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Places is currently enabled starting with Firefox 3 and it represents the engine behind History, Bookmarks, Livemarks, Annotations, Microsummaries and the Awesomebar.

Feature Ownership

QA Lead: Andrei Vaida, :avaida on IRC


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Related features

Related prefs

  • Async-friendly transaction manager enabler pref:
  • Unified Autocomplete enabler pref:
  • requestAutoComplete() enabler prefs:

Testing approach

All testing activities will focus on each sub-feature separately: e.g. Bookmarks, as well as on the interactions between all sub-features: e.g. Bookmarks - Livemarks.

Test plans

MozTrap tests

Places smoketests available here.

[IN PROGRESS] Unified Autoomplete tests available here.

One and Done tasks

Tasks for this feature are also available on One and Done, right here.

Bug work

Bugzilla queries

Unconfirmed bugs

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qe-verify+ bugs

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Full Query
ID Summary Component Op sys
36054 nsNavHistory::CanAddURI() hardcodes URL schema knowledge. Places All
55057 Mozilla should support XBEL -- the XML Bookmark Exchange Language Places All
59173 Need better/advanced bookmark/history search Places Windows 2000
95529 Ability to query global history file by date Places Windows NT
101319 save bookmarks only when bookmarks are updated. Places All
111866 Dropping multiple bookmarks in the desktop doesn't work Places All
130327 Passwords in urls are saved in history Places All
144130 Seeing multiple entries into History when test says I should see only 1 Places Other
153765 visited broken links should be displayed with different style or color Places All
155834 When offline, history entries should reflect status in cache. Places Windows 98
187410 Tree-like hierachical browsing history view Places All
196297 typed urls with spaces in them do not enter global history Places Windows XP
206812 store all typed [data, about, ...] urls in history Places Windows 2000
214030 History Info Categorizer Places Windows XP
218516 Don't List Links Opened As Background Tabs As Visited Until Viewed Places Linux
220904 Creating a bookmark with the entire history of the page. Places All
243534 Page is expired do you want to re-post message should show info about the original and target page. Places All
244795 Drag and drop child onto parent should do nothing (see URL for test details) Places All
249129 javascript: links are not marked as visited Places All
257865 Opening second window resubmits form without warning Places All
260405 "Copy Referring Address" context menu item in history Places All
288449 Critical error for Mozilla Bug bounty: User name and password to ftp sites is saved unknowingly Places Windows XP
298009 In bookmarks, add symbolic links to other bookmarks and bookmark folders Places Linux
311660 [SeaMonkey] History search is not case insensitive for non-ASCII characters Places All
320332 Fix query filtering and keyword searching - does not work for multiple OR'ed queries Places All
320831 Expose visit ID in result nodes. Places All
324430 Allow stopping Places results updates when they are unused Places All
325241 Make it possible to query and observe hidden items Places All
331535 Handle different kinds of spaces in search strings Places All
337537 Trunk build gets slower and slower in sqlite (sync LAZY addVisit is slow and accumulates over time) Places Linux
339473 deleting from urlbar autocomplete doesn't notify history observers Places All
382397 fix nsNavHistoryContainerResultNode::ReverseUpdateStats() to not notify unsorted views Places All
403650 expose API in nsIFaviconService to expire / delete all favicons Places All
405739 write more history autocomplete tests Places All
406246 search bookmark titles and descriptions for url bar autocomplete Places All
406886 restrict deletion and move of bookmarks roots in the backend Places All
408991 Find a way to efficiently extract bookmarks paths Places All
410133 Create a custom SQL matching/ranking function for functionality and performance Places All
410136 Use SQL rank method to filter and sort results Places All
410556 navhistoryresult should remove itself as a bookmark observer when deleted Places All
411231 unreferenced saved searches (place: uris) are never removed from places.sqlite Places All
412110 don't bother calculating frecencies for place: urls (they should be 0) Places All
412699 Minefield takes long time to shutdown while in nsAnnotationService Places Linux
415165 nsNavHistory::InitDB's aMadeChange should be an enum Places All
418144 Favicons are not affected by a hard refresh Places All
424160 [meta] tags should not be bookmarks folders, move them to a separate table Places All
424408 Perform automated audit of SQL statements Places All
425809 Queries using search terms match against bookmark Tags but not bookmark titles Places All
426166 Search results change their order after pressing space or further typing Places All
426864 Only show user typed history pages for the urlbar dropdown Places All
431274 Provide a history backup Places All
432706 Deleting/adding/updating a large quantity of bookmarks/history is very slow due to updating observers Places All
437236 crashes if I restore session after I Clear private data on startup Places Windows XP
447900 places prefs need appropriate default values Places All
448088 Firefox 3 is frozen for 20 seconds when launched the first time upgraded from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 Places Windows XP
449086 Create temporary tables for frequently used places tables Places All
449406 bookmarks of TRANSITION_DOWNLOAD and TRANSITION_EMBED don't show up in the location bar if they've been visited Places All
449506 Expose the places db connection Places All
449640 Modify the places backend to use the temporary tables Places All
449884 Stop using mozIStorageConnection::GetLastInsertRowID Places All
450290 Sync the temp tables to the permanent tables Places All
450502 nsNavHistoryExpire::ClearHistory has a defective query Places All
450515 Have debugging code for dumping a table to the console Places All
450516 Centralize index creation in places code Places All
450675 Fix test_expiration.js Places All
450705 Optimize the query changes from the temp table rewrite Places All
450913 PlacesBackground shouldn't have to listen for quit-application to shut down it's thread Places All
451244 nsNavHistory does not use threadsafe refcounting Places All
451590 nsNavHistory needs nsIClassInfo with THREADSAFE property Places All
451781 nsPlacesDBFlush.js's timer should dispatch to PlacesBackground Places All
451858 Syncing the tables should keep trying if it gets sqlite busy Places All
453120 With no parameter, parameter-accepting keyword item in awesomebar has the keyword itself substituted for %s Places All
453177 Move moz_places.user_title removal back to MigrateV6Up Places All
453178 Reduce shutdown work in places Places All
453179 Remove unused indices in a migration code path - not shutdown Places All
453180 Adding moz_annos_placeattributeindex should be done in migration code not shutdown Places All
453181 Remove code that is labeled REMOVE ME Places All
453305 Notify user when out of disk space Places Windows XP
453442 Secure favicon.ico request pop-ups certificate error dialog Places All
453529 Retain embed visits and places into the temp table in memory Places All
455228 Places unit test fail with --enable-application=xulrunner Places Linux
455555 Use asynchronous queries for places autocomplete Places All
456910 Stop using exclusive locking in places Places All
457473 Bookmark copy creates bookmark with duplicate guid - regression in FF 3.0.3 Places All
457577 Use truncate mode for journals for places.sqlite Places All
458106 insertBookmark does not check for parent validity Places Windows XP
458132 Frequent hangs in CalculateFrecencyInterval when viewing webcam Places macOS
458801 frecency algorithm is high-maintenance Places All
459299 nsNavHistory::SetPageTitleInternal is slow Places All
459315 Wrap favicon work in a transaction Places All
459571 Places autocomplete results contain incorrect search string Places All
459773 Creating a collation is expensive Places All
459776 date formatter is unused Places All
459781 create our string bundle in a more sane way Places All
459786 lazily get mDBVisitTo[Visit|URL]Result Places All
459787 remove mDBUrlToUrlResult Places All
459788 Lazily get mDBBookmarkToUrlResult Places All
459789 lazily get mDB[Invalid|Old]Frecencies Places All
459934 should lazy-load places autocomplete statements Places All
460299 Query does not compile in nsNavHistoryExpire Places All
460300 Expire favicons when they expire from cache, and when the cache is cleared Places All
460301 Do not write to the database if the favicon has not changed Places All
460315 set journal_mode to TRUNCATE Places All
461026 should autocomplete cache bookmark keywords to avoid hitting the db? Places All
461140 Added bookmarks are not saved Places Windows XP
461199 Create an API for asynchronous isVisited checks that content/layout can use Places All
461710 Write an automated test to ensure that visited link coloring is turned off in private browsing mode Places All
461747 Enable bypassing the private browsing mode in the Places module Places All
462047 nsPlacesDBFlush.js should have an error handler Places All
462118 Entries temporarily appear twice in "Most Visited" menu Places All
462214 [meta] regressions from fsync changes Places All
463459 Use a separate pref instead of empty restrict/match values to specify defaults Places All
463471 temp tables are not correctly synced to disk when the user clear private data on shutdown Places All
463483 matchOnlyTyped no longer honored with special filters Places All
463513 Tagging service could hold a fixed cache instead of an open node Places All
463535 Continuing search immediately after changing prefs give wrong results Places All
463558 Switch matchOnlyTyped to restrict.typed "~" (default.behavior + 32) Places All
463661 Create a pref to control the location bar search sources (history, bookmark, both, none) Places All
464438 move EnsureCurrentSchema into migration path Places All
464571 nsNavHistory trying to access already-deleted statement [tinderbox leak box random crash] Places All
464634 places should separate tags consistently and in a localizable way Places All
465427 History won't delete Places Windows XP
465510 random failures on test_database_sync_after_addVisit.js Places All
466564 RemoveDuplicateURIs is not aware of temp views Places All
466867 Linux Txul regression on November 13/14 looks like temp table changes? Places Linux
467971 random failures on test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js Places All
467997 browser_sanitize-timespans.js random failure when crossing midnight Places All
468205 Assert removing bookmark Places macOS
468305 nsINavBookmarksObserver has no "onBeforeRemove" callback Places All
468341 Some toolkit places tests fail on SeaMonkey unit test boxes Places All
468400 xpcshell-simple/test_places/unit/test_adaptive.js | *** TIMEOUT ***: The test timed out while polling database. Places Linux
468417 Frecencies are not set on initial import Places All
468458 Give frecency boost for pages that are sources of link clicks Places All
468590 random failures on test_adaptive.js Places Linux
468649 ###!!! ASSERTION: Not a UTF-8 string. This code should only be used for converting from known UTF-8 strings.: 'Error', file ../../../dist/include/string/nsUTF8Utils.h, line 516 Places All
468705 cache the result of _getSyncTableStatement in nsDBFlush Places All
468710 Better tracking of redirects and referrer in history tables Places All
468724 should we expire embed visits from memory if the browser has long uptime? Places All
468761 test_placesTxn.js leaks due to observer Places All
468878 Fix some Places warning Places All
469062 test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js leaks now Places Windows 2000
469102 Places Tag Autocomplete breaks with certain tags (Regex escaping) Places All
469175 Enhancement: Extend tagging to url's (without bookmarking them) Places All
469301 PRBool violation in mDatabaseStatus Places All
469951 using %lld PR_scanf format directly on a PRTime is not portable Places NetBSD
469972 leaking the places database connection in strange situations Places All
470025 make expiration async and not user activated Places All
470348 clear private data on shutdown does not delete history if "ask me before..." is enabled Places All
470429 nsPlacesDBFlush::onItemAdded should not sync if the item is a container Places All
470455 test_database_sync_embed_visits.js leaks Places Windows 2000
470586 Crash calling removePagesFromHost when sidebar is showing pages grouped by day and site Places All
470707 [SeaMonkey] test_download_history.js fails now Places All
471018 Warning: nsFaviconService.cpp: outparam 'aHasData' not written on NS_SUCCEEDED(return value) Places All
471123 [SeaMonkey] test_bug94514.html : "Error loading ... bug94514-postpage.html : 804b0002 (NS_BINDING_ABORTED)" Places All
471352 No longer able to rename bookmarks Places macOS
471547 move PlacesDBUtils getters to avoid possible leaks Places All
471563 disconnected uri nodes should be marked as such Places All
471886 Make places autocomplete tests even more robust against default prefs Places All
471903 pref urlbar.autocomplete.enabled is no longer implemented Places All
472603 Move Places/nsNavHistory prefs out of firefox.js Places All
472943 Two confusable preferences, "" and "browser.urlbar.default.behavior", should be unified. Places All
472978 [SeaMonkey] TUnit test_special_search.js: all but one bug 463483 new cases fail Places All
473157 Want to sort history in container view without sorting the containers Places All
473624 Firefox Bookmarks bar, google search bar, navigation button, History, become corrupted and unusable. Corrupted places.sqlite on accounts that are hosted on NFS shared volumes. Places macOS
473664 provide an API method to set additional params on insertBookmark (or optional params) Places All
473666 provide a getItemProperties API method to get all informations on an item Places All
474287 Grouped views don't respect the sorting mode Places All
474334 "place:" is a valid query to deserialize and should not cause an "ignoring unknown key:" warning Places All
474367 ###!!! ASSERTION: Bookmark hash table out-of-sync with the database Places Windows XP
474538 nsIBrowserHistory::removePagesFromHost documentation is crazy Places All
474571 better manage internally used annotations const in utils Places All
474793 Odd substring matching going on in awesomebar Places macOS
474820 Copy/Paste History Item into Tag Folder associates it as a Bookmark in Awesome Bar Places All
474853 nsNavHistory::UpdateFrecency should wrap its work in a transaction Places All
475069 nsNavHistory::AddDocumentRedirect doesn't handle INTERNAL redirects Places macOS
475824 preventive maintenance has low possibilites to be run Places All
476094 debug.js is listed twice in toolkit/content/ Places All
476153 Enable remaining preventive maintenance tasks Places All
476220 Initial migration runs out of Places sync service (nsPlacesDBFlush) Places All
476292 Crashes on startup on OS X and Linux [@ nsNavBookmarks::IsRealBookmark] [@ PL_DHashTableOperate] Places All
476297 Switch NavHistory idle listener to idle-daily Places All
476298 Switch RecalculateFrecencies to just fix invalid frecencies Places All
476299 Decay frecency values to estimate recalculating frecencies Places All
476300 Calculate all page frecencies when upgrading/migrating Places All
476485 Define expiration rules for Dynamic Containers Places All
476636 nsFaviconService::ExpireAllFavicons cannot work Places All
477295 Clean up unnecessary assignments of NS_ConvertUTF* Places All
