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Note: Do to several organizational restructures, the following list is outdated and inaccurate

Core Feature Owner Core Feature page Test Plan Priority Target for P1/P2
Gaming Anthony Hughes / Marc Schifer Platform/Games QA/Games P1 Fx34
Loop Anthony Hughes Loop Loop/QA P1 Fx34
WebRTC Nils Olhmeier WebRTC test plan needed QA/WebRTC P1 Fx33?
OpenH.264 Nils Olhmeier feature page needed QA/WebRTC/OpenH264 P1 Fx33
e10s Juan Becerra Electrolysis QA/Electrolysis P1 Fx35
Shumway Matt Wobensmith / Paul Silaghi Shumway QA/Shumway P1? tbd
Translation Bogdan Maris / Liz Henry Translation Infobar QA/Translation P1 tbd
WebIDE Petruta Rasa WebIDE MDN pages QA/WebIDE P1 Fx34
Screen/App/Window Sharing Nils Olhmeier / Bogdan Maris / Florin Mezei Firefox/App_Sharing App_Sharing P1 Fx34
Sync Tracy Walker CloudServices/Sync updates needed QA/Sync P2 Fx34
Telemetry Kamil Jozwiak Telemetry QA/Telemetry tbd
Tools Bars and Customization Cornel Ionce feature page needed test plan needed QA/Customization P2
Preferences Juan Becerra / Camelia Badau In Content Prefs QA/Preferences tbd
FHR Robert Kaiser / Kamil Jozwiak FHR Test plan needed QA/FHR tbd
Tabs Cornel Ionce Feature page needed QA/Tabs New Tab Tiles P1
Bookmarks & History (Places) Andrei Vaida MDN Places page QA/Places - test plans P1
Printing Florin Mezei feature page needed test plan needed QA/Printing P3
Dev Tools owners needed - should be broken into several component areas MDN Dev Tools QA/Developer Tools tbd
Graphics Florin Mezei feature page needed test plan needed P2
Geo Location Juan Becerra Services/Location test plan needed tbd
Session Restore Cornel Ionce Session Restore QA/Session Restore P3
Audio/Video Alexandra Lucinet feature page needed QA/Audio Video P1
Security Matt Wobensmith??? Security test plan needed tbd
Add-ons Andrei Vaida MDN Add-ons page QA/Add-ons - test plans P2
Search Petruta Rasa Search Test Plan P1 Fx33
Plugins Bogdan Maris feature page needed QA/Plugins P1
Location bar Alexandra Lucinet Location Bar QA/Location Bar tbd
File handling Camelia Badau File Handling test plan needed tbd
PDF Viewer Petruta Rasa PDF Viewer PDF Viewer TP P2
Downloads Panel Catalin Varga feature page needed test plan needed tbd
Download Manager Catalin Varga Download Manager Download Manager Test Plan tbd
Application update Catalin Varga??? feature page needed test plan needed tbd
Suggested Sites (Mobile) Ioana Chiorean QA/Fennec/Suggested_sites_v1 tbd
Localization (Mobile) Ioana Chiorean & Teodora Vermesan Mobile/Projects/Localization QA/Fennec/Localization tbd
Tracking protection tbd tbd