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App Tabs

  • Development Status: - Landed
  • Feature Testing: - In progress
  • Team: unfocused, limi, marcia
  • Tracking Bugs: bug 551849
  • Bugs of Interest: bug 575281

Feature Description

This project covers the design and creation of a Firefox Home Tab, a small persistent tab placed at the far left of the tab strip that will serve as the user's home on the Web. The plan is for this interface to be locally hosted, customizable, and personalized to the needs of each individual user.

Feature Release Readiness Assessment

The table below provides a top level go/no go assessment of whether the feature is release ready for the given milestone.

Milestone Assessment
#Beta1 N/A
#Beta2 N/A
#Beta3 N/A


Feature Documentation

Item Description Status
#Project_Wiki Wiki Links to all feature related entries
#Developer_Links (blogs) Developer links to feature related sites
#Other_Docs Web links to feature related sites
#Developer_QA_Review Details from developer and qa discussions regarding feature test strategies and issues.


Feature Bug Management

Item Description Status
#Bug_Tracking Top level bugs tracking feature
#Bug_Verification Feature bugs that need verification
#Bug_Triage Links triage bug tasks


Feature Test Items

The table below provides a breakdown of all feature items that should be covered and how they will be tested. Not all items will be covered by internal QA team members. It is important to list what should be covered. If it is not covered, list it as not covered.

Note: not all items listed below will apply for a given feature

Test Item Description Covered By Status
Item 1 Item 1 Description Developer Tests
Item 2 Item 2 Description Beta tester exposure
#Localization Feature localization
#Accessibility Feature accessibility
#Plugins Plugins compatibility
#Addons Addons compatibility
#Topsites Top internet sites compatibilities


Feature Tests

Automated Tests

Item Description Status
#Developer_Tests Links to automated developer tests
#Mozmill_Tests Links to automated mozmill feature test cases

Manual Tests

Item Description Status
#Smoke_Tests link to smoke tests
#Regression_Tests link to BFT and/or regression tests
#Functional_Tests link to FFT and/or complete functional tests


Community Test Events

Item Description Status
#Testdays Links to test day event results for feature
#Bugdays Links to bug day event results for feature
#Meetups Links to Meetup events for feature


Feature Documentation Details

Project Wiki


Developer Links


Other Docs

  • Provide links to all feature related developer links to blogs and other internet sites


Developer QA Review

The QA person responsible for the feature should hold a formal interview with the lead developer or feature champion. Below are questions that should be asked in the interview:

  • Do we have automated tests for the feature?
  • What do they cover?
  • What do they not cover?
  • How well do they cover the feature?
  • What are the important areas we should focus on?
  • What are the dependencies?
  • What is our comfort level with this feature in its current state?
  • What feedback would you like from QA?


Feature Release Readiness Assessment Details




Feature Bug Management Details

Bug Tracking

  • Top level bugs tracking feature. Include any relevant bug queries that are helpful for tracking feature status.
Query Name Description
bugzilla query url link query description


Bug Verification

  • Feature bugs that need verification


Bug Triage

  • Bug triage information


Feature Test Items Details


  • Details of feature localization test requirements



  • Details of feature accessibility test requirements



  • Details of plugins compatibility test requirements



  • Tree Style Tabs?



  • Details of top internet sites test requirements


Feature Tests Details

Automated Tests Details

Developer Tests

  • Links to automated developer tests


Mozmill Tests

If a particular feature needs manual tests which should also be covered by Mozmill tests please add the "[mozmill-test-needed]" whiteboard entry to the feature implementation or regression bug.

List of Mozmill Tests:

  • Links to automated mozmill feature test cases


Manual Tests Details


  • links to litmus smoke tests or description



  • links to litmus BFT and/or regression tests description




Community Test Events Details


  • Bugs filed on 7/16 Testday:
  • Bugs already on file for feature
    • bug 551849 Home Tab and App Tabs
    • bug 575560 Hook up session restore with app tabs
    • bug 577121 Using Tab Context Menu Item "Close Other Tabs" should exclude App Tabs
    • bug 577410 Tab bar disappears if there are only app tabs
    • bug 577004 Better labels for pin/unpin app tabs context menu items
    • bug 578806 Unable to scroll left on tab bar with mouse wheel with enabled App Tab
    • bug 577727 Make pinned tabs distinguishable from other tabs for accessibility


  • Links to bug day event results for feature


  • No Meetups currently planned for this feature.