477608 xpcshell unittest: test_places/autocomplete/test_special_search.js fails to find bookmarks with regex type characters Places All
477611 xpcshell unittest: test_places/autocomplete/test_download_embed_bookmarks.js fails with embedded bookmark Places All
477793 Make sure preventive maintenance cannot act on roots Places All
477916 Don't allow removing the Places root through bookmarks API Places All
478023 crash [@ nsNavHistory::CalculateFrecency] Places macOS
478034 Always use bind params instead of printf assignments in SQL queries Places All
478035 change initRoots to check for roots validity Places Windows Vista
478218 onQuit expiration is not working, changes are never synced to disk Places All
478718 Move last Places sync to xpcom-shutdown Places All
478912 bookmarks initialization is not fault tolerant Places All
478948 SQL statements not finalized warnings during shutdown Places All
479078 Establish why startup can be so slow Places All
479082 AutoComplete should not show unvisited not-bookmarked-elsewhere children of livemark containers Places All
479089 Need to test that removing a page from autocomplete actually removes a page Places All
479391 250k increase in tracemalloc leaks from bug 468705 Places All
479528 Testing script for places location bar performance Places All
479542 Timezone issues with Places interfaces Places All
480211 Stop expiring history on every page visit Places All
480437 test_expiration is working on wrong assumptions Places All
481113 Places makes reftest run slow Places macOS
481227 nsAnnoProtocolHandler gets favicon data synchronously from the database Places All
481257 Insertion triggers are unnecessarily slow Places All
481451 tag autocomplete should asynchronously chunk results Places macOS
482069 Awesome bar adaptiveness totally sucks Places All
482276 mDBVisitsForFrecency query doesn't use indices for sorting (we can be 7x faster!) Places macOS
482346 mDBFindURIBookmarks can't use indices to sort Places All
482351 1 sort operation required by mDBInvalidFrecencies Places All
482353 1 sort operation required by mDBGetChildren Places All
482856 Inconsistent comment for hiding pages in nsNavHistory Places All
482911 [HTML5] Re-implement bookmarks.html parsing using the HTML5 parser Places All
482964 test_000_frecency.js, test_adaptive.js, and test_frecency.js fail to run on Fennec Places Maemo
483980 Allow history/bookmark observer components to register with a startup category Places All
484094 Dynamic Containers should use nsINavBookmarksObserver::OnBeforeItemRemoved Places All
484096 nsNavBookmarks::SetItemIndex is really inefficient about its listeners Places All
484252 date grouping strings need to use plural forms Places All
484426 removeFolderChildren does not notify about annotation deletions Places All
484428 :Remove[Page|Item]Annotations should use a new function to notify about removal Places All
484813 Async API for link coloring Places All
484838 global/history/ is unused and should be removed Places All
484928 improve efficiency of IsVisited checks to speed up link coloring Places All
485330 Redirected (??) pages reuse the same history visit Places All
485678 test_browserGlue_corrupt_nobackup_default.js fails on Mac (1.9.1 branch) Places All
485985 test_history_sidebar should take in count DST correction when adding visits Places All
485999 unit/test_faviconService_expireAllFavicons is leaking Places All
486437 When I opened Firefox I received a blank page instead of my home page, my history and bookmarks were deleted and more Places Windows Vista
486522 Autocomplete dropdown arrow doesn't work Places Windows XP
486603 Query for tags with a subquery when creating nodes Places All
487040 Crash [@ nsNavHistoryResult::OnItemAdded ] in mochitest-browser-chrome Places All
487405 Want test for node.queryOptions.sortingMode to override default sorting mode Places All
487511 nsINavHistoryObserver has no "onBeforeDeleteURI" callback Places All
487594 1 sort operation required by mDBGetTags, do we need an index on bookmarks' titles? Places All
487660 Places depends on a buggy behavior of SQLite's SUBSTR Places All
487777 History menu is slow and takes ages to open Places All
487781 5 sort operations required by FindVisits selectStatement Places All
487787 1 sort operation required by mDBKeywordQuery Places All
487789 1 sort operation required by mDBAdaptiveQuery Places All
487805 Add a preventive maintenance task to fix wrong indices Places All
487809 Stop using visit_count to invalidate frecencies Places All
487810 Refactor UpdateFrecency and FixInvalidFrecencies to share frecency updating logic Places All
487813 Better calculate frecencies for multi-redirected pages Places All
488729 Crash [@0xffffffff from nsNavBookmarks::InsertBookmark] Places Windows Vista
488875 nsNavHistory::AddVisitChain makes one additional hit than it needs to to the database Places All
488966 Add a last_visit_date column with an index to moz_places Places All
488968 [meta] Places schema changes Places All
489173 Latest Google Toolbar Appears to Make places.sqlite Massive Places All
489274 Importing history from Safari provokes unresponsive script and infinite loop Places macOS
489443 Places depends on a buggy behavior of SQLite's GROUP_CONCAT Places All
489872 [@ nsNavHistory::IsVisited] doesn't check null aURI Places All
489953 Remove extraneous semicolons Places All
490661 bookmark backups should be async Places All
490668 remove schema downgrade code Places All
490714 [meta] Implement an Asynchronous API for opening container query nodes Places All
491183 Firefox 3.0.10 crashes a lot [@ sqlite3BtreeMoveto ] Places Windows Vista
491954 Views should select exact columns Places All
491983 nsIBrowserHistory needs removeVisitsByTimeframe method Places All
492379 Need a script to allow nightlies downgrade with bad views Places All
492754 Exception when trying to bookmark a page while there is no space left on device [nsINavBookmarksService.insertBookmark] Places All
492796 isLivemark should use the livemark cache, instead of the db Places All
492797 hasHistoryEntries should cache the value instead of hitting the db every time Places All
492805 GetHasChildren executes too many queries Places All
492884 getMostRecentFolderForFeedURI should use the livemarks service instead of annos directly Places All
493374 Avoid marking database as corrupt if initializing additional db objects fails, and avoid creating more than one corrupt file every 24 hours. Places All
493538 Crash in [@ nsNavHistory::RecalculateFrecenciesInternal(mozIStorageStatement*, int)] Places All
493783 Fixing warnings in toolkit components (places and commandline) Places All
493793 Crash in [nsNavHistory::RecalculateFrecenciesInternal] Places Windows XP
493933 When sorting bookmarks BY NONE we should take in count partitioning Places All
493934 Autocomplete queries are wrongly cutting away some result Places All
493962 Intermittent failure of test_bug_461710.html: Visited link coloring should work outside of private mode - got "rgb(0, 0, 255)", expected "rgb(255, 0, 0)" Places All
494122 awesome bar gives many options in autocomplete for a single entry Places Maemo
494124 SQL for awesome bar's auto complete uses empty IN condition ("IN ()") Places All
494249 yield during bookmark restore Places All
494370 Better query for mDBGetItemProperties Places All
494371 Get itemType only once per itemAdded notification Places All
494372 when views are notified skip static content Places All
494380 [meta] Better notifications for Places Places All
494382 Reduce notifications work for tagging service Places All
494383 Removing tags in restore code is no longer needed Places All
494713 Logic error in nsNavHistory::CalculateFrecencyInternal due to lack of braces around if statement Places All
496561 nsIBrowserHistory.removeAllPages does not fully clear browsing history Places Linux
496613 lazily init the bookmark uri hash Places All
497405 write favicons to db async Places All
497428 crash while recalculating frecency Places Windows XP
497543 Provide a thumbnail service Places All
498032 Changing a bookmark's URI does not clean up tags if the old URI becomes unbookmarked Places All
499090 Firefox writes files in profile till disk is full Places Windows Vista
499743 Share Places internal annotations out of PlacesUtils Places All
499808 Long pause before first awesomebar results Places Windows CE
499828 kill LAZY_ADD and use async storage instead. Places All
499985 Sorting of query results should be done entirely in SQL Places All
500290 Re-engineer PlacesSQLQueryBuilder class, to build more optimized queries, joining least number of tables Places All
500306 lazy-init annotation service statements Places All
500331 better query for RESULTS_AS_TAG_CONTENTS Places All
500391 When filtering results on search avoid querying tags and parent for each result Places All
500640 Random failure in test_lastModified.js Places All
502909 Stop using tail_ files in xpcshell: use do_register_cleanup() instead, in Toolkit Places Places All
503195 Using Places nodes' PropertyBags leaks Places All
503360 Better queries for asynchronous location bar Places All
503596 Move all places SQL functions in SQLFunctions.[cpp|h] Places All
503701 Continued typing after a failed search hangs application Places All
503940 Tag ids change when using the same tag name (after removing them) Places All
504384 Excessive Flickering with the Asynchronous Location Bar Places All
504422 Be smarter with our strings for AUTOCOMPLETE_MATCH SQL function Places All
504643 Failure of test bookmarks/test_423515_forceCopyShortcuts.js Places All
504853 Don't perform a new search if the previous search is the same as this one Places All
505813 Use the connections executeAsync instead of calling it on each statement. Places All
506023 Bind with bindingParamsArray to avoid mutexes Places All
506905 detect real database corruptions when the software is not closed cleanly, and replace the db Places All
507038 combine Toolkit JS components into a single file at package-time Places All
507058 nsNavBookmarks::GetBookmarkIdsForURITArray binds to a bogus index Places All
507219 Crash in nsNavHistoryResult::OnVisit Places All
507239 random failure in test_395593.js Places All
507407 nsNavHistoryContainerResultNode::UpdateURIs does not use comparator and sortingAnnotation Places All
507500 Long hang on shutdown of places branch browser Places macOS
507502 long hang on first places query Places macOS
508102 Warning: reference to undefined property this._pendingQuery Places All
508394 ASSERTION: sqlite3_close failed, related to favicon service Places All
508767 random failure (And crash) in test_384370.js Places Windows XP
509566 Location bar does not respect tag filter preference Places All
509607 Keyword searches in the autocomplete popup no longer update synchronously Places All
509854 slow performance concerning keyword/url usage Places Windows XP
509868 [meta] Places tests failures (no intermittent failures please) Places All
510416 Frequent "unresponsiveness" after typing a URL Places macOS
510456 test 8 in unifedcomplete/test_word_boundary_search.js is disabled (Middle of a katakana word shouldn't be matched) Places All
510458 add missing tests in bookmarks/test_bookmarks.js Places All
510459 fix failing tests in bookmarks/test_savedsearches.js Places All
510460 some test in queries/test_redirectsMode.js is disabled, fix and re-enable them. Places All
510461 fix failing tests in queries/test_onlyBookmarked.js Places All
510462 test_placeURI.js wants full serialization coverage Places macOS
510464 re-enable and fix randomly failing test_419731.js Places All
510466 test_annotations.js is expecting a copyAnnotations method Places All
510467 test_result_sort.js is incomplete Places All
510468 test_000_frecency is missing test for unvisitedTypedBonus Places All
510469 test_331487.js is missing a part Places All
510628 getItemIdForGUID returns id of any attribute that happens to match the GUID Places macOS
511260 Replace UNION ALL with UNION where a sync could change underlying data in the middle Places All
511374 fix test_results-as-visit.js Places All
511846 allow head_queries to remove annotations. Places All
511860 test_results-as-visits.js randomly (but constantly) fails, and then reports a failure in head_queries.js Places All
511890 grouped queries should correctly propagate options to descendant queries Places All
511957 QUERY_TYPE_BOOKMARKS does not support any kind of grouping Places All
511960 Create an API for asynchronous isVisited checks that content/layout can use Places All
511965 Delay Places syncs after results updates Places All
512273 xpcshell-tests: intermittent "test_448584.js | 1 == 2" at line 89 Places Linux
512692 xpcshell-tests: intermittent "test_annotations.js | 3 == 2" Places Linux
512777 Refactor nsNavHistory.cpp into more manageable pieces Places All
512854 VACUUM places.sqlite database on daily idle once a month Places All
513466 nsPlacesDBFlush doesn't implement nsINavHistoryObserver::onBeforeDeleteURI Places All
513675 Memory leak opening and closing bookmark window in sidebar with default theme Places Windows XP
513710 Places toolkit JS should use XPCOMUtils.defineLazy[Service]Getter Places All
514764 Track whether bookmark name is user-generated and keep it up to date if it is not Places macOS
515451 make places autocomplete empty search behavior customizable Places All
515532 consider using JSON rather than HTML for default Firefox bookmarks Places All
515952 Regular 20+ second hangs on shutdown with beachball, etc Places macOS
516465 Adaptive results aren't filtered Places All
516505 random failure in test_results-as-visit.js Places All
516932 Add an advanced maintainance task to vacuum and check integrity, for support purposes. Places All
518442 Places tests should use executeStep() instead of step() Places All
518802 nsNavHistory:: repeating history expire timer breaks power management Places Linux
518804 Places DB flusher, does not handle system-idle state, and drain battery on mobile devices Places All
518907 JSON bookmarks import should support favicons Places All
519479 places default title behavior shouldn't use part of the URL Places All
519514 [meta] Add an asynchronous bookmarking API Places All
519830 clearing history should clear the "typed" flag on bookmarked urls Places Windows XP
520165 Make Places expiration async Places All
520547 revert renaming of PlacesUtils methods from bug 477583 Places All
520608 remove getHasXXX methods from nsNavHistoryQuery Places All
521048 create a IS_PLACE_URI sqlite function Places All
521166 "ASSERTION: Invalid state to get the params object - all calls will fail!" Places Windows XP
521225 Stop syncing for random failing Places tests, and make sheriffs happier Places All
522572 Places Query API refactor/redesign Places All
522602 random failure of test_places/queries/head_queries.js | 15 == 23 Places Windows Server 2003
523261 Today's history mis-sorted, History menu stuck two weeks ago Places Windows XP
523316 Remove unused MOZ_PLACES_BOOKMARKS define Places All
523646 Increase favicon size limit, or make it app-configurable with a pref Places All
523932 favicon service should support null faviconURIs to avoid having to use fake URIs for bookmark favicon import Places All
524407 Prefs UI changes history_expire_days_min but not history_expire_days Places All
524972 Remove nsTArray from nsINavBookmarksService.idl Places All
525449 Bad old code appends to query rather than binding Places All
525710 getPagesWithAnnotation, getItemsWithAnnotation, getPageAnnotationNames, getItemAnnotationNames, getFaviconData, getQueries, getFolders and getTagsForURI length out params should be optional Places All
525739 test_treeview_date.xul fails for the rest of the day when daylight saving time (summer time) ends Places All
526442 Replace the result interface with a root-node interface Places All
526601 Places needs to use asyncClose instead of close on the database connection Places All
526709 LS_QueryInterface throws the wrong exception (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) instead of (NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE) Places All
