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Firefox QA Standup - June 25th, 2014

Dial-in Information

Attendees: Alexandra, Camelia, Cristina, Flaviu, Florin, Henrik, Ioana, MIhaela, Mihai, Otilia, Paul, Petruta, Teodora, Catalin, Francesca, Kamil, Matt, Kevin. Marc, KaiRo, Juan, Aaron

Discussion Items

Notes and Actions

  • KaiRo is working on getting queries and bug count stats on verification needed, QA contact needed and verification triage needed in the iteration process
  • [Florin] Received notice that some speed improvements have been made for the Editing/Creating suites area - haven't tried it yet
  • [Paul] I and other 3 members of the desktop team are working on the update hotfix testing


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Andrei - PTO - June 25 - July 4
    • Camelia - PTO - June 27
    • Cata Suciu - PTO - June 23-27
    • lizzard - at Open Source Bridge and AdaCamp june 20-27
    • Tracy - PTO June 24 through July 13th
    • Mihai P - PTO - 30 June - 18 July
    • Aaron PTO June 30
  • Events

Q3 Goals

  • [IoanaChiorean] I don't quite see any mobile owners under Firefox QA - is this covering both teams or not yet?


  • Think Small - how can you involve the community in the work you are personally responsible for.

Channel Status

== Release (Fx30) (Desktop Tracy Mobile Kevin)

Beta (Fx 31) ( Desktop -Anthony/Liz Mobile - Aaron/Kevin )


Aurora (Fx 32) (Desktop Juan/Kamil Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

=== Nightly (Fx 33)(Tracy/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 24.7 + Fx 31)


  • Shumway security testing


  • Puppet
    • We can now successfully puppetize Ubuntu and OS X boxes
    • Remaining work: screensize, proxies (gui), java and tools installation
  • TPS
  • Mozmill
    • Patch for using wptserve is nearly final, waiting for dependencies (manifest-parser)
  • Tests
    • The first basic geolocation test might land today. Others will follow soon.


  • High crash rates on everything except Android release
  • Poked some devs on bugs that needed attention
  • The _VEC_memzero stuff in bug 988549 is probably old, known-bad drivers
  • Full status at