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Meeting Details

Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific

Lead / Scribe

  • Lead:
    • Matt
  • Scribe:
    • Rebecca
    • Scribe is responsible for:
      • adding the action items and takeaways to the current meeting's minutes
      • creating the agenda for the next meeting and carrying the action items and takeaways over to it
      • sending out a notice of the availability of that agenda along with the meeting invite
      • completing all of the above by the end of the week during which the meeting occurred

Action Items / Takeaways from Last Week

  • Takeaways:
  • Action Items:
    • Stephen - Get Krupa more Flame and Hamachi devices
    • [DONE] Andrei - Install prerequisites for fxa-python-client on Jenkins master
    • Rebecca - schedule github cleanup test day [done on Fri the 14th]
    • Matt - Speak with tkimmel about eta of mvp

Discussion Items / Updates

  • [rbillings] fyi- here is the link to the PDX breakout sessions etherpad
  • [rbillings] Lately we've been encouraging contributors to complete PRs within a week- should we make it official? Should we add specifics of how to take a PR also [seeing lots of people asking IF they can have it, IF it's still open]. We also need to get better at telling people they can "have" issues, as I've seen some that went months with no action because no one officially said to go ahead and do it.

Fun Facts

  • Every Heinz baked bean passes through a laser beam to check that it is the right colour.
  • The first laser was said to have the power of one 'Gillette' as it could burn through a single razor blade.
  • There is only one mention of sneezing in the Bible.

Goals Check-in - 1st and 3rd meetings, monthly

Testday Ideas

Blog Ideas

Have ideas you want to blog about, or you think would make interesting topics? Note them here! this is a template, so update here please

Lightning talk / Show 'n Tell

Project Status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

CI Updates

If you've worked on Jenkins or Selenium Grid in the last week, add the necessary info in the Wiki

Community Update

Time off / Out-of-office

Warning signWarning: This template is no longer in use. Please directly include the Web QA PTO page instead.

PTO and other time out of office for Firefox Test Engineering

  • [davehunt] - October 26 - PTO
  • [davehunt] - December 12-14 - Honolulu marathon

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Takeways:
  • Action Items:
  • Next owner / scribe:
  • Next week's meeting notes: