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Firefox QA Standup - November 18th, 2015

Dial-in Information


Discussion Items

  • [Andrei] Holiday 30 Nov - 1 Dec (St. Andrew's Day and the National Holiday of Romania)
    • 43 Beta 8 build sign off affected - we'd need to sign off the build one day later, on Wednesday (Dec 2).
  • [Ioana] Mobile updates
    • Cureently signing of 43 beta 4 - mail is under writign
      • no major issue found
    • We had a build on Friday but after reviewing the pushlog we disucssed with Sylvestre and proposed not to run - Liz confirmed was made by mistake
    • Firefox 42.0.1 build coming soon

Major New Desktop Features status

  • [Cornel] Windows 10
    • no updates
  • [Petra] Search Suggestions & Unified Autocomplete (Fx 43)
    • no updates
  • [Ica] New Add-on Signing (Fx 43)
    • no updates
  • [Ica] Windows on-screen Keyboard (Fx 43) - read only
    • Tested the fix pushed for on 45a1 and 44a2. This bug is one of the main issues affecting the feature.
  • [Petra] Async Plugin Init (Fx 43)
    • Still disabled, it will probably remain that way this cycle
  • [Cornel] WebVR (Fx 45) - read only
    • no updates, still waiting for a follow-up from Josh regarding the graphics card.

Mobile Features status

ON TRACK - Support read/unread state in reading list UI ON TRACK - Redo Fennec dynamic toolbar implementation AT RISK - Include second slide in First Run Experience (Import bookmarks) -> Still has open bugs and implementations are made; currently discussing with Margaret here. ON TRACK - Include URL when sharing selected text from website NA - Cease posting Firefox on the T-Store -> we currently have no access to this, under legal radar only ON TRACK - Use "split pane styling" for History Panel on Tablets (landscape) ON TRACK- Enable and support signed add-ons -> Still has open bugs and implementations are made ON TRACK - Menu icon to follow Google's material design guidelines ON TRACK - Refine appearance of tab audio indicator & enable it by default NA - Setup A/B testing framework in release and beta -> no action required from us here.

Project Updates

  • Metrics / Dashboards (KaiRo)
  • Stability (KaiRo)
    • We had some issues with ADI last week that caused wrongly high crash rates to be shown - fixed now.
  • EME automation + YouTube MSE automation [sydpolk] [readonly]
    • Work continues on integrating Firefox UI Tests into mozilla-central
    • Work conitnues on moving media tests to mozmill-ci Jenkins instance.

  • Mobile
  • Firefox Engineering QA (RyanVM/Rares)

Notes and Actions

  • Please add any concerns to channel meetings


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Teodora- Nov 19-22
    • Andrei Vaida - Nov 26-27
    • Mihai Boldan - Nov 16-20
    • Mihai Pop - Nov 18-20th
    • kbrosnan off Nov 25 need someone to cover lead for this meeting
    • KaiRo out Nov 26 (US holiday) until Orlando (Dec 7) and on Dec 14/15 (includes release day)
  • US Holiday 26-27 November (Thanksgiving)
  • Romanian Holiday 30 Nov - 1 Dec (St. Andrew's Day and the National Holiday of Romania)
  • Henrik out due to public holiday here in parts of Germany - Nov 18th
  • Events


Channel Status

Release (Fx 42) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Beta (Fx43) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Aurora (Fx 44) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Nightly (Fx 45) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 38.4.0)


Automation (whimboo)