526776 TagAutoCompleteSearch wants to implement nsITimerCallback Places All
526777 Livemark and Tagging services could better use XPCOMUtils Places All
526920 SetAndLoadFaviconForPage should support setting favicons for non-addable URIs that are bookmarked Places All
527036 No way to detect that setting a favicon failed Places All
527431 places failed to compile on Solaris Places Solaris
527622 xpcshell-tests: Intermittent failure in test_sorting.js Places Windows Server 2003
527633 Intermittent failure in test_exclude_livemarks.js Places Linux
529544 random crashes during test_browserGlue_corrupt.js and test_browserGlue_restore.js involving [@ mozilla::storage::Connection::Close()] Places All
529616 Need a migrator for easy schema downgrades Places All
529821 Places should shutdown earlier (at profile-before-change notification) Places All
530236 nsNavHistoryFolderResultNode sorting should be done entirely in SQL Places All
530287 PlacesUIUtils.showItemProperties fails with bookmarks having a tag Places Windows Vista
530385 Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX in toolkit/components/places Places All
530590 Rewrite places result code in JS and deCOM it. Places All
530687 xpcshell test test_bookmarks.js sporadically fails, with 0 == 1, 1 == 2, bookmarks query: 2147500036 and so on Places Linux
530782 check consistency of onDeleteURI and onDeleteVisits notifications Places All
531151 Increase annotations service robustness Places All
531201 Need archiveBookmarksFile stub on trunk Places All
531236 Crash [@ nsNavBookmarks::GetBookmarksHash] Places Windows XP
532094 crash [@ nsNavHistory::AutoCompleteFeedback(int, nsIAutoCompleteController*)] Places Windows Vista
534022 Update not working for Firefox 3.0 - bookmarks lost. Places Windows 2000
534983 Places Query API Refactor - Async Implementation Places All
535905 [SeaMonkey 2.1] mochitest-browser-chrome: "Exception thrown at chrome://mochikit/content/browser/toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_bug399606.js:74 - ReferenceError: XPCOMUtils is not defined" Places All
536435 Remove bookmarks service dangerous usage of UNION ALL Places All
536520 Fix build warning: "'nsNavHistoryResult::mIsAllBookmarksObserver' will be initialized after ... mNeedsToApplySortingMode" Places All
536830 Random failure in browser_library_middleclick.js | Opened URI found in list: Places Linux
536831 random failure in test_454977.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1) Places Windows NT
536893 Asynchronous API for opening nsNavHistoryFolderResultNodes Places All
537839 Failure & abort in test_browserGlue_prefs.js, with xpcshell return code: -1073741819 and "ASSERTION: SetItemDateAdded failed" Places Windows NT
539076 Better error checking and lazy statements for bookmarks service Places All
539247 Intermittent failure in test_adaptive.js | "test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1)" then "application crashed (minidump found)" from "ASSERTION: hasResult is false but the call succeeded?" Places All
539248 do not stick places.*.corrupt in Roaming on windows Places Windows 7
539283 mochitest-browser-chrome: sporadic timeout in browser_sidebarpanels_click.js and browser_sort_in_library.js (this._getCurrentActiveWin() is null) Places All
539517 remove synchronous Bookmarks::SetItemIndex API Places All
539706 Provide an async AddVisit Places All
540751 random failure in test_update_frecency_after_delete.js Places All
540765 [META]Favicon Service should be async Places All
541068 random failure in expiration\test_removeAllPages.js Places Windows Server 2003
542141 Location bar gets slower after VACUUM (1.5s -> 2s) Places macOS
542665 Move places tests that use UniversalXPConnect to mochitest-chrome Places All
542736 random orange in xpcshell/tests/test_places/expiration/test_pref_interval.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), with "false == true Places macOS
542941 Better handling of EMBED visits Places All
542943 Get rid of bookmarksHash Places All
543444 Replace single-view API with multiple observers Places All
544547 History removal problem using Ctrl+A and Del Places Windows XP
544585 reduce or remove virtual functions from the result nodes Places All
545152 Tweak expiration values based on new Places stats Places All
545588 Newly created sub-folder seems to remain empty after moving a single item to that folder Places Windows Vista
546253 moz_openpages_temp table needs to describe pages that may not be in moz_places Places All
546254 Give open-page autocomplete tab matches a higher frecency ranking (weight, priority) Places All
546255 Make nsIBrowserHistory.[un]registerOpenPage async Places All
546938 Create an xpcom wrapper around async History API to allow for xpcshell tests Places All
546942 Move places import-export-service to toolkit Places All
547334 test_browserhistory.js | addPageWithDetails failed Places Linux
549259 [@ nsAnnotationService::StartGetAnnotation] Places All
549491 "The root node is never visible" exception when details of the root node are modified Places Windows Vista
549736 Consolidate import, export, backup, restore in toolkit places modules Places All
549882 ###!!! ASSERTION: Trying to unregister a node that wasn't registered! Places All
550055 Root node title isn't updated lively Places macOS
550778 After the load of the page was completed, A timing to change in visited color is considerably delayed. Places All
550785 Visited link colouring now working in SeaMonkey mail Places All
551014 make History API xpcshell tests run on parent (chrome) process too Places All
551020 Leaks in History API xpcshell tests Places All
551538 browser_bookmarksProperties.js sporadically times out & fails with "We have finished editing folder name in folder tree" Places Linux
551540 Intermittent browser_forgetthissite_single.js | Test timed out Places Linux
551746 Crash running browser_privatebrowsing_placestitle.js [@ CalculateUTF8Size::write] [@ AppendUTF16toUTF8] Places Windows 7
552023 Kill Places partitioned temp tables Places All
552025 Replace nsINavHistoryResultObserver.containerOpened and containerClosed with containerStateChanged Places All
552386 test_history_sidebar.js fails between midnight and 2:00 am with new DST settings Places All
552444 Move microsummaries service to Places toolkit Places All
553334 [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsINavHistoryResult.removeObserver]" when adding a new folder Places macOS
553489 make setAndLoadFaviconForPage completely async Places All
553885 test_browserGlue_distribution.js failed with exit code -6 due to "###!!! ASSERTION: hasResult is false but the call succeeded?: 'hasResult'" Places macOS
554193 mochitest-other failed with "browser_library_middleclick.js | window made active - Got [object ChromeWindow], expected [object ChromeWindow]" Places Linux
554553 Adding a favicon to a not existing page should create a page async Places All
554903 Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/components/microsummaries.xpt (package-manifest, 130). Places All
555014 Intermittent failure in test_tags.js | (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsINavBookmarksService.removeFolderChildren] Places Windows Server 2003
555218 Fix Places usage of deprecated Storage binding APIs Places All
555292 Minefield hangs on Places Windows XP
555433 Allow to query for a single itemId (or uri), regardless the type Places All
555519 xpcshell: test_doSetAndLoadFaviconForPage_failures.js randomly succeeds Places All
555659 places/tests/cpp/mock_Link.h doesn't initialize mRegistered and mContent Places All
555983 Intermittent failure in test_places/unit/test_331487.js | 4 == 3, 1 == 3, etc. Places Windows Server 2003
556068 Browser slow/freezes when history search window is open. Places All
556347 Intermittent failure in browser_bug399606.js | onVisit has been received right number of times for {399606-location.reload.html,399606-httprefresh.html} - Got 2, expected 1 Places All
556376 Provide a common head for Places xpcshell-tests Places All
556400 Implement asyncable VisitURI Places All
556631 Make frecency update async Places All
556721 Clean up Places tests Places All
558218 Intermittent failure in test_null_interfaces.js | false == true Places Windows Server 2003
558330 Tab Matches does not match Gmail open tabs Places Linux
558745 Remove all comparisons of to PR_Now Places All
559217 Browser freezes due a lock contention across Places statements Places macOS
559279 Intermittent failure in test_places/queries/test_tags.js | 3 == 2 Places Linux
559280 Failure: "test_tags.js | 3 == 2 - See following stack:" Places Linux
559354 [meta] Tracker for Places Topfail Tests Places All
559546 intermittent failure in nsIBrowserHistory.removeAllPages Places All
559682 Ensure we create a valid transaction in batches before trying to commit it. Places All
560104 rename toolkit places utils.js to PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
560118 use async storage in setPageTitle Places All
560243 History sidebar does not update when deleting items while in "By Last Visited" view Places Windows XP
560311 incomplete history observer impl in browser_bug503832.js Places All
561007 [disabled]Intermittent timeout in test_381357.xul Places All
561450 Stop supporting session ids in Places Places All
561528 browser_sanitize-timespans.js: |new Date().getMinutes()| usage issue Places All
561848 nsNavHistoryContainerResultNode::GetChildIndex is assigning a signed int to an unsigned one Places All
562435 RECENT_EVENT_THRESHOLD should be a PRTime in nsNavHistory Places macOS
562471 Limit recursion of GetDescendantChildren Places All
562661 [@ nsNavHistory::RowToResult] mishandles *aResult Places All
563098 Use shared services and async statements in PlacesDBFlush Places All
563387 Cache prepared SQL statements Places macOS
563538 Browser freezes due a lock contention across Places statements Places macOS
563903 100% CPU core usage whilst system is idle, process monitor shows repeated access and file attribute updates to places.sqlite and places.sqlite-journal Places Windows XP
564270 Can not search Places by transition type Places All
564885 Bookmarks toolbar folders take ~1/2 second to open Places Linux
564916 nsIDownloadHistory should also store a favicon Places All
565599 unused variable nsNavHistoryContainerResultNode::mAsyncEnabled Places All
566461 Observing hidden items does not work even in the case of hidden transitions Places All
566738 Add SetURITitle to IHistory Places macOS
568415 Intermittent timeout in test_favicon_annotations.xul Places Linux
568969 Nuke nsContentUtils::GetHistory Places All
568971 Nuke nsIGlobalHistory3 Places All
570377 Intermittent timeout after browser_forgetthissite_single.js | must wait for focus Places Windows Server 2003
570387 PlacesDBUtils should register itself in the idle-daily category Places All
570905 intermittent timeout (1200 seconds without output) in test_adaptive.js Places All
570975 Don't convert UTF-8 strings to UTF-16 in MatchAutoCompleteFunction Places macOS
571522 browser_library_middleclick.js may leave an open tab, breaking following tests Places All
571600 Intermittent timeout in test_341972a.xul Places Linux
572030 Use a memory cache for keywords associations Places All
572790 "ASSERTION: hasResult is false but the call succeeded?" during test_placesTitleNoUpdate.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1) Places All
572800 Ensure previous autocomplete query has been canceled before starting a new one (was: invalid 'in' operand this._usedPlaceIds) Places All
572934 Intermittent failure in test_bug549192.xul | Rows found Places Windows Server 2003
573430 nsIFaviconService.getFaviconData should not fail when passed the default favicon Places All
573492 Use WAL journaling for places.sqlite Places All
573638 Allow page-icon: protocol to pass-through to network when an icon is not in the database Places All
574592 Intermittent failure in test_result_sort.js | 1 == 3 Places Linux
574828 Intermittent failure in test_tagging.js | 1 == 2 Places Linux
574911 Intermittent "ASSERTION: hasResult is false but the call succeeded?" causing assertion count failures in random reftests, jsreftests, crashtests, xpcshell tests and leak tests Places All
575357 nsNavHistory::VacuumDatabase should check if vacuum succeeded Places Linux
575809 Leak fix: remove all pending tasks from queue Places Linux
575955 Replace internal usage of old transactions shim, add a new toolkit test Places All
576069 Test for ensuring History.cpp doesn't leak Places macOS
576220 test_history_sidebar.js | 8 == 9 - unit test failure Places All
576590 Ts Shutdown (and XP Tp4?) regression from landing of async visits Places All
578288 Undefined variable value causes test_annos_expire_policy.js test failure on SPARC Places All
578557 Better handling of expiration with clean history Places All
579233 Random failure of browser_settitle.js followed by timeout of browser_visituri.js Places All
579287 browser.bookmarks.livemark_refresh_seconds is not workig Places Windows Vista
579334 Async visits are ignoring a disabled history Places All
579768 Crash [@ LiteralImpl::Create]when browser passed a large escaped title Places Windows 2000
580228 Relax timed history expiration Places All
580374 Async visits could be handled after a sync API that removes pages (like clearHistory) Places All
580794 HTTP auth via favicon URL fails silently with invalid user:pass Places All
581018 random failure in docshell test_bug293235.xul | A pageshow event was expected for page Bug 293235 page1 ... Places All
581648 Useless warning in GetReversedHostName Places All
581657 Async favicons fails on null data Places All
581660 places-teardown should be double enqueued Places All
581887 nsNavHistory::InitDBFile permanent fail on child process Places Linux
582050 WARNING: An error occurred while executing an async statement: 19 constraint failed: file Helpers.cpp, line 66 Places All
582320 Loading an image as part of a page does not mark the image's URL as visited Places macOS
582396 30 second hang on delayed startup event (probably Places, regression) Places macOS
582463 Places spends a large amount of time in MatchAutoCompleteFunction::OnFunctionCall() Places macOS
582703 Improve concurrency of location bar searches Places All
583603 Importing SmartFind bookmarks into places does not transform them into something usable or drop them. Places All
584111 Better logging of errors for places autocomplete Places All
584731 new History.cpp should check aReason for HandleCompletion Places All
584762 Intermittent failure in test_history_import.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 3), see following log: [null : 46] c:\talos-slave\mozilla-central_win7_test-xpcshell\build\head_common.js does not exist Places Windows Server 2003
584982 mark deprecated places interfaces and methods with [deprecated] Places macOS
585482 Firefox fsyncs excessively during page load of Places macOS
585594 Crash [@Link::UnregisterFromHistory()] Places Windows 7
585703 test_bug500328.html fails adding a visit due to a contention in page addition Places All
585704 Removing temp tables causes a bad Ts increase and other Talos regressions Places All
585966 Async-sync contentions when adding new pages ("19 constraint failed" error) Places All
585969 getBookmarkedURIFor should not try to add new pages Places All
589611 [SeaMonkey 2.1, mochitest-browser-chrome] browser_visituri_privatebrowsing.js:64 - TypeError: Cc[';1'] is undefined Places All
589933 Fix racy test_bug94514.html Places All
590081 keywords matching is no longer case insensitive Places All
590356 Using Library makes the browser unusable Places macOS
590376 Speed up MatchAutoCompleteFunction's functions by lower-casing the token before it hits SQL Places All
591607 [regression] Bookmark keywords are now case-sensitive, were and should be case-insensitive Places All
