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Web QA Home

Meeting Details

Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific

Lead / Scribe

  • Lead:
    • Krupa
  • Scribe:
    • Stephen
    • Scribe is responsible for:
      • adding the action items and takeaways to the current meeting's minutes
      • creating the agenda for the next meeting and carrying the action items and takeaways over to it
      • sending out a notice of the availability of that agenda along with the meeting invite
      • completing all of the above by the end of the week during which the meeting occurred

Action Items / Takeaways from Last Week

  • Takeaways:
  • Action Items:

Discussion Items / Updates

  • SV have been doing a great job on the Gaia reports - are we ready to start sending v1.3 reports to qa-b2g list too?
  • Common tags for Github Issues [bsilverberg]
    • Priority - High, Medium & Low
    • Difficulty - Beginner, Intermediate & Hard
    • Community
    • Blocked
  • Intro to Web Testing event tomorrow - please join in vidyo or on #testday to help. It'll be from 8-noon PST. [rbillings]

Goals Check-in

Testday Ideas

Blog Ideas

If you have any ideas for blog posts, share them here.

Lightning talk / Show 'n Tell

Project Status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

  • Affiliates
  • Engagement
  • Firefox OS
  • Marketplace / AMO
  • Mozillians
  • MDN
    • Continuous deployment, no updates
  • Socorro
  • SUMO
    • Continuous deployment, no updates
  • MozTrap
  • Wiki

CI Updates

If you've worked on Jenkins or Selenium Grid in the last week, add the necessary info in the Wiki

Community Update

Time off / Out-of-office

  • Stephen working remotely from Indiana, March 3rd - 7th
  • bsilverberg - Vacation - March 10 - 14

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Takeways:
  • Action Items:
    • Bebe and team to send the B2G 1.3 reports to qa-b2g/other mailing lists
    • Bob to add the labels for GitHub automation projects via an API
    • Andrei + co. to look at Selenium 2.40.0
    • Stephen to get Softvision accounts for One and Done
  • Next owner / scribe:
    • Bebe / Rebecca
  • Next week's meeting notes: