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Firefox QA Standup - August 20th, 2014

Dial-in Information

  • Wednesdays, 8:30am Pacific Time
  • Telephone:
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99779 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99779 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: QA-Desktop
  • Vidyo Guest URL
  • Agenda and notes: etherpad

Attendees: Florin, Catalin V., Petruta, Mihaela, Cornel, KaiRo, Tracy, Anthony Hughes, lizzard, madamezou, Alexandra, Bogdan, Andrei

Discussion Items

  • Idea - focus contributors on Aurora for exploratory testing experiments as a means of engaging community in a more productive manner.
    • Having fewer people on Nightly could have a negative effect on stability
    • Try moving some of the Beta users to Aurora
    • One and Done links in Aurora Snippets
    • What kind of feed back can we give the users for participating in the experiments
    • Need to come up with a list of experiments to run
      • tasks in one and done
      • Metrics to measure success
      • Anthony, Liz, MSchifer, Tracy - schedule meeting to discuss ideas
  • [Florin] OP rights on IRC for myself (:FlorinMezei), Andrei Vaida (:avaida) and ioanachiorean. Channels: #testday, #qa, #mozillians, #romania, #firefox, #remo - Any updates?
    • we had this on Thursday, but not anymore [kbrosnon will follow up on chan ownership]
  • [Florin] I received the following from Marco: "the webRTC/Loop team is going to start using the iteration and point fields as well for their separate iterations. The firefox-backlog+ flag will separate our bugs from theirs."
    • how does this impact us? should we take this into account, or consider it sprint work along with everything else in our sprint?
    • Forward email to ashughes - he will follow up on it.
    • This will also impact the dashboard
  • New QE-Verify flag - replaces use of whiteboard tag QA[+/-] and the verifyme keyword
    • KaiRo's prototype dashboard has been updated to query for that
  • Feature owners - One and Done Tasks
  • Bug Verification work load?
  • Android test devices
    • Xperia z series tablets, Motorola X & G phones (these cover the basic chip sets we need)
    • Please make a list of any additional devices you may need

Project Updates

  • Loop (ashughes)
    • Fx33: Loop will ride to Beta to collect feedback but will not be accepting any further feature/UI changes, will be pref'd off for Release
    • Fx34: FxA is being added to the current scope -- platform work is mostly complete, front-end work will be mostly complete by migration but some uplifts will need to occur in Aurora (NLT first iteration)
    • Contemplating building in a "Rooms" mode for 35, 36 or later
  • WebRTC
    • Nils is in Tribes - No Update
  • Contributor Pathways
  • [juanb] e10s scheduled for Fx36 (it's getting higher priority), around Nov.
    • This means enabled by default on nightly.

Notes and Actions


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Paul - PTO - August 18th - 22nd
    • Teodora - PTO -August 13th - 22nd
    • Henrik - PTO - August 18th - 22nd
    • Aaron - PTO - August 29th
    • Flaviu - PTO - August 22nd - September 3rd
    • Catalin S. PTO - September 1st - September 8th

Q3 Goals


Channel Status

Release (Fx31) (Desktop - Anthony/Liz Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

Beta (Fx 32) (Desktop - Juan/Kamil Mobile - Aaron/Kevin )

Aurora (Fx 33) (Desktop - Tracy/Kevin Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

Nightly (Fx 34)(Desktop - Liz Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 24.7 + Fx 31)


Automation (whimboo)


  • After backout of adware-related patch, crash rates on beta are going down but not yet entirely where we want them.
  • ADI source has been switched on Socorro crash-stats, bug 1056025 filed on Android issues with that.
  • Aurora still has OMTC issues but patches just landed to improve this, need to watch data for this.