591850 Intermittent failure in places/tests/queries/test_tags.js | 0 == 1, 1==2, 3==2 Places All
592013 AwesomeBar shows a different subdomain in search results when another subdomain is a substring Places All
593543 Extremely slow typing in the location bar / high CPU. fragmentation? Places macOS
593711 Intermittent mochitest and crashtest and jsreftest and reftest leak at shutdown | leaked 12-13 or 21 instances of AsyncStatement with size 88 bytes each (1056 bytes total) Places All
593893 Consider merging MatchAutoCompleteFunction::findOnBoundary and findAnywhere Places All
594223 Don't call searchFunction unnecessarily in MatchAutoCompleteFunction::OnFunctionCall Places All
594471 Cannot remove bookmarks with tags Places macOS
594707 [MacOSX SeaMonkey] mochitest-browser-chrome: "browser_visituri.js | Test timed out" Places macOS
595139 Use global VACUUM in Places Places All
595363 browser_library_middleclick.js is near-perma-orange since Tuesday 9/7, with "Opened URI found in list:" Places All
595446 Intermittent failure in test_adaptive.js | "test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0)" and "1 == 2" Places Windows Server 2003
596546 nsPlacesDBFlush has a constant timer so it needs to be suspended during idle Places Linux
598573 Crash while displaying default browser modal window [@ mozilla::places::FetchNetworkIconStep::GetInterface] Places macOS
599250 Intermittent failure in test_adaptive.js | running test ... followed by command timed out: 1200 seconds without output Places Windows Server 2003
599641 Run ANALYZE after expiration Places All
599916 Intermittent leak in mochitest-5/5 with AsyncStatement, AsyncStatementParams, BackstagePass, Connection and MatchAutoCompleteFunction Places Linux
599969 Don't use steps for async visit adding Places All
599973 Don't use steps for async favicons Places All
599978 Asynchronous isVisited checks should use a read-only cloned connection Places Windows 7
599980 favicon protocol handlers could use a cloned read-only connection Places All
600461 Intermittent failure in test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) and false == true Places Linux
600469 Cu is not defined into PAC_handleError (nsPlacesAutoComplete.js) Places Windows Vista
601017 intermittent failure in test_preventive_maintenance.js Places Linux
602872 Some Places xpcshell tests are failing due to idle-daily notified for each test Places Windows 7
605463 Lazily initialize history statements Places All
605464 Reduce work at bookmarks service startup Places All
605884 test_placesTxn.js leaks like a sieve (editBookmarkMicrosummary loads remote content) Places macOS
606157 [META] Improve Places startup Places All
606350 add an async API for adding history Places All
606460 Queries enhancements after temp tables removal Places All
606638 Intermittent xpcshell failure in test_393498.js | false == true Places Windows Server 2003
606966 Need an async history visit API exposed to JS Places All
606995 Having the global history window open (especially with a search term) massively impacts general browsing perf Places macOS
607107 Sort out GUIDs for bookmarks/history Places All
607112 make GUID a column in moz_places and moz_bookmarks Places All
607115 use a much smaller guid format than we currently use for bookmarks Places All
607117 create GUIDs for all bookmark and history items automatically Places All
607133 Remove the unneeded bits of toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_404630.js which hit the network, and thus make it flaky Places All
607302 Intermittent failure in places/tests/network/test_history_redirects.js | false == true Places Windows Server 2003
607309 Modify nsINavBookmarkObserver::onItemAdded to include the URI Places All
607469 IPC-only Crash [@ mozilla::places::History::NotifyVisited] Places Android
607524 on page with long <title>, click bookmark star twice and after a few seconds firefox distorts Places Windows 7
607894 Tab matches always appear before normal history results Places All
609122 Limit the size of places.sqlite-wal Places All
609286 Detect a corrupt Places.sqlite and replace the database on next startup Places All
610442 TRANSITION_EMBED visits should be session persistent on Places branch Places All
610825 frozen/slow shutdown due to bookmark backups Places All
610974 Ensure places is enabled for places related tests Places All
611393 mDBVisitToVisitResult query is missing the 13th column (tags) Places All
612255 Don't handle duplicate batches in nsPlacesDBFlush Places All
612281 Remove some unnecessary reads from visits and icons addition Places All
612438 Add a helper to bind rev_host Places All
612455 History.cpp should finalize statementCache on the background thread Places All
612617 Assertions due to thread-safety issues on Places branch Places Windows 7
613588 Replace livemarks with asynchronous load-on-demand livemarks (was: Livemarks cause synchronous I/O during txul) Places All
614103 Nuke nsPIPlacesHistoryListenersNotifier.idl Places Windows 7
614222 intermittent failure in test_frecency.js on Places branch Places Windows 7
614224 intermittend timeout in test_removeVisitsByTimeframe on Places branch Places Windows 7
614439 Downgrading from a Places branch version leaves user with double triggers. Places All
614456 increase timeout for browser_sanitizeDialog.js on Places branch Places All
614550 Ensure places is enabled for places related c++ tests Places All
614560 History should not try to register "resource:" uris Places All
614787 Delay expiration database setup to the first expiration Places All
614790 Bookmarks roots init could be locking with the first visit addition Places All
615227 async create temp tables in autocomplete Places All
615602 Add method to get the best available icon for a domain Places All
615991 GetNewSessionId can lock the first visit addition if some async write runs before it Places All
615992 IsBookmarked can lock for each onVisit call Places All
616295 Persistent failure of test_history_redirects.js Places Windows 7
616309 Use normal synchronous mode with a small WAL. Temp tables revenge! Places All
616368 Force a checkpoint after schema creation or upgrade Places All
617111 Avoid initializing NSS at all costs (ts regression) Places All
617779 Downgrading from places branch to trunk wrongly assumes the database is corrupt. Places All
617783 Migrating from places branch back to trunk/3.6 loses bookmarks order Places All
617792 Updating from places branch to something else loses history if WAL is being used Places All
618998 Star UI is checking for about:blank before the real visited page Places macOS
619233 leak test build: "WARNING: An error occurred while executing an async statement: 1 SQL logic error or missing database: file ../../../../../toolkit/components/places/src/Helpers.cpp, line 66" Places All
619623 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/cpp/test_IHistory.cpp | Expected true (or '1'), got false (or '0') at line 362 or 364 or 366 or 330 Places All
619631 Intermittent mochitest-browser-chrome leak of lots of things including a few dozen DOMWINDOWs including 2 from browser_bug477014.js Places All
619659 nsPlacesAutoComplete.js depends on nsIPrivateBrowsingService being implemented | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_tabmatches.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 3) (Perma Orange for Non-FF apps) Places All
619672 Perma-Orange on Thunderbird Linux | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_redirectsMode.js followed by head_queries.js | 5 == 3 Places Linux
619687 Intermittent leak of two domwindows opened by test_bug426646.html Places Windows Server 2003
619689 Intermittent browser_sidebarpanels_click.js | Item is visited followed by a cascade including breaking browser_privatebrowsing_beforeunload_enter.js Places Windows 7
619784 FIX nsCOMPtrs to concrete classes. Places All
619821 Use SQLite virtual tables for history Places Linux
619831 re-enable the test in bug 541373 Places All
619855 Intermittent timeout in test_IHistory.cpp) | Running test_same_uri_notifies_both. Places Linux
619893 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_history_removeAllPages.js | true == false Places All
619902 Landing 617111 broke crosscompiling to Windows on case-sensitive OSes. Places Windows XP
619920 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_download_embed_bookmarks.js | head_autocomplete.js | Didn't find the current result ('http://download/', 'download2') in expected: Places Linux
620060 SQLite-related 100% cpu load bug Places Windows 7
620091 inconsistent with original bookmarks Places Windows XP
620298 Minefield quits responding while searching history Places Windows 7
620305 crash [@ nsNavHistory::GetStringFromName] when GetBundle() fails Places All
620342 test_annos_expire_policy.js failed on SPARC Places Solaris
620360 Fix unused variable warning in StatementCache::FinalizeCachedStatements Places Linux
620362 Uninitialized variable warning in nsNavHistory::InternalAddNewPage Places Linux
620365 GetAgeInDays unused Places Linux
620367 Fix unused variable warning in InsertVisitedURI::AddVisit Places Linux
620375 Wrongly ordered members in History::History() constructor Places Linux
620585 critical source code clarity issues in nsNavHistory.cpp Places All
620627 PlacesSQLQueryBuilder::SelectAsDay() is not l12y friendly Places All
620723 Using Minefield builds starting on Dec 20, 2010, and then going back to beta 7 loses bookmark icon thumbnails and history on startup Places All
620727 Browser history is wiped out in December 20th Minefield build and later Places macOS
621009 Crash with moz-icon url [@ nsTHashtable<mozilla::places::History::KeyClass>::s_HashKey ][@ nsTHashtable<mozilla::places::History::KeyClass>::s_HashKey(PLDHashTable*, void const*) ][@ mozilla::places::URIBinder::Bind] Places All
621098 Intermittent failure in test_keyword_search.js | head_autocomplete.js | 1 == 2 Places Windows Server 2003
621196 Intermittent failure in test_tags.js | 1 == 2 Places Windows Server 2003
621818 [OS/2] implement GenerateRandomBytes() Places OS/2
622000 Intermittent crash [@ sqlite3_reset] during test_browserGlue_migrate.js or Shutdown (Exited with code 1 during test run) Places Windows Server 2003
623489 When a corrupt Places database is replaced, try to save and restore history Places All
623969 updatePlaces should only update frecency once per URI Places All
624024 Sorting by date and site shows (local files) in different position on Linux Places Linux
624458 Write a test to check isRedirect is correctly handled with typed visits Places All
624676 Browser doesn't add Javascript: url to the history. Places Windows 7
624839 Awesomebar not working, corrupt places DB Places Windows 7
624944 Crashes in [@ nsNavHistory::CanAddURI(nsIURI*, int*) ] and [@ nsNavHistory::AddVisit(nsIURI*, long long, nsIURI*, int, int, long long, long long*) ] Places macOS
624947 Intermittent failure in toolkit/components/places/tests/queries/test_querySerialization.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1), see following log: JS_Assert Assertion failure: abs(dst - src) >= ptrdiff_t(nelem), at js/src/jsutil.h:362 Places Linux
625798 Favicon problems when network connection error is displayed Places Linux
625828 Avoid manually handling ownership of notifyCompletion in history.cpp Places All
625913 mozIPlaceInfo::visits should cache it's value Places All
626707 Intermittent "ASSERTION: hasResult is false but the call succeeded?" in test_IHistory.cpp | Running test_same_uri_notifies_both. Places Linux
626836 InsertVisitedURIs in History.cpp does not notify about page changes (hidden, typed) Places Windows 7
627300 Intermittent failure in places/tests/queries/test_tags.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: -1073741819) OR xpcshell return code: 1, probably accessing a dead scope Places All
627474 The recent places merge broke non-libxul builds Places macOS
627487 Add page and bookmark GUIDs to nsINavHistoryResultNode Places All
627933 use onItemChanged "tags" rather than onItemAdded/onItemRemoved Places All
627936 Use exclusive locking on places.sqlite (again) Places All
628642 Information leakage - Firefox 3.6.13 stores private information of https-session in browser cache/history Places macOS
628805 Add tests for invalid referrerURI and invalid sessionId to test_async_history_api.js Places All
628865 Add tests for dropping referrer, sessionId persisting, and failed insertion with duplicate guid Places Linux
629285 Firefox 4.0b10 Crash [@ AsyncGetBookmarksForURI<void (nsNavBookmarks::*)(mozilla::places::ItemChangeData), mozilla::places::ItemChangeData>::HandleResult ][@ mozilla::places::ItemChangeData::ItemChangeData(mozilla::places::ItemChangeData const&)] Places macOS
629539 test that proper visit notifications are dispatched (test_async_history_api.js) Places Windows 7
629540 test for frecency with updatePlaces (test_async_history_api.js) Places Windows 7
629542 Better from_visit tests for updatePlaces (test_async_history_api.js) Places Windows 7
629577 non-libxul builds broken by changes to History, unresolved symbol nsContentUtils::sXPConnect Places All
629636 Crash while syncing [@ mozilla::places::ItemChangeData::ItemChangeData(mozilla::places::ItemChangeData const&) ] Places Windows XP
629697 Cache the XPConnect services for accesses from Places Places macOS
629706 Minefield has cleared my history/awesomebar Places macOS
629814 Async history API should ignore place ids Places macOS
629979 [SeaMonkey, Linux] xpcshell: permanent "test_async_history_api.js | 2 == 3" Places Linux
630225 Expose frecency as a sorting order for the history sidebar (with slight query builder optimization). Places All
630240 Avoid full refreshes in history results when incremental updates are easy Places All
631423 crash [@ mozilla::places::GenerateRandomBytes] Places All
632625 xpcshell: intermittent "test_async_history_api.js | 2 == 3" or "0 == 3" Places All
633266 nsINavHistoryObserver: also pass in GUID whenever we pass in a URI Places All
633274 nsINavBookmarkObserver: also pass in GUID whenever we pass in an item id Places All
633638 Need a way to cancel PlacesUtils::asyncGetBookmarkIds request Places All
633652 [Firefox] xpcshell: intermittent "test_async_history_api.js | 0 == 3" Places Windows 7
634139 Need the ability to extract the most representative color from a favicon Places All
634245 Correctly fix bug 607309 Places All
634796 Firefox 4.0b12pre Crash in nsNavBookmarks::NotifyItemChanged [@ ToNewUnicode ] [@ ToNewUnicode(nsACString_internal const&) ] Places All
634833 Unused variables in PU_asyncGetBookmarkIds Places All
635192 Crash in nsNavBookmarks::NotifyItemChanged [@ XPCConvert::NativeData2JS(XPCLazyCallContext&, unsigned __int64*, void const*, nsXPTType const&, nsID const*, unsigned int*) ] Places Windows 7
635474 Update Places dirty profiles database generation Places All
635482 Crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | AbortIfOffMainThreadIfCheckFast ] (was: [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P]) from nsCycleCollectingAutoRefCnt::decr with mozilla::storage::BindingParams::Release Places Windows 7
635536 History is deleted when switching back to Firefox 3.5 Places macOS
635576 There is no API to set visitCount in the History Service Places All
636393 mozIAsyncHistory: accept string URIs in mozIPlaceInfo objects Places All
636603 mozIAsyncHistory: only call mozIVisitInfoCallback on failure Places All
637115 NS_ERROR_STORAGE_BUSY when cloning places.sqlite Places OS/2
637679 Don't notify directly in AsyncGetBookmarksForURI::HandleResult Places All
638412 Livemarks Service does not respect its idl Places All
641290 Increase in size of places.sqlite Places Linux
641337 Intermittent browser_sanitize-timespans.js | Pretend visit to should still exist | today form entry should still exist | 'Today' download should still be present Places All
641346 Global history should update bookmarked page's title if the user did not edit it Places All
641671 Use GUIDs in queries Places All
