QA/Mozmill Test Automation/Endurance Tests/Meetings/03-15-2011

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Previous Action Items

  • [DONE] Come up with a whiteboard entry for bug that are suitable targets for ad-hoc or permanent endurance tests. (Dave)
  • [DONE] Land patch for running test scripts with add-ons installed (Dave)
  • [DONE] Land patch for gathering details of installed add-ons for the report (Dave)
  • [DONE] Create/land a patch for downloading add-ons specified by URL (Dave)
  • [DONE] Create a list of bugs that should have ad-hoc endurance tests created for them (Dave)
  • [MISSED] Follow-up with Joel Maher regarding discussion on how we can sync up with Talos (Dave)
  • [DONE] Blog about endurance tests, including screencast. (Dave)
  • [DONE] Create an endurance test for Panaroma (Anthony)
  • [DONE] Source a flash video to serve as local content (Anthony)
  • [DONE] Create ad-hoc endurance tests to replicate various existing bugs. (Dave)

Discussion Items / Updates

  • New whiteboard entry is [mozmill-endurance] which will be used in combination with [mozmill-test-needed]. Bugzilla query
  • We need an initial version of dashboard before testday
  • Dashboard improvements
    • Date filter
    • Expand/collapse add-on lists
    • Link to add-on pages
    • Include failure details
    • Optimise charts with lots of data
    • Load report data as an overlay for quick navigation/comparison?
  • How could we handle add-ons with modal dialogs
  • Should we modify existing tests so that they do not accumulate between iterations?
  • Can we resize the browser window with Mozmill?

Meeting Notes

Meeting was skipped as Matt Evans and Henrik Skupin were unable to attend. Discussion items will be pushed to next meeting.

Action Items

  • [CARRY OVER] Follow-up with Joel Maher re: discussion on how we can sync up with Talos (Dave)
  • Submit endurance dashboard report patch for review. (Dave)
  • Continue to try to replicate bug 636077 with an endurance test running on Windows XP on an earlier build. (Dave)
  • Try to replicate bug 637782 with an endurance test. (Dave)
  • Get in touch with JS team (Andras Gal, Nick Nethercote) to come up with a way for them to suggest tests that could benefit from having a Mozmill endurance test. Perhaps simply adding whiteboard entries and CC'ing Dave Hunt. (Dave)