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Last updated: 2016/06/27


Features Status

Feature QA Owner Tracking Bug Documentation/Test Plan Feature Health Nightly Feature Health Aurora Feature Health Beta
[DB pre-work] Prioritization of mobile browsing history over synced desktop history Ninu bug 1046709 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] NA
Added locale(s): Georgian (ka)
Added locale(s): Lao (lo)
Web extensions support on Android bug 1185785
Fatfennec - exclude fonts (Kinto-backed service) bug 1254491
Gecko text selection carets Mihai Pop bug 1168847 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Suggest "Add to home screen" for frequently used websites Teodora Vermesan bug 1232706 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Floating text selection action bar for Android M Ninu bug 1171110 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Update code for handling of panning and zooming Mihai Pop bug apz-fennec Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Audible media content to be managed by Android Audio Service Mihai Pop bug 1249579 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Help users make Firefox their Default Browser Teodora Vermesan bug 1210386 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Update icons for video touch controls Sorina Florean bug 704229 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Migrate reading list to bookmarks Teodora Vermesan bug 1234314 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Prototype content update of websites with infrequent updates Sorina Florean bug 1238087 Testplan under switchboard experiment under switchboard experiment under switchboard experiment
Add section under Settings to control "notifications" Teodora Vermesan bug 1247788 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Default to "Always restore for Tabs" settings pref Sorina Florean bug 1219343 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Move sync tabs into history home panel Mihai Ninu bug 1220928 TestPlan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Push notification on Fennec Ioana Chiorean bug 1206207 Testplan NA NA NA
EOL 2.3 (Gingerbread) support Ioana Chiorean bug 1220184 Testplan NA NA NA



Release Candidate


Meeting Purpose When
Crashkill Discuss urgent concerns with stability (ie. crashes) Every Monday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Product Planning Discuss concerns about feature development and/or schedule Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM Pacific
Release Coordination Raise issues of utmost importance to the Release Managers Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Development Discuss concerns with development Every Wednesday at 9:30 AM Pacific
Mobile Triage Nominate bugs to get developer attention Every Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Quality Engineering Discuss concerns with the Support and Project teams Every Thursday at 1:30 PM Pacific