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Discussion Items

  • Q3 Goals midpoint checkup
    • Any blocking issues from accomplishing team goals?
    • Keep your own section updated
    • discussion - mozmill on buildbot is a concern, need to check with testdev
    • es-MX and pt-Br are in contact. de needs a little push to with the community
  • Firefox 3.6 Testplan and Features (juanb)
    • Team up with another to QA feature areas
    • How to fold this into the feature ownership document tracy owns?
      • discussion - each QAE person (minus Al), should be the primary owner of at least one 3.6 feature. Should also backup another feature. Best to pick a new feature that syncs up to your current feature ownership set.
      • take advantage of the developer work week to ramp up and ask feature questions
      • Planning to ship final in Nov, beta in Oct.
      • Use the testcase template to write your testplan out.
  • Moco strategy sessions
    • More broader exposure (AMO strategy, Mobile strategy)
    • Topics you want to hear more about?
      • discussion team is receptive to this. Other teams could be Labs team, marketing team, SUMO team, etc..
      • Q. Are there expected action items out of the meetings? Too early to say. The intention is this is smaller than a brownbag, and the talk would be targeted toward how QA could respond.
  • QAE Q4 workweek
    • All hands is Dec 7-9
    • Proposal to tack on the week before
    • Checking with ctalbert if testdev is considering one also
      • discussion most folks are open to just having it during the entire week, and no additional time
      • if need extended time, either before or after the all hands is fine
      • syncing with Testdev team would be beneficial

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.14, Firefox 3.5.3 (abillings)
    • Testing is progressing.
    • Possibility of respin due to Bug 510583.
  • Firefox 3.6, 3.7 (juanb)
    • Update?
      • See above.
  • Tegra mobile (marcia)
    • Software update is now functional on nightly builds. Some crashes have been observed on the trunk and may be due to Bug 508113. rstrong and vlad are aware of these issues.
    • Have a Mobinnova running with the latest 1.9.2 nightly. Was able to connect to TMobile and perform a successful software update to the latest 1.9.2 build
    • Automation
      • Some automation is running and failures are being reported.
      • Remote Reftests strategy is showing promise
  • Fennec mobile (aakashd)
    • Updating blocking fennec 1.0 bugs
    • Setting up release testing plans
    • testing winmo a3 release
    • going through resolved fennec bugs
  • Community outreach and QMO (marcia, aakashd)
    • QMO:
      • Updated bugs, but still waiting for webdev to open up
      • Mark Wong, a community member, might be coming in to help out with drupal module coding
      • Going to have the QMO Meeting next Thursday and an agenda will be sent out during the weekend or monday
    • Meetups, Conferences
      • Mozilla EU Camp
        • First batch of invites were sent out and several contributors have already accepted.
        • We still have about 8 nominations we can use so if you know of any other contributors in the EU that have been very involved, please nominate them by sending mail to marcia.
        • has the list of potential sessions
  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
    • Branched last week for 1.9.1 and trunk (maintaining 2 branches now)
    • Test via command line work for each OS (Mac, Windows, Linux)
    • BFT: Blocked (2 - 1%), Assigned (15 - 7.2%), Fixed (41 - 19.7%) => Target (70 - 27 left)
  • Feature Ownership (tracy)
    • Update:
      • Stay on top of your P1 ownership work for 3.6.
      • Recruit community owners for P2/P3 areas.
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Improvements to table handling code are progressing. Got some great feedback from the Windows AT vendors resulting in a new table and table cell interface definition currently being reviewed by David and myself and soon available in Firefox 3.7. We're currently increasing test coverage and code quality on this front by large strides!
    • Some other helpful work going on for the NVDA developers who are on a renewed Mozilla Foundation grant to improve WAI-ARIA support, and we're dealing with a few issues on our end, parts of which are regressions from bug 178324, see bug 412196 and dependent ones.
  • Coverage related testing update(Murali)
    • Dietrich was presented with FX coverage data.
    • He is ready to start looking at the gaps in the top 10 files
    • Requested QAE to start filing bugs on the gap code blocks.
      • We should discuss the bug filing strategy and assign tasks.
    • We happen to find that we don't instrument NSS and also not run NSS tests ??
    • Next steps, sit down with dietrich this week and dissect the files for creating test cases. meeting agenda to come.

Round table?