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Previous Action Items

  • [MISSED] Create test pages embedding the Flash videos and write endurance tests. (Anthony)
  • [CARRY OVER] Investigate report performance issue and raise bug. (Dave)
  • [DONE] Raise bug for adding the addons and endurance testruns to the daily testrun (bug 668072). (Dave)
  • [DONE] Comment on the bug for specifying a user comment on testruns with details of potential uses (bug 626711, bug 668063, bug 668064). (Dave)
  • [DONE] Investigate potential collaboration with the Telemetry project in Nightly. (Dave)
  • [CARRY OVER] Implement a 'max memory' view to expose testruns consuming large amounts of memory. (Dave)
  • [CARRY OVER] Investigate if we can gather all details from about:support in the same way that we currently gather metrics from about:memory. (Dave)

Current Work

  • bug 635310 - Mozmill Endurance test for flash video performance - ashughes
    • FLV and SWF video checked into litmus-data and cloned to
    • Next step is to create some HTML pages which host the videos
  • Need to find Add-ons Manager Endurance tests for Vlad and Alex to write (GOAL: 4) -- any suggestions Dave?
    • Alternative might be to have them work on the Flash Video tests on my behalf
  • Running an endurance test with restarts enabled and a large number of iterations causes Disconnect Error bug 658395 - patches still currently in review.
  • Creating a membuster endurance test
  • Micro-iterations have landed!
  • App tab test being worked on by Shriram -- in review queue.

Failing Tests

Discussion Items / Updates

  • Running endurance tests regularly
  • Tagging tests for report filtering

Meeting Notes

Action Items

  • Follow up Telemetry investigations - can we use their data/api? Do we want to?
  • Look into getting the number of threads as an additional metric.
  • All action items carried over from previous meetings.
  • Anthony to hand off Flash videos to Vlad and Alex in 4 new bugs, close out original bug, add mozmill-endurance whiteboard tag