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Don't Panic!

Welcome to the Mozilla Web QA testing team! This page exists to help you get up-to-speed on the various resources you'll want and need, to do your job more effectively, and lessen the Mozilla-firehose effect :-)

First things, first, so start here <----

  • Quick Orientation available here
  • To get an overview of the QA process/tools, click here


  • Get a Bugzilla account
  • Get a wiki account
  • Need an LDAP account first (which you should already have), then file a Service Now request under "VPN"
  • Get a GitHub account.
  • Get a VM by filing a Service Now request for an Operating System, which will be a disk image you can download and install with a VM tool such as VMWare (also available via Service Now) or VirtualBox.



  • Almost all relevant information is linked from QMO. Also, see our wiki page.
  • Quick overview of our major projects here

Other useful info

Use your LDAP credentials to:

  • Log in to the Intranet
  • Log in to Mana
  • Log in to (once we've created an account for you) Jenkins