for Firefox 3.0.14 and 3.5.3 occurring right now.
    • Thunderbird being built today.
    • No specific Major Update news at the moment.
  • Firefox (juanb)
    • Update?
  • Tegra mobile (marcia)
    • Closed out a bunch of bugs, opened a few new ones.
    • No further automation testing development on Tegra device since last week's reftest run.
    • Reboot needed on the rom on both mobinova devices as right now the devices are not usable.
    • Tegra run complete in Litmus ->marcia will send out to Nvidia team for feedback
  • Fennec mobile (aakashd, jmaher)
    • resolving bugs and triaging unconfirmed bugs for now
    • testday is coming up on aug 21st. be there or be square
  • Webdev Testing (stephend)
    • Still testing AMO 5.0.8
    • Still testing SUMO 1.3
    • Final stages of testing/certifying Mozilla Creative Collective
    • Working on School of Firefox test plan w/Raymond
  • Community outreach and QMO (marcia, aakashd)
    • QMO: 1.1 milestone is coming up on Aug. 16. We're in the final stages for a number of bugs and trying to lighten the load, while holding the same impact
    • QA COG is out in draft
    • Update on mozEUcamp, meetups, others?
  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
    • Tutorial for creating Mozmill tests available
    • 5 new tests in the last two weeks (Smoketests: 22, BFT: 34, FFT: 40)
    • Fixed one major issue for modal dialog handling bug 492136
    • Other upcoming helper functions to ease the test creation process (e.g. for notification bars)
  • EV Cert Server (ashughes)
    • Cert creation works - yay!
      • A guide can be found here
      • A demo for MV folks will follow the meeting
    • Requires some magic to get Firefox to trust it
      • Further work required on this front
  • Litmus cleanup (tracy)
    • reduced the 3.5 BFT to 245 test cases, down from over 300. Also pulled a couple tests out of the smoketests
    • Firefox 3.6 testrun has been cloned.
    • Q. Can someone move the Firefox 3.0 testrun down the active testrun list?
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Lots of code cleanup and improved HTML table support happening on mozilla-central.
    • A top crasher fixed in both 3.0.14 and 3.5.3.
    • Will be working with devs to implement proper keyboard support for HTML5 drag and drop. It recently landed without proper keyboard support, much like audio/video support did last year.