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Places - Transaction Manager

Feature Target Milestone Status Lead engineer QA Lead QA Status
Places - Transaction Manager Firefox 30 Landed Mano Andrei Vaida qe-verify-


A non-XPCOM, async-friendly transaction manager implementation in toolkit, favoring the transition to asynchronous places APIs.


Places is currently enabled for Firefox 3 and greater, powering History and Bookmarks, as well as providing plumbing for Livemarks, Annotations and Microsummaries and the Awesomebar. It offers increased flexibility and complex querying to make handling the places the user goes easier and more convenient. It also includes new features including favicon storage and the ability to annotate pages with arbitrary information.


(section currently in work)

Test Cases

(section currently in work)

  • The manual test cases associated to this feature can be found in this [link Moztrap testsuite].


(section currently in work)

Sign off

No longer necessary, since the feature was just a backend change that does not require verification by QA.


  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the blocker, critical, major bugs have been fixed.

Merge to Aurora Sign-off

  • Not required.

Pre-beta Sign-off

  • Not required.

Merge to Release Sign-off

  • Not required.