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Mozmill Style Guide v0.1


Exceptions to the Rule:

  • If you don't agree with something in this styleguide, or you think something could be done "better", be prepared to explain why
  • The styleguide is not written in stone and is open to improvements


  • Lines of code should not exceed 80 characters (or thereabouts)
  • sleep() should never be used in a test, unless absolutely necessary -- try to use waitFor() instead
  • Each test file should only contain a single test
  • When performing an action on an element, be sure to declare an instance of the element first
  • Coding flow should follow a template:
  • Use Array.forEach() to iterate array elements
  • Use for() to iterate string characters
  • License Block
    • If you create a test
      • Initial Author = The Mozilla Foundation, if you are a Mozilla employee
      • Initial Author = YOUR NAME, if you are not a Mozilla employee
    • If you are contributing to a test
      • Add your name and email to the bottom of the contributors list
        *   Firstname Lastname <>
  • Error messages should be positive in nature
    • GOOD: Expected the notification bar to be visible
    • BAD: Didn't find a notification bar
  • There should be no whitespace at the end of a line
  • In general, all lines should be indented 2 spaces from their parent
  • All files should have 1 newline, no more, no less
  • If an XPath string needs to be concatenated, split the string on a /
  • If anything needs concatenation:
    • the operator should trail the line with one space
    • each line should be left-aligned with the first
  • All functions should be named and use camelCase with the opening brace trailing the signature by a single space
  • All variables should be named using camelCase
  • All constants should be named using ALL_CAPS
  • All unchanging variables/values should be declared as constant
  • All components should be declared in setupModule()
    • If it needs concatenation, split on the . leaving it on the first line
    • Ideally, necessary component loading should be handled by the appropriate API
  • Commenting code should be done inline //
  • Commenting functions should be done using JSDoc Toolkit style


  • Replace gDelay and 100 with DELAY
  • Replace gTimeout and 5000 with TIMEOUT
  • Replace other timeouts with CONSTANTS
  • Replace sleep() parameter with CONSTANT
  • Replace unchanging values with CONSTANT
  • Move tests from testGeneral into appropriate subfolder
  • Encapsulate all test pages in a LOCAL_TEST_PAGES array
  • Replace failing waitForEval() with waitFor()
  • Make sure proper use of "The Mozilla Foundation" in tests
  • Make sure contributor list is aligned on N in Contributor(s)
  • Make sure assertion messages are positive
  • Remove any trailing whitespace
  • Make sure all tests have 1 newline EOF
  • Make sure most lines of code respect the 2-space indent rule
  • Make sure most lines of code respect the 80-char limit (wrap where necessary)
  • Investigate removal of sleep() in favour of waitFor() where possible
  • Extract any element-instantiation-as-parameter into it's own declaration
  • Replace for each() with Array.forEach() for arrays and for() for strings
  • Replace anonymous functions with named functions?
  • Ensure proper commenting of code