642264 Content can fill places.db with spurious history entries and generate significant disk IO by rapidly modifying window.location.hash Places Windows 7
642698 Fedora 14 failure building test_IHistory Places Linux
643254 bring back temporal history expiration settings Places All
644727 test_faviconService_expireAllFavicons.js | Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIFaviconService.getFaviconForPage] Places All
645102 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH in Mochitest-other in places Places Windows 7
645197 History is initialized and used even when useGlobalHistory is disabled Places All
646422 replaceState() causes empty window title to show in Firefox history menu (_not_ session history) Places Linux
646991 sort selection restored to title increasing after selecting date increasing in an open folder and opening any URL there listed Places All
647511 Clear recent history sometimes doesn't work. Places Windows 7
647557 Uninitialized variable transitionType in History::UpdatePlaces Places Linux
648255 Intermittent failure in test_history_sidebar.js | Yesterday == Today crossing midnight Places Linux
648346 mozIAsyncHistory: call error callback instead of throwing Places All
649211 PlacesDBUtils console output is broken Places All
650427 Stop using generators in TagAutoCompleteSearch.startSearch Places macOS
652379 place:folder=-1 returns a non-empty result Places All
653078 Init the livemarks service delayed in PlacesCategoriesStarter rather than relying on browser.js Places Windows 7
653816 GetBookmarkIdsForURI should not return tags and should be deprecated for Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
653910 onItemAnnotationRemoved notified even if there were no annotations. Places All
655121 Intermittent test_nsINavHistoryViewer.js | test failed TypeError: resultObserver.insertedNode is null OR TypeError: resultObserver.movedNode is null Places Linux
655142 Intermittent timeout "command timed out: 1200 seconds without output" running test_422277.js Places Linux
655270 SHEntries created by pushState don't have favicon Places All
656188 Cache last 10 fetched bookmarks info to speed up repeated requests Places All
656862 Intermittent browser_sidebarpanels_click.js | Test timed out Places macOS
656935 store BookmarkData struct in RemoveFolderTransaction Places Windows 7
656936 Remove GetRemoveFolderTransaction Places All
657034 Timed Expiration queries need to bind null too Places All
657240 Incorrect use of NS_ProxyRelease in nsAsyncFaviconHelpers can lead to double-frees Places macOS
658081 nsNavBookmarks.cpp build warnings for "nsNavBookmarks::SetItemGUID ... is deprecated" and "nsNavBookmarks::GetItemIdForGUID ... is deprecated" Places All
658242 Search in bookmarks doesn't find javascript: bookmarks Places All
658305 Use journal_size_limit on places.sqlite Places All
658544 Cleanup profiles from old and useless places.sqlite.corrupt files Places All
659740 Frecency update causes SQL sort warning Places All
659908 transient_current_max_pages incorrectly set Places Windows XP
659930 Deleting an unvisited bookmark for the last url added to history does not expire orphan records Places Windows XP
659945 Disable bug 566489 on Aurora Places All
660109 Allow to distinguish History removals caused by expiration from those requested by the user Places All
660206 defaultFavicon for Linux should be moz-icon://stock/gtk-file Places Linux
660532 Useless uses of PromiseFlatCString Places All
660543 When Trying to Delete Part of History, All History Was Deleted Places Windows XP
660567 Restore User Capability (with UI) to Control Expiration of Browser History Places Windows XP
660572 Separate Bookmarks, History, Etc into Distinct SQLite Databases Places Windows XP
660646 Restore Capability -- With User Interface -- to Expire History Entries by Age Places All
661135 Minor performance improvements to autocomplete queries Places All
661359 Location bar autocomplete should notice if I start typing a URL and match accordingly Places Windows XP
661445 Refactor Livemarks service for future schema changes Places All
661447 Better unify history and expiration init paths, to handle memory stuff in a single place Places All
661448 Don't allow to set cache size to zero Places All
661590 Repeated calls to location.hash = "#foo" cause large amounts of disk activity Places All
662806 nsINavHistoryObserver: pass GUID to onPageChanged, onTitleChanged Places All
662858 Provide Preference Variables to Control Size and Vacuum Frequency of places.sqlite Places All
663269 Handle null livemarks siteURI Places All
663344 Maintenance may cause history loss Places All
664269 Use a single status anno for livemarks Places All
664911 redrawing nested bookmark folders is very slow Places Windows XP
664986 Fix random timeouts in livemarks tests Places All
666709 One or more places xpcshell tests modify in-tree default.sqlite Places Linux
667905 Figure out why we can't update icons with moz-anno:favicon in nsNavHistoryResult Places All
668245 Crash [@ mozilla::places::History::NotifyVisited(nsIURI*) ] Places All
668956 Takes the address of a temporary Places macOS
670463 PlacesAggregatedTransaction arrays prevent chrome windows from being destroyed Places All
671001 Use telemetry to collect common Places stats Places All
671042 batch 'o telemetry metrics for places and form history and password manager Places All
671292 Shift Sync bookmarks.js constants etc. into PlacesUtils Places All
671331 Don't store livemark items in the database Places macOS
671332 Decouple results and nodes Places macOS
671558 Firefox hangs because of SQLite access Places Windows 7
672681 addDownload should be made asynchronous Places Windows 7
673017 Intermittent segfault while running test_IHistory.cpp on Linux, or bus error on OS X [***NOT: Expected true, got false***][*** [check] Error 139] Places All
674210 Reduce places.sqlite cache size and reorganize history expiration around the new value Places All
674475 places.sqlite reaches 300MB after browsing for several hours with CyberSearch 2.0.8 add-on Places Windows 7
675363 test_frecency.js really slow when running under win7 build slaves Places Linux
675636 Add ratio for slow/fast autocomplete queries to telemetry Places All
676110 mozIAsyncHistory: replace 'places-updateplaces-complete' observer notification with mozIVisitInfoCallback::handleCompletion Places All
676246 Error: Unable to report telemetry @ nsPlacesAutoComplete.js :: Line 739 Places Android
676906 Add an async getFaviconDataForPage to mozIAsyncFavicons Places All
677308 Implement favicon change notifications Places All
678129 mozIAsyncHistory: avoid exception when methods on mozIVisitInfoCallback aren't passed in Places All
678712 visit count incorrectly determined for redirectsMode=2 queries Places Windows XP
679341 Anchor links trigger ASSERTION: cannot set pref from content process Places Windows 7
679617 TOPIC_FRECENCY_UPDATED is defined twice Places All
680196 tagged about: pages do not show up in tag folders Places All
680550 Handle removeAllPages more sanely in tests Places All
681420 Improve responsiveness of history removals Places All
681970 Intermitent failures in make check in toolkit/components/places/tests/cpp Places Linux
682437 Need memory reporter for History::mObservers Places macOS
683428 mozIAsyncHistory: support deletions Places All
683876 Use pre-calculated index statistics on places.sqlite Places All
684513 firefox-bin hangs after close, strace shows it slowly reading places.sqlite backwards in 4k chunks Places Linux
686025 nsNavHistory::AsyncExecuteLegacyQueries uses synchronous createStatement call instead of async createAsyncStatement call, blocks main thread Places All
686319 History Contains Duplicate Entries Places Windows XP
686326 When Grouped by None, Deleting History Entries Appears Not To Work But Does Work Places Windows XP
687376 continue_test in test_browserhistory.js might never execute Places Linux
687696 test_IHistory.cpp uses places without a profile Places Linux
688088 Bookmark favicons break due to captive portals Places macOS
689131 Unable to report telemetry Places macOS
689142 Places telemetry gets lost due to being collected on idle-daily Places All
689894 Improve concurrency by having separate connections for writers and readers Places All
690354 Idle expiration never runs for clean databases Places All
690757 Remove usage of PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE from Places Places All
691259 JavaScript strict warning: resource://gre/modules/PlacesUtils.jsm, line 931: reference to undefined property anno.type Places All
691507 [meta] Periodic hangs in the UI due to Places Places All
691509 Run ANALYZE at each schema change (and force a schema change) Places All
691524 Remove support for == 2 and deprecate lastPageVisited Places All
692119 Don't init the autocomplete database connection till the first search Places All
692493 Add maintenance for visit_count and last_visit_date Places All
692496 Avoid table scan in expiration by restricting on flattened data Places Windows 7
693667 Track time from requesting an async query to completion via telemetry Places Windows 7
694443 Live bookmark stops working occasionally Places Linux
694447 Broken idle telemetry reporting Places All
694687 "Clear recent history" seems to access I/O synchronously Places Linux
695554 Split a Database class out of the History service Places All
696158 Adapt expiration aggressivity to the distance from the history limit Places All
696159 Remove some deprecated code from Places Places All
696544 Intermittent places/tests/expiration/test_analyze_runs.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) and | true == false Places Linux
696900 Reduce shutdown work in Places when possible Places All
697670 Remove FaviconLoadListener References Places All
697695 Coalesce some Places source files Places All
697697 Telemetry the number of pages to be expired Places All
697856 Removed Unused Function Definitions in nsFaviconService.h Places All
698102 Investigate using blocking checkpoints on places.sqlite Places All
699620 Unpack places.sqlite from omni.jar when profile is created Places All
699675 UpdateKeywordsHashForRemovedBookmark should not try to init the keywords hash Places All
699751 Change schema in preparation for new inline autocomplete Places All
699843 Make all Favicons APIs asynchronous Places All
699844 Remove the Annotations Service API Places All
699850 [meta] Refactor all synchronous history APIs to use async Storage APIs Places All
700250 Deprecate synchronous methods to add a visit (addVisit, addPageWithDetails, addURI) Places All
700296 Kill dynamic containers, now. Places All
700314 Remove nsNavHistory nsICharsetResolver implementation Places All
700417 Further reduce cache_size in Places Places All
701421 NotifyIconObservers doesn't set icon on redirected bookmarks in some case Places All
701858 Intermittent failure in test_annos_expire_session.js | true == false Places Windows 7
702639 Kill excludeItemsIfParentHasAnnotation query option Places All
702761 AsyncGetFaviconURLForPage warns like crazy Places All
702765 Remove unused method nsNavBookmarks::IsRealBookmark() Places All
702810 mozIAsyncHistory should expose an async isURIVisited method Places All
703090 Clear old places preferences Places All
703189 nsPlacesDBFlush Places Windows XP
703532 Visited links are no longer purple (works with javascript disabled) Places All
703592 Useless warning in FetchItemInfo Places All
703891 nsIBrowserHistory hidePage is not implemented Places All
704002 isVisited returns inconsistent results Places macOS
704025 Replace "buckets-and-sampling" frecency algorithm with "exponential decay" algorithm Places All
704026 Frecency: Allow the bonuses for "typed", "edited", and "pasted" URLs to be different Places All
704027 Frecency: Give bonuses based on interaction Places All
704855 Reduce fsyncs in Places Places All
705509 Crash in mozilla::places::Database::GetAsyncStatement close to startup Places All
706280 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/components/places/tests/chrome/test_bug549192.xul | Exited with code 1 during test run | application crashed (ABORT: Getting value failed, wrong column index?) Places Linux
706420 intermttent toolkit/components/places/tests/expiration/test_annos_expire_session.js | true == false OR | Should not find any leftover session annotations Places Windows 7
707216 Bookmarks Manager Menubar Lacks Find Option Places Windows XP
707945 Remove the keywords trigger Places All
707946 Speed-up hasChildren for tags Places All
707947 Speed-up readOnly checks Places All
707948 Avoid some useless work when importing tags Places All
707949 Don't recalculate frecency for tags Places All
707952 Increase bookmarks cache usefulness Places All
707953 ProcessFolderNodeRow should reuse known data Places All
707954 Index exclusion for tags Places All
707955 Tags should avoid results overhead Places All
708413 Test Places queries against telemetry-based dirty databases Places All
708576 Firefox gets unusable when profile is hosted on a MacOSX AFP server Places macOS
708693 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_keywords.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | true == false Places macOS
708696 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/queries/test_tags.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1) | application crashed Places Linux
710440 Frecency calculation should take into account AppTabs Places All
710708 finalize statement Places Linux
710723 finalize statement Places Linux
712043 awesomebar no longer completes anything Places Linux
712427 Differentiate identical PRAGMA strings executed on different DBs Places Windows 7
712532 test_nsINavHistoryViewer.js: update comments after bug 696159 interface changes Places All
712582 Page titles are never refreshed in places Places All
712754 Send profile-before-change in test_nsIDownloadHistory.js Places Linux
713221 Close database in test_AsXXX_helpers.cpp Places Linux
713269 Use Asynchronous Favicons API for PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
713544 uses excessive CPU and freezes Firefox when there is a lot of history Places Linux
713642 Replace all old synchronous favicons calls in the codebase Places All
714261 TransactionManager used as a service Places Linux
714689 Places creates some nsNavHistoryResult garbage Places All
714769 Places slow script warning when trying to close window after tabs wouldn't load Places macOS
715133 Automated tests for inline auto complete Places All
715268 ASSERTION: Someone added an entry without adding a GUID! due to a missing GUID in favicons Places All
715355 Deprecate and remove old style GUIDs Places All
715554 Send quit-application in browser/components/places/tests/unit/test_clearHistory_shutdown.js Places Linux
717575 Places should use the default Storage cache size, excluding autocomplete Places All
718148 omit ICON="data:image/png... and ICON="data:image/x-icon... strings from exported bookmarks Places All
718263 Intermittent failure in test_places/queries/test_tags.js | 3 == 2 Places Linux
718449 History may dispatch events that use the database after asyncClose Places Linux
719438 PDBU_maintenanceOnIdle can try use the places database after it is closed Places Linux
719720 Many Favicons are never correctly saved Places Windows 7
719736 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_current_from_v10.js | 0 == 6 Places Windows Server 2003
720501 urlInlineComplete should not attempt to case-preserve results, since that interferes with the controller's case-preservation Places All
720554 Use fatal assertion and check thread in History::Shutdown Places Linux
721088 Support for automated visits in history Places All
721319 PlacesUtils.removeLazyBookmarkObserver() doesn't always remove observers, causes browser window to leak Places Windows 7
721408 moz-page-thumb protocol should not access from a web page Places All
721603 We should spin the loop after calling asyncClose in Database.cpp Places Linux
