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Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] Raise a bug for running endurance tests with addons (Dave) bug 634567
  • [DONE] Raise a bug for caching metrics to disk instead of memory (Dave) bug 634580
  • [DONE] Raise a bug to add endurance test compatibility to the crowd extension (Dave) bug 634582
  • [DONE] Add readme for endurance tests (Dave) bug 636180
  • [ON TRACK] Create an endurance test for Panaroma (Anthony)
  • [ON TRACK] Source a flash video to serve as local content (Anthony)
  • [DONE] Find out if we can run restart endurance tests (Dave)
  • [DONE] Find a contact in the Talos team so we can start to investigate gathering similar metrics. Joel Maher is an active contributor. (Dave)
  • [MISSED] Continue to investigate using endurance tests to replicate the bugs mentioned above. (Dave)

Discussion Items / Updates

  • We can't currently run restart endurance tests, should we make this phase 2?
  • Heard back from Joel Maher (Talos), who agrees we should syn up, and will spend some time looking through the links I provided him.
  • Working on blog post for endurance tests - want to create a screencast before posting.
  • Created various bugs and patches for running tests with addons installed and reporting installed addons.

Meeting Notes

  • Restarting endurance tests not considered a priority, so putting this idea on hold for now.
  • Worth taking a look at Zippity, which gathers performance metrics for Firefox Mobile.
  • We should come up with a whiteboard entry for bugs that might be worth replicating with endurance tests.
  • Anthony will be finishing up his current action items, but is refocusing his efforts on Panorama so no new action items will be set for now.

Action Items

  • Come up with a whiteboard entry for bug that are suitable targets for ad-hoc or permanent endurance tests. (Dave)
  • Land patch for running test scripts with add-ons installed (Dave)
  • Land patch for gathering details of installed add-ons for the report (Dave)
  • Create/land a patch for downloading add-ons specified by URL (Dave)
  • Create a list of bugs that should have ad-hoc endurance tests created for them (Dave)
  • Follow-up with Joel Maher regarding discussion on how we can sync up with Talos (Dave)
  • Blog about endurance tests, including screencast. (Dave)
  • [CARRY OVER] Create an endurance test for Panaroma (Anthony)
  • [CARRY OVER] Source a flash video to serve as local content (Anthony)
  • [CARRY OVER] Create ad-hoc endurance tests to replicate various existing bugs. (Dave)