QA/Mozmill Test Automation/Endurance Tests/Meetings/02-15-2011

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Discussion Items / Updates

  • Initial tests and shared-module landed on default!
  • Started work on patch for running endurance tests with add-ons installed for investigating/replicated memory leak issues:
    • Bug 630072 - bloats out of control, part 1: js_UnbrandAndClearSlots leaks
    • Bug 631494 - Massive memory leak with Adblock Plus 1.3.3 installed
    • Bug 633382 - Xray wrappers don't cache resolved native properties on the holder object
  • We need more tests!
    • Panorama?
    • Flash content?
  • Page timeouts have been seen when loading external content. Should we increase the timeout? Is there an ethical issue with repeatedly requesting the same external page?

Project Status / Goals

  • We're looking really good for the phase I goals. Perhaps we need to reassess our goals for Q1?

Meeting Notes

  • We should speak to the guys responsible for Graphxbot to see where we can reduce duplication of efforts - they already gather detailed system information.
  • We should ultimately serve any flash content from the webserver that Al's setting up.
  • In the automated test runs we should limit the amount of external sites to avoid being perceived as attacking them. Any tests that hit external sites a lot should be run ad-hoc.

Action Items

  • Raise a bug for running endurance tests with addons (Dave)
  • Raise a bug for caching metrics to disk instead of memory (Dave)
  • Raise a bug to add endurance test compatibility to the crowd extension (Dave)
  • Add readme for endurance tests (Dave)
  • Create an endurance test for Panaroma (Anthony)
  • Source a flash video to serve as local content (Anthony)
  • Find out if we can run restart endurance tests (Dave)
  • Find a contact in the Talos team so we can start to investigate gathering similar metrics. Joel Maher is an active contributor. (Dave)
  • Continue to investigate using endurance tests to replicate the bugs mentioned above. (Dave)