721812 WaitForConnectionClosed can create a TOPIC_PLACES_CONNECTION_CLOSED spinner too late Places macOS
722188 mozilla::storage::Connection::BeginTransactionAs hangs for > 20 seconds waiting for frecency update Places macOS
722212 Firefox spins at 100% in sqlite3 thread Places macOS
722242 Avoid thread contention on idle maintenance Places All
722254 Ensure Places js services can't be instanced multiple times through createInstance. Places All
723005 nsNavHistory uses global Private Browsing state to make decisions Places macOS
723044 Don't trigger moz_hosts frecency update when updating frecency on idle Places All
723124 Telemetry for time needed for idle frecency update Places All
723126 Telemetry for time needed for idle maintenance Places All
723165 Telemetry for time needed to show the Bookmarks toolbar Places All
723924 Telemetry for time needed for single frecency update and updates count Places All
723925 Telemetry for number and size of annotations Places All
723968 Places sometimes does not update titles of pages Places All
723972 Places never updates the titles of bookmarked pages Places All
724288 Long hang: main-thread nsNavBookmarks::RunInBatchMode apparently waiting on frecency update Places Linux
724475 Remove any use of synchronous APIs adding visits from tests Places All
724805 Bug 723126 broke PlacesDBUtils add-ons compatibility Places All
728174 Replace old synchronous favicons calls in the bookmarks HTML import Places All
728230 Adding a bookmark and opening a new window and closing the old one causes runtime leaks Places Linux
728997 test_tabmatches.js should not use 'about:robots' which is Firefox specific Places All
730187 Intermittent places/tests/chrome/test_treeview_date.xul | Test timed out. Places Linux
731132 PlacesUtils.asyncGetBookmarkIds leaks everything when scope is heavyweight Places All
731274 Refresh all livemarks on accessing one Places All
731563 Markers in places popup views are broken and too much bugs-prone, causing broken queries Places All
731956 [SeaMonkey, Debug] Exception and assertion in Places which break building, since "Feb 29 10:48:10 2012 -0800" m-c merge Places All
731968 intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_mozIAsyncLivemarks.js | (some guid number) == 1234567890AB Places All
732186 Deleting Live bookmarks causes Errors Places Windows 7
732755 Intermittent test_mozIAsyncLivemarks.js | false == true Places All
733014 OOM Crash [@ PL_DHashTableEnumerate] with read from random address Places Linux
734044 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/chrome/test_reloadLivemarks.xul | Test timed out. Places Linux
734073 Add a preference to set expiration interval for async livemarks Places All
734265 Set a preference for Livemarks refresh time Places All
734351 Syntax error in the migration query in MigrateV17up Places All
734401 Protect async queries from syntax errors Places All
734640 Inconsistent selection behavior when deleting history in treeviews Places All
734653 Bookmarks menupopup does not scroll up(down) by mouse wheel Places All
735044 New Bookmark: Without favicon Places Windows 7
735625 Get rid of ImportHTMLFromFileToFolder Places All
736541 GCC 4.6 build warning: nsNavHistory.cpp:4421:13: warning: variable ‘parentId’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] Places All
737133 getFaviconURLForPage and getFaviconDataForPage should invoke nsIFaviconDataCallback even if the favicon is not available. Places All
737836 Frecency redirects bonuses are messed up Places All
737841 Ensure we properly handle redirecting and error visits Places All
737846 Ensure favicons can't add unwanted pages to history Places All
738209 Cleanup a usages of NS_Convert*to*() in places Places All
738263 Default bookmarks import on migration is temporarily broken Places All
738637 Bookmarks broken in Firefox 11.0 mid-day 03/22/2012 Places All
739213 Kill AddPageWithDetails Places All
739217 Replace codebase usage of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited Places All
739218 Stop using nsIGlobalHistory2 Places Windows 7
739219 Remove nsIBrowserHistory Places All
739221 Remove nsIBrowserHistory::count Places All
739451 Don't rely on XPConnect-magic for getting the owner window of a places view Places All
739763 First time text entering in urlbar after startup causes Firefox to hang 10s and more Places All
740457 setAndFetchFaviconForPage should invoke nsIFaviconDataCallback even if the favicon is unavailable. Places All
740468 Replace old synchronous favicons calls in the bookmarks export service Places All
741059 Make network favicon requests inherit private browsing context of document Places macOS
741175 Document skipping Places tests because the Private Browsing service is unavailable Places All
743490 Frequent test_redirects.js | test failed, head_queries.js | 0 == 1 (or == 2 or == 3) Places All
744189 Can't open bookmarks from the Firefox button Places Windows NT
746786 Can't access "Download Page" for a download from the Library Places Linux
748955 Store installed apps in places so awesomebar and new tab can include apps Places All
750260 Intermittent browser_bookmarksProperties.js, browser_views_liveupdate.js, browser_457473_no_copy_guid.js | Exited with code 1 during test run (ABORT: OnDeleteURI was notified for a page that still exists?) Places All
751608 Remove the never implemented hidePage method Places All
751813 Stop spewing to the console about Places Maintenance Places All
752217 Replace usage of setPageTitle with updatePlaces Places All
752218 Replace usage of AddURI with updatePlaces Places All
753205 bookmarks import ignores separators. ([SeaMonkey] "test_bookmarks_html.js | 3 == 4") Places All
753264 history.replaceState creates NEW history items Places All
754357 Intermittent test_searchterms-domain.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: | head_queries.js | 6 == 5 - See following stack: Places Windows 7
756413 Intermittent test_annos_expire_session.js | command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, attempting to kill Places Linux
757960 GCC 4.6.3 build warnings in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp for unsigned >= 0 (or < 0) always returning the same value [-Wtype-limits] Places Linux
758201 use PlacesUtils for LMANNO constants Places All
760056 Intermittent tprow crash on [@ mozilla::places::History::UnregisterVisitedCallback] Places macOS
760381 Intermittent test_treeview_date.xul | Date format is correct - got 05/31/2012 12:00 AM, expected 12:00 AM Places Linux
763139 LivemarkService.createLivemark is reported as deprecated but not marked as deprecated. Places All
763295 Port the bookmarks export service to JavaScript Places All
765364 Remove unneeded function SyncChannelStatus Places All
766799 Redirects visits are not notified anymore through history observers Places All
767955 Intermittent failure in test_413784.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: | 3 == 4 - See following stack: Places Linux
769323 No way to delete "Mobile Bookmarks" root even after disconnecting from sync Places All
772065 Places tests report some "Error: Failed to preserve wrapper of wrapped native weak map key." (in treeView.js and browserPlacesViews.js) Places Windows Server 2003
775489 Make Places tests friendly to asynchronous functions Places All
775495 Replace waitForClearHistory and waitForAsyncUpdates with versions that return promises, and remove waitForFrecency Places All
775580 Remove calls to addVisit from test_sorting.js Places All
776465 Remove calls to addVisit from the "expiration" folder Places All
776855 Remove calls to addVisit from the "favicons" folder Places All
776863 Remove calls to addVisit from the "autocomplete" folder Places All
776872 Remove calls to addVisit from the "bookmarks" folder Places All
778694 Remove calls to addVisit from the "queries" folder Places All
778699 Remove calls to addVisit from the "unit" folder Places All
779027 Cache representative favicon colors in Places database Places All
780070 compile error in places test code due to use of internal headers without defining MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API Places All
784010 history sidebar should at least optionally show hidden places Places Windows XP
784930 Intermittent browser_views_liveupdate.js | Found new Places node in menu - Didn't expect null, but got it Places macOS
787247 Delay handleResult calls to avoid the concurrency problems with asyncHistory calls Places All
788792 GCC 4.6+ build warnings in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp for "unsigned expression >= 0 is always true" [-Wtype-limits] Places Linux
791562 crash in PlacesFolderConversion::AppendFolder (Protect bookmarks roots from being deleted through the API) Places All
791776 Main thread IO in UIC_startSearch() Places All
792399 Intermittent browser_colorAnalyzer.js | Test timed out Places Linux
793355 Intermittent browser_colorAnalyzer.js | Test timed out Places Linux
793523 Bookmarks Search doesn't work on big endian after 64-bit folder ID change Places macOS
794386 do not store blob: URIs in global history Places All
795258 Intermittent crash in places/tests/unit/test_browserGlue_prefs.js due to "Assertion failure: target, at ../../../storage/src/mozStorageAsyncStatementExecution.cpp:190" Places macOS
795260 Intermittent places/tests/unit/test_bookmarks_html.js | command timed out: 1200 seconds without output Places macOS
797224 Remove Database::mCurrentJournalMode Places macOS
798223 Investigate increasing OPTIMIZED_FAVICON_DIMENSION for high-dpi devices Places All
798817 Not working access key "e" for "More" in Library Places All
801882 Assertion failure: false (All IPDL URIs must be serializable or an allowed scheme!), at URIUtils.cpp:83 Places All
802573 give favicon channel lowest priority Places Linux
802599 Assertion failure: false, at toolkit/components/places/AsyncFaviconHelpers.cpp:527 Crash [@ AsyncFetchAndSetIconForPage] or use-after-free across threads Places Linux
806617 Get rid of sync "SELECT 1 FROM moz_historyvisits" Places Windows 7
808554 Clean-up nsPlacesAutoComplete.js Places macOS
808557 add telemetry probe for measuring the impact of UIC_startSearch synchronous query Places All
809383 replace PR_TRUE in AsyncFaviconHelpers.h Places All
809862 Use the asynchronous livemarks calls in the bookmarks export service Places All
810645 Intermittent ASSERTION: should have an entry in moz_places: 'Not Reached', Assertion failure: !aGUID.IsEmpty(), browser_bug92473.js | Exited with code 11 during test run Places Linux
811287 Intermittent test_bookmarks_html_corrupt.js | null != null Places Windows 7
811772 For a places tree view, hasSelection sometimes returns true when should be false Places All
812639 per-window private browsing builds are broken after bug 723005 Places macOS
812828 "Open All in Tabs" doesn't work when only Library window is open with no other windows in background Places Windows 7
813092 Firefox startup crash in pcache1Fetch @ VirtualAllocStub with Webroot SecureAnywhere Places Windows 8
814470 AsyncFetchAndSetIconFromNetwork may leak channel when setup fails Places All
815363 PB changes broke autocomplete-will-enter-text notification Places Linux
815598 Merge the Places transactions manger to the window one Places All
815683 crash in nsNavBookmarks::GetPlacesRoot Places macOS
816003 Callback function of setAndLoadFaviconForPage in FF18 beta 1 do not work Places Windows XP
816903 Remove calls to addVisits from Places tests Places All
816925 Remove isDetails from the "queries" folder in Places tests Places All
816963 Enable crash reporting in places C++ unit tests Places All
817548 large compartment for nsLivemarkService.js Places Windows 7
818099 Intermittent browser_bookmarksProperties.js | uncaught exception - TypeError: tree.selectedNode is null at browser_bookmarksProperties.js:339 | Test timed out Places macOS
818161 Intermittent Shutdown "Assertion failure: target, at e:/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-dbg/build/storage/src/mozStorageAsyncStatementExecution.cpp:190" and "ASSERTION: Failed to make GL context current!: 'succeeded'" Places Windows XP
818399 Smarter automatic bookmark backups Places All
818471 Favicons for websites with internationalized domain name (IDN) are missing as bookmark, only visible in the tab Places Windows 7
818584 Discard consecutive duplicate bookmark backups by comparing hashes Places All
818587 Compress bookmark backups Places All
818589 Include more data in bookmark backups Places All
818591 Ensure that bookmark roots are present and consistent when restoring from a backup Places All
820763 Stop using addvisit() in toolkit tests Places All
820764 Stop using addvisit() in browser tests Places All
820838 Intermittent browser_bookmarksProperties.js | is a visited url. | uncaught exception - 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsINavHistoryContainerResultNode.getChild] at places/treeView.js:251 | Test timed out Places macOS
820876 Use bookmarks-observer category for the tagging service Places All
821535 Remove 'session' concept Places All
821757 NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI in getBookmarkURI while building Sync GUID map Places All
821781 Intermittent places/tests/unit/test_399266.js | (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) == 10 Places Linux
821901 Fix build warnings in toolkit/components/places Places Linux
822200 Create a module for async JSON backups/restores Places Windows 7
822446 JS Component Loader: WARNING nsPlacesExpiration.js:622 test for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (=)? Places All
822788 Expire hidden pages sooner Places All
822996 New type of annotations bound to result nodes Places All
823156 Speed up Library downloads query Places All
823356 toolkit/places - Firefox aborts due to an assertion in nsNavHistoryResult Places Linux
824074 Properly update frecency sorting in bookmarks queries. (was: Intermittent places/tests/unit/test_result_sort.js | 9 == 8) Places Windows 7
824433 Bookmarks backup takes a long time to write out on shutdown Places Windows 7
824502 Use GUIDs for folder queries Places All
825240 Intermittent timeout in test_bug549192.xul | Test timed out. Places macOS
825849 Add a RemoveAllDownloads API to nsIDownloadHistory Places All
826409 Remove onBeforeDeleteURI and onBeforeItemRemoved notifications Places All
826702 Add a RemoveDownloadsFor(aURI) API to nsIDownloadHistory Places All
827268 Avoid useless onVisit work on the transition filtered queries Places All
830291 remove "downloads/destinationFileName" annotation Places All
830415 Move the front-end code that stores download metadata in history to the DownloadHistory module Places macOS
830423 Avoid repeated execution of expensive daysOfHistory query Places All
831094 Avoid replacing nodes in Places query results and remove nodeReplaced views notification Places All
831407 test_399606.js has been replaced by browser_bug399606.js and should thus be removed from the tree Places All
831725 Wrong merge on toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/head.js Places All
832133 Stop using addvisit() in toolkit cpp tests Places All
832616 onDeleteVisits should properly update frecency of nodes Places All
832617 evaluate reducing queries load by passing frecency to visit observers Places All
833125 test_bug_411966.html bug_411966/redirect.js are still using addURI Places All
833966 browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_0_library_left_pane_migration.js | Exception thrown - [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIAnnotationService.setItemAnnotation]" Places macOS
834457 Remove deprecated synchronous APIs from Places Places All
834539 Implement getPlacesInfo, async successor for getPageTitle Places All
834541 remove hasHistoryEntries Places All
834543 Add asynchronous version of setCharsetForURI and getCharsetForURI Places All
834545 Implement History.remove Places All
