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Firefox QA Standup - November 4th, 2015

Dial-in Information


   Teodora, Mihai Pop, Mihai Ninu, Petra, Cornel,

Discussion Items

  • [Andrei] Desktop General status –
    • Builds signed off – 42.0 RC (build2), 38.4.0 ESR (build2), DevEdition 44, 43 Beta 1 (build 2)
    • Pre-beta features signed off – New Add-on Signing, Search Suggestions & Unified Autocomplete
    • Wrapped up Win64 builds spot-check –
    • Wrapped up DevTools bug verification on Fx44 –
    • Performed Smoke Testing on DevEd 44's Memory Tool
    • Signed off on Fx 42's compatibility with Windows 10 (Build 10565)
    • Aurora 43 Testday results (held last Friday, 30th of Oct) –
      • 63 participants, 8 verified fixed bugs, several test cases executed
    • Main focus:
      • Pre-aurora feature sign offs – Async Places Transactions (Fx 44)
      • Feature testing – WebVR (Fx 45), Windows on-screen support (Fx 43)
  • [Ioana] Mobile updates:
    • Builds signed off - 42.0 RC (Build 3), Aurora 44 Signoff, Firefox 43 Beta 1

Major New Desktop Features status

  • [Cornel] Windows 10 - read only
    • Fx 42's compatibility with Windows 10 was signed off.
      • Two new issues were found during testing, both low priority (bug 1219746 and bug 1219747).
    • Several bugs were verified.
  • [Petra] Search Suggestions & Unified Autocomplete (Fx 43) - read only
    • Tested on today's 43.0b1 build. No major issues found.
  • [Ica] New Add-on Signing (Fx 43)
    • No updates.
  • [Cornel] WebVR (Fx 45) - read only
    • Completed the testing on Windows 10 with Oculus runtime and 60hz monitor refresh rate.
      • Compared the results with the 0.7 and newer runtime and they were slightly better.
    • WebVR will be enabled by default on all platforms (see ).
    • Still no update from Josh Carpenter regarding the necessary hardware.
  • [Petra] Async Plugin Init (Fx 43)
    • No updates.

Major New Mobile Features status

  • [Ninu] Kidfox - Firefox in Restricted profiles
    • No updates. The feature works as expected.

Project Updates

  • Metrics / Dashboards (KaiRo)
  • Stability (KaiRo)
  • EME automation + YouTube MSE automation [sydpolk]
    • Netflix fixed the bug that sydpolk was running across, and now the tests pass much more frequently.
    • Network bandwidth limiting for Netflix is ready to be deployed.
    • We need to run our media tests on Windows 32 bit hardware, and we need to run Windows 64 binaries on 64-bit hardware. Right now, we only run 32-bit windows on 64-bit hardware.
  • Mobile

Notes and Actions


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • KaiRo, Sylvestre, Lawrence and RyanVM visiting SoftVision Nov 9-11
    • KaiRo in Paris this week (all of Release Management, actually), Nov 2-6
    • sydpolk missed 26-Oct through 30-Oct recovering from emergency gall bladder surgery

  • Events


Channel Status

Release (Fx 42) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Beta (Fx43) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Aurora (Fx 44) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Nightly (Fx 45) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 38.4.0)


Automation (whimboo)

  • Update tests were not run due to RelEng changes without informing us (see )
  • Push of mozharness changes is blocked by Releng (missing revision id in pulse messages) - we will have a meeting later today and hopefully can get this fixed soon - if that is not possible we might not be able to test localized builds anymore
  • We most likely want to replace ondemand update tests with Marionette driven tests to finally get rid of Mozmill - talking with Robert and Florin at the moment)