835446 nsTArray.h:442:17: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare], for nsNavHistory.cpp searching a uint32_t array for an int32_t Places Linux
835543 Remove class "nsNavHistoryFullVisitResultNode" because it's never used or instantiated, and remove its interface nsINavHistoryFullVisitResultNode Places All
835867 Make nsNavHistory use nsRefPtr rather than NS_ADDREF'ing by hand Places All
836624 Remove "getFaviconForPage" and "getFaviconDataAsDataURL" in "test_bookmarks_html.js" Places All
838304 null out mResult when removing container nodes Places All
838349 bogus use of MOZ_ASSERT Places All
838798 Remove deprecated nsILivemarkService interface Places All
838839 Remove deprecated synchronous favicons APIs Places All
838841 Remove experimental hints from Places async APIs Places All
838872 Remove nsINavHistoryService::AddVisit Places All
838874 Stop implementing nsIGlobalHistory2 Places All
839034 move markPageAsXXX methods to nsINavHistoryService Places Windows 7
839132 [tracking] Add interest detection for visited pages with aggregate storage Places All
839996 Add event to wait for before importing the default bookmarks through importFromURL function Places All
841406 Remove enablePrivilege from tests added in bug 739217 Places macOS
842042 Stop preprocessing PlacesUIUtils.jsm and controller.js Places All
843357 Evaluate dropping "www." from rev_host column Places All
843499 html bookmark files don't use valid HTML Places All
844382 Intermittent browser_views_liveupdate.js | Node is at index 6 - Got 6, expected 7 Places Windows Vista
846635 Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI Places macOS
846644 Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
852030 Tracking bug for new backup async calls Places All
852032 Create a PlacesBackups.jsm Places All
852034 Replace restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile with importFromFile Places All
852040 Apply use of BookmarkJSONUtils.importFromURL Places All
852041 Apply use of BookmarkJSONUtils.exportToFile Places All
852948 Deprecate and remove PlacesUtils.bhistory Places All
853513 Remove RESULTS_AS_FULL_VISITS Places All
853751 Intermittent test_favicon_annotations.xul | Test 'URI added to the database is properly loaded' matches expectations. (data: URIs) Places Windows 7
853785 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | test_bug549192.xul | application crashed [@ + 0x80fb2] Places Windows Vista
854288 Remove PlaceUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
854761 Remove previous bookmark calls from PlacesUtils Places All
854886 Remove nsIBrowserHistory usage from tests Places All
854925 Remove SetCharsetForURI and GetCharsetForURI from nsINavHistoryService Places All
854927 Remove callback from new async getCharsetForURI in PlacesUtils Places All
855190 Use new async getCharsetForURI in /toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_bookmarks_json.js Places All
855218 Remove backupBookmarksToFile in PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
855226 Stop backing up bookmarks on shutdown Places All
855638 Remove previous calls to PlacesUtils.backups and move them to PlacesBackups Places All
855842 Update calls to PlacesUtils.importJSONNode with BookmarkJSONUtils.importJSONNode Places All
857429 Remove and deprecate methods in PlacesUtils.backups, depending on add-on usage Places All
858377 Intermittent test_393498.js | false == true Places Windows 8
858692 (low priority) History tab sometimes does not close when closing it with close button Places Windows 7
859151 Check if we can remove PlacesUtils.backups.profileRelativeFolderPath Places All
859692 Show some progress indicator UI when backing up bookmarks Places All
859695 OS.File should be adopted in PlacesBackups.jsm and PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
860625 Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in BookmarkJSONUtils.jsm Places All
864662 getPlacesInfo should provide an option to opt-in visits data Places macOS
864918 Create interests database with appropriate tables/indices Places All
864925 Consolidate places related needed by interests to PlacesInterestsUtils.jsm module Places All
865555 Remove synchronous setCharsetForURI in BI_importJSONNode Places All
866269 The "smart search folder" places queries migrated from old profiles are super-slow Places macOS
869566 Favicon.ico pictures still remain in the bookmarks after the "Aggressively look for websites icons when the page does not define one" checkbox is unchecked Places All
869802 Intermittent test_bookmarks_html.js | Test timed out Places macOS
870225 Intermittent test_searchterms-bookmarklets.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: | head_queries.js | 2 == 1 - See following stack: Places macOS
870581 Rev IID for nsINavHistoryResultNode Places All
871908 [meta] Clearing "browsing and download" history does excessive disc IO (due to huge wal file) Places Windows 7
873471 Intermittent test_IE_bookmarks.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | 1 == 0 Places Windows 7
873796 Slow SQL Statements on Helper Threads (Windows x64 Firefox Nightly) Places Windows 8
874407 new visits are inserted incorrectly in the Library and the sidebar treeviews Places All
874743 Intermittent test_parser_diagnostics_unprintables.html | monitorConsole | extra message | {"message":"[JavaScript Error: \"Not a number\" {file: \"resource://gre/modules/PlacesDBUtils.jsm\" line: 975}]","errorMessage":"Not a number","sourceName":"resource Places Linux
875482 places.history.enabled=false prevents favicons from being stored Places Windows 7
876476 Separate Clear Browsing and Download history Places All
877799 function "Bookmark This Page" not working. Also, trying to import bookmarks from another browser failed. I hve the updated version 21. Places macOS
879103 History sidebar By Date and Site tree does not update Places All
880922 Add depreciate warning to both SetCharsetForURI and GetCharsetForURI in nsNavHistory.cpp Places All
885205 Extremely slow reflect bookmarks menu items after restoring bookmarks. And disk access abnormal. And Firefox process does not disappear from task manager on exit Places All
885247 Remove getPageTitle API Places macOS
885251 Don't use getPageTitle in PlacesTagURITransaction Places macOS
885254 Don't use getPageTitle in test_history.js Places All
885327 coalesce http and https sites Places All
885666 crash in mozilla::places::::NotifyPlaceInfoCallback::Run Places All
886054 intermittent test_bookmarks_json.js | Test timed out Places Linux
886064 Aurora doesn't start after June 19 update (constant read-access to places.sqlite) Places Windows 7
886343 nsINavHistoryResultNode needs a new IID for firefox 22 Places All
887043 Use an async SQL query instead of a result to collect backups data Places All
887864 Use a mozIStorageAsyncConnection in nsPlacesAutocomplete Places All
887865 Use a mozIStorageAsyncConnection in for GetIsVisitedStatement Places All
888352 History.cpp:2716:48: warning: value computed is not used [-Wunused-value] Places All
888567 Bookmark star icon doesn't work properly on link-opened tab Places All
888570 Lazily load ForgetAboutSite.jsm from browser/components/places/content/controller.js Places All
889034 use a dynamic port in places/ xpcshell tests so they can be run in parallel Places Linux
889089 crash in mozilla::places::History::FetchPageInfo Places Windows 7
889527 At debug-build startup: "JavaScript warning: chrome://browser/content/places/controller.js, line 940: yield without a value is deprecated, and illegal in ES6 (use 'yield undefined' instead)" Places All
889561 moz_places_url_uniqueindex takes up to 1/3 of places.sqlite Places Windows 8
889583 notes on sqlite footprint inefficiency Places Windows 8
890163 URL bar autocomplete misbehaves for file and ftp URIs Places All
890203 Make runInBatchMode to run batch asynchronously Places All
890621 "Bookmark all tabs" fail to save the pages' meta description attribute Places Windows Vista
891467 Intermittent browser_urlbarAutoFillTrimURLs.js | trim was applied correctly - Got http://a, expected | uncaught exception - NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) ... Places macOS
891564 Add a service and worker to classify and store interest profile Places macOS
892454 FetchPageInfo returns frecency zero for some visits, causing the visit to not appear in autocomplete Places All
892485 History sidebar/Library scrolls to top when selected history entry is revisited Places All
892969 When I export my bookmarks, their date created isn't preserved and after importing they aren't in the right order. Places Windows 8
894256 BookmarkJSONUtils.importJSONNode should use a Task Places macOS
894331 Automatic batches in Places results Places All
894568 NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE: Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsITransactionManager.doTransaction] @ resource://gre/modules/PlacesUtils.jsm:1906 Places Windows 7
895839 Remove support for binary annotations Places All
896186 The livemarks service should be a JSM Places All
896193 Adopt Promises in mozIAsyncLivemarks Places All
896201 Don't use "child transactions" in places Places macOS
897081 Places sometimes issues extremely long SQL statements to remove pages from history Places All
897395 Remove setItemIndex and implement reorder on the backend side Places All
897954 Remove onBegin/OnEndUpdateBatch Places All
901440 Add a maintenance task to remove binary annotations Places All
901907 investigate slow IO in test_nsINavHistoryViewer.js on Windows tinderboxes Places Windows 7
902248 Intermittent test_nsINavHistoryViewer.js | Test timed out Places All
902765 toolkit/components/places/nsNavHistoryResult.h:179:3: error: 'TimeStamp' does not name a type Places FreeBSD
903875 The Library fails to accurately return to the previously accessed section Places Windows 7
905331 Intermittent browser_bookmarksProperties.js | uncaught exception - TypeError: this._view.selectItems is not a function at chrome://browser/content/places/controller.js:740 Places All
907471 nsiFaviconService should support querying what favicon sizes are available Places Windows 8
909256 Places GUID changes done by updatePlaces are not reflected by existent nodes and are not observable Places macOS
909606 Intermittent test_parser_diagnostics_unprintables.html | monitorConsole | extra message | {"message":"[JavaScript Error: \"Not a number\" {file: \"resource://gre/modules/PlacesDBUtils.jsm\" line: 975}]","errorMessage":"Not a number","sourceName":"resource Places Linux
912855 Can't remove check-mark on "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" in Firefox 25 and 26 Places All
913160 Deleting history caused browser hang due to the changes in bug 894331 Places All
913941 Exception... "'Illegal value' when calling method: [mozIAsyncLivemarks::getLivemark]" Places Windows 7
914294 Macro END_RESULT_BATCH_AND_REFRESH_CONTENTS() introduces an exception compatibility issue Places All
914653 More crashes in mozilla::places::`anonymous namespace''::NotifyPlaceInfoCallback::Run() Places Windows NT
914687 API for presetting GUIDs on bookmarks Places All
917807 Intermittent browser/base/content/test/browser_sanitize-timespans.js | Test timed out Places Linux
920421 History removal takes a really long time for large selections Places All
922350 Warning is displayed, for SQL statement labeled "do not warn" Places Linux
922727 History.cpp:1558:50: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare] Places All
923406 Remove localizedFilenamePrefix from PlacesBackups.js Places All
923889 Investigate strategies to detect and add missing indices to places.sqlite Places Linux
926098 bookmark thumbnails getting changed Places Windows 7
927278 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-places-favicon.testRejects | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). Places macOS
928734 Intermittent test_419731.js | "title 2" == "new title 1" - See following stack: Places Windows XP
928818 Intermittent test_bookmarks_html_corrupt.js | Test timed out Places macOS
933374 HUGE Performance regression, Deleting from history takes 14times as long since 20130612 Places Windows Vista
933864 13 huge SQL warnings spammed at the end of every reftest run ("WARNING: SQL statement 'UPDATE moz_places SET title = :page_title WHERE id = :page_id ' (a6c8e8e0) should have been finalized before closing the connection") Places Linux
934357 Visit count increases on with indefinite scrolling usage Places All
937560 Introduce onDeletePages Places All
938401 getShortcutOrURI Seems To Have Been Removed Places Windows 7
940181 Update BookmarkJSONUtils.serializeNodeAsJSONToOutputStream to use BookmarkRow.serializeJSONToOutputStream Places All
942353 places.sqlite: moz_inputhistory will not be deleted when erasing history Places Windows 7
943148 bookmark toolbar favicon changes when tab dragged to root window Places All
943993 Build toolkit/components/places in unified mode Places macOS
945120 bookmarks - backups, exports are incomplete or empty Places Linux
946124 JavaScript Console: Async statement execution returned with '11', 'database disk image is malformed' Places Windows XP
948134 Error: "value is not defined" in PlacesDBUtils.jsm Places Linux
948380 favicon doesn't show up when a version is given in the url Places Linux
950546 mozIColorAnalyzer sometimes returns different colors for the same icon Places All
951230 toolkit/components/places fails to link with generational GC enabled Places Linux
951934 corrupt places.sqlite file leads to 2 problems: (1) persistent hang at exit & (2) 0 byte json/html bookmark backups/exports Places Windows 7
953312 Places expiration code still waits for "back", not "active", from nsIdleService Places All
955889 EnsureKeywordsHash no longer takes advantage of caching Places All
959030 PlacesBackups deprecation warning and potential hidden issues Places All
959363 Multiple places threads using 100% of CPU when pasting long data urls in the locationbar Places macOS
959580 Have Places recognize if a History entry is a search or not Places macOS
959582 Refactor the search URL provider for the location bar Places All
960468 The tagging service doesn't observe changes to bookmarks URLs Places All
962999 Because of encoding error, users can not import bookmarks which exported from 360 browser which has the largest market share for browser in China. Places All
965364 Intermittent places/tests/chrome/test_bug549192.xul | uncaught exception - TypeError: places[((rc - 0) - 1)] is undefined at test_bug549192.xul:82 Places Linux
967192 Bookmarks restore and import should use OS.File Places All
967196 Tagging service should trim tags Places All
967204 Restoring a JSON backup should set stored guids Places All
968177 Speed up bookmarks.html export by using the shared backups code Places All
969285 PlacesUtils.bookmarks is undefined when syncing Places All
969318 "A promise chain failed to handle a rejection" from the livemarks service (deprecate passing a callback) Places All
969408 Remove old Deprecated methods from PlacesUtils Places All
969411 Investigate removal of newline handling Places All
970291 Remove serializeNodeAsJSONToOutputStream Places All
971686 Backups can't be properly stored if the /tmp folder is on a different filesystem Places All
971821 Interests may need to be updated when pages are removed Places All
972434 All of the bookmarks backups disappeared Places All
972858 Australis corrupted places.sqlite - BookmarksToolbar appears empty Places Linux
975979 [meta] Avoid main-thread IO for places.sqlite Places All
977016 PlacesUtils.jsm should use Cu.cloneInto() rather than JSON.stringify/parse Places All
977053 test_pref_interval.js relies on that nsITimer is used only on the main thread Places All
977149 [meta] reduce places.sqlite/favicons.sqlite file size Places All
977151 use WITHOUT ROWID in annotation tables Places All
977153 use WITHOUT ROWID in bookmarks roots table Places All
977154 use WITHOUT ROWID in hosts table Places All
977160 use WITHOUT ROWID in inputhistory table Places All
977163 Reduce size of moz_favicons.url index Places All
977177 move favicons blobs out of places.sqlite to their own database Places All
977185 microseconds take quite some space in the database Places All
977347 Unable to add a certain page to my bookmarks by using the star on the awesome bar Places Windows 7
978955 Open New Window logs error: nsLivemarkService.js :: LS_getLivemark :: A promise chain failed to handle a rejection. Places macOS
979280 [meta]Replace the synchronous transaction manager in places with an asynchronous one Places macOS
981592 Double click folder in right side pane does not work Places Windows 7
982099 PlacesTransaction.jsm: Subclass arrays and be nice at the same time Places macOS
982102 NS_NOTREACHED("Removing item we don't have") can be reached Places All
982115 Async Places Transactions: Solution for implementing Cancel/Undo in bookmarks dialog and Star UI Places macOS
984131 Async transactions: protect transactions objects so we can optimize them Places macOS
985523 Convert to Promise.jsm in Places Places All
985721 Intermittent | test_bookmarks_html_corrupt.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log | head.js | Unexpected exception TypeError: foundLivemark.siteURI is null at test_bookmarks_html_corrupt.js:159 - See following stack Places macOS
988028 NULL deref @ nsNavBookmarks::OnVisit Places Linux
988070 Make getBookmarksTree use WITH RECURSIVE to allow it to return only subtrees Places All
990931 load-js-data-url-error ...javascript or data... should be ...javascript and data... Places macOS
991738 Fix "test_markpageas.js" before switching Task.jsm to use Promise.jsm Places All
991786 Intermittent test_384370.js | Test timed out Places macOS
992670 Fix always true assertion condition in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp Places All
993372 Port autocomplete and inline tests to unified autocomplete Places All
995091 Enable Unified Autocomplete Places All
995092 Ensure we can enable Unified Autocomplete in Nightly Places All
995094 Post-facto review of UnifiedComplete Places All
996438 Import BookmarkJSONUtils.jsm lazily into PlacesBackups.jsm Places All
997976 Regression: Error: Invalid Places node when click / middle click / press enter Livebookmark And Livebookmark container do not expand in Sidebar Places Windows 7
1001953 intermittent test_bookmarks_json.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | Unexpected exception TypeError: livemark.siteURI is null at toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_bookmarks_json.js:196 Places macOS
1002439 browser_bug248970.js is almost perma fail when run by directory on osx opt Places macOS
1002454 Firefox clear history: something still persists Places Linux
1010255 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | resource://gre/modules/BookmarkHTMLUtils.jsm | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: Error: Cannot import from nonexisting html file Places All
1011023 Simplify test_bookmarks_restore_notification.js to use add_task Places All
1012597 promiseItemGUID()/promiseItemID() may return wrong values if db changes underneath it. Places All
1013053 node.bookmarkIndex is not set for the query's root node Places All
1014188 Stop importing PlacesBackups and BookmarkJSONUtils in PlacesUtils Places All
1015629 Use the shared asynchronous db connection in asyncGetBookmarkIds Places macOS
1015633 Use the shared asynchronous db connection in nsLivemarksService Places All
1016163 Livemarks cache is untested Places macOS
1016202 Wrap livemark-items nodes with xpconnect Places All
1016207 livemark object internals are now exposed to consumers Places All
1016831 Something is fishy with promiseDBConnection Places macOS
1016953 renaming old uncompressed backups changes their extension to .jsonlz4 even if they are uncompressed Places All
1017502 Add a foreign_count column to moz_places Places All
1018156 charset annotation should not be Places All
1018371 2.94% Win8 Ts, Paint regression on fx-team on May 29th from bug 1015629 Places Windows 8
1019440 History deleting not working in version 29.0.1 of Firefox for Windows. Places Windows 8
1019450 Cleanup test_promiseBookmarksTree Places All
1022699 fix assertion-is-always-true warning in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp Places All
1024486 Intermittent browser_dbg_interrupts.js | Test timed out (after: "[JavaScript Error: "Error adding value null to histogram PLACES_ANNOS_PAGES_SIZE_KB: Error: Not a number" {file: "resource://gre/modules/PlacesDBUtils.jsm" line: 978}]") Places macOS
1030266 PlacesDBUtils.telemetryHook may not fire callback in case of error Places All
1030571 sometimes favicons are missing in the bookmark bar Places macOS
1031166 Fix non-unified OS X build's warnings-as-errors in toolkit/components/places Places macOS
1034317 nsNavHistoryQueryResultNode and nsNavHistoryFolderResultNode don't inherit from nsINavBookmarkObserver Places All
1035120 Left side tree and Right side list and detail view are empty in Libraly Places Windows 7
1036440 Rewriting PlacesDBUtils using async/await and promiseDBConnection Places All
1038225 Define how to map search URLs to terms and engine name Places All
1038233 Don't highlight portions of autocomplete search results that are not search terms Places All
1038239 [UX] Icon for past search results in location bar Places All
1039200 Add Migration for new tag tables Places All
1040335 Flip Unified Autocomplete pref once we merge to 34. Places All
1040340 Use URI specs instead of nsIURIs in unifiedcomplete tests Places All
1041262 [Perma Orange] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/head_autocomplete.js | Didn't find the current result ('', '') in matches - See following stack: Places All
1041421 UnifiedComplete: issues in preferences code Places macOS
1041428 Fix query cancellation in UnifiedComplete.js. Places macOS
1041429 Adopt template strings in UnifiedComplete Places All
1041433 UnifiedComplete: Close connections on Sqlite.shutdown.addBlocker rather than TOPIC_SHUTDOWN Places macOS
1041443 UnifiedComplete: What's _addFrecencyMatch sorting Places macOS
1041843 Add telemetry to measure favicon file sizes in use on the web Places All
1043863 [AsyncShutdown] Use AsyncShutdown for shutting down Places Places All
1043942 UnifiedComplete disables inline autocomplete if urlbar behavior is not the default Places All
1045924 use foreign_count in unifiedcomplete Places All
1045998 nsNavHistory::invalidateFrecencies has defective query Places All
1046062 unified version of test_swap_protocol.js is disabled without a reason Places All
1046074 Improve post-filtering of dupes in UnifiedComplete Places All
1047811 Move some of COMMIT TRANSACTION off the main-thread Places All
1047817 Make bookmarks toolbar view use async openContainer Places All
1047818 Avoid large IN clauses Places All
1047819 make an async getAnnotationsForItem and deprecate the synchronous one Places All
1047820 Remove getItemAnnotationNames Places All
1048857 Input like "http:// fgfg" kills UnifiedComplete Places Windows 8.1
1049506 Visible slowdown in autofilling url domains with unified complete enabled Places Windows 7
1049738 Mark toolkit/components/places as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS Places All
1049747 History.cpp:931:19: warning: unused variable 'navHistory' [-Wunused-variable] (and another similar unused variable further down) Places Linux
1049797 Investigate why bug 992670's improved assertion condition is failing on xpcshell & mochitest-bc Places All
1049812 Refactor History.cpp to make 'visitCount' unsigned and 'bookmarked' a bool, and keep track of whether they're initialized Places All
1050683 UnifiedComplete is missing nsIAutoCompleteSearchDescriptor Places All
1051047 Changes in locationbar aren't always executed with UnifiedComplete Places Windows 7
1051830 Unexpected in-the-middle completion in the urlbar (e.g. "go >>") Places All
1053229 Typing quickly in the awesomebar can show " >> autocomplete-result" as inline autocomplete Places Windows 7
1054800 Search matches should be implemented as an action, rather than relying on a magic string Places All
1054814 UnifiedComplete's matching on arbitrary URLs without a scheme should look at the DB to find which scheme to use Places All
1054914 Deleting the autofilled portion of a URL should result in the first result being the current search engine Places All
1057485 nsNavBookmarks might be better off using a pointer instead of struct-based hashtable for mBookmarkToKeywordHash Places All
1057782 Use template strings for multi-line SQL statements Places All
1058566 Transaction for duplicating any places item Places All
1058951 Add telemetry to measure the impact of changing the maximum favicon file size Places All
1058962 Simulate places usage on a test machine to measure performance changes related to favicon size increase. Places All
1059256 More powerful tagging transactions Places All
1059257 Improve array-input-property handling Places All
1060839 Use template strings for multi-line SQL statements in tests Places All
1060974 Fix more bad implicit constructors in places Places All
1061672 Import json-file from Firefox (or even from SeaMonkey) do not work Places All
1062894 Avoid the tagging batches if number of changed tags is low Places All
1064130 Improve handling of a11y labels for autocomplete results Places All
1064360 Remove GetKeywordForURI Places All
1064365 Deprecate GetKeywordForURI Places All
1064768 History.cpp should use nsMainThreadPtrHandle<T> Places All
1065191 Add test coverage for the style property of places autocomplete results Places All
1065265 Improve infrastructure dealing with moz-action: autocomplete results Places All
1065285 Add telemetry for the last maintenance time Places All
1065303 Prepare autocomplete.xml/UnifiedComplete for adding new special result types and heuristics Places All
1065633 Intermittent test_removeVisitsByTimeframe.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | false == true Places All
1065925 Remove code for some of the Places telemetry probes Places All
1065926 Set expiration to never for these Places probes Places All
1066358 Improve how keyword autocomplete results are displayed Places All
1066707 Intermittent browser_sanitizeDialog.js | history visit should no longer exist - Got true, expected false followed by many more like it Places macOS
1067085 Awesomebar search results don't disappear when a search query that initially showed results doesn't yield results anymore Places All
1067117 Typo in Sqlite.jsm: mozIStorageStatementCallback.REASON_CANCELLED Places All
1067602 The first time you type in URLbar, you get "JavaScript strict warning: file:///$OBJDIR/dist/bin/components/UnifiedComplete.js, line 760: ReferenceError: reference to undefined property match.finalCompleteValue" Places Linux
1067888 Add autocomplete result type for searching via current search engine Places All
1067896 Add autocomplete result type for searching via alias of a search engine Places All
1067899 Add autocomplete result type for arbitrary URLs Places All
1067903 Autoselect first autocomplete result when it's guaranteed to be a special result Places All
1067921 Autocomplete can sometimes show "Visit moz-action:..." Places All
1067922 Correctly handle path-like inputs like "t:" in autocomplete Places All
1067935 Fork Toolkit autocomplete controller Places All
1067943 Investigation: Figure out what autocomplete controller changes will be needed to support intended UX for urlbar Places All
1067959 Async Places Transactions: when copying an item, do not copy "special" annotations Places macOS
1067978 Intermittent test_async_transactions.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: | 1410874843787000 != 1410874843787000 - See following stack: Places Windows XP
1068007 Design an async bookmarking API Places All
1068009 Implement the async bookmarking API for single items Places All
1068015 Breakdown: Async Bookmarks Places All
1068032 convert bookmarks tests to the async API Places All
1068034 breakdown: convert consumers to the new async bookmarking API Places All
1068054 Figure out the love story between Sync and an async bookmarking API Places All
1068501 autocomplete.xml: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable searchEngine Places All
1068671 folderReadOnly doesn't pertain to bookmarks or results Places Windows 8.1
1069235 make guid and parentGuid naming consistent Places All
1069865 Unified autocomplete performance issues Places Windows 8.1
1069973 Proxify both nsINavBookmarksService and Bookmarks.jsm through PlacesUtils.bookmarks. Places All
1070479 Allow passing uri specs to transactions Places All
1071357 Intermittent test_bookmarks_json.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: | 0 == 3 - See following stack: | Unexpected exception 2147500036 Places macOS
1071481 host of search engines is not autoFilled anymore if it's not the most frecent result Places All
1071505 Expose constant root GUIDs Places All
1071511 [meta] Complete the switch from itemIds to guids Places All
1072331 Use tag caches in new async tagging API Places Windows 8.1
1072364 Provide a History.jsm API Places All
1072833 Livemark containers should be represent as query nodes rather than folder nodes Places All
1073848 Intermittent test_searchEngine_host.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | false == true | Unexpected exception 2147500036 Places All
1074416 nsNavHistoryResult does a QI during cycle collection traversal, causing an nsXPCWrappedJS to leak Places All
1074804 Replace arrays .indexOf with .includes in Places Places All
1075532 The "- Search with <engine>" string is not preceded by the search term after dismissing the suggestions bar Places All
1075549 Firefox needs a restart in order to update the default search engine from the "<term> - Search with <engine>" string Places All
1076775 Implement History.removeVisitsByFilter Places All
1077097 Update Bookmarks.jsm API to be coherent with History.jsm Places All
1079387 Intermittent test_bookmarks_html.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | 0 == 3 Places macOS
1081057 fix CRLF line endings in some Places files. Places All
1081099 Implement bookmarks notifications from Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1081101 Implement eraseEverything in Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1081102 Implement batch fetch options in Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1081106 Implement fetchTree in Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1081108 Implement reorder in Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1081254 Implement update in Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1082294 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/test_autoFill_default_behavior.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log Places All
1083462 Remove the bookmarks cache Places All
1083465 [meta]Remove synchronous bookmarks API Places All
1083469 Breakdown: allow keywords APIs to work in parallel with Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1085161 investigate sync failure after upgrade/downgrade from 33->34->33 Places All
1085244 Intermittent browser_visited_notfound.js | Frecency should be unchanged - Got 98, expected 100 Places macOS
1085428 Replace do_log_info with do_print in Places Places All
1086549 Convert tests using RemovePage and RemovePages Places All
1087255 Convert JS clients of RemovePages to History.remove Places All
1087263 Implement History.update Places All
1087334 Autocomplete result type for searching via current search engine is not available on latest aurora Places All
1087576 RemoveFolderChildren and eraseEverything can leave orphan tags behind Places All
1087580 eraseEverything needs a bookmarks-cleared notification Places All
1089332 Add a getObservers API for accessing the history observers list from History.jsm and nsPlacesExpiration Places All
1089559 Favicon service should have fallback for known favicon on the same domain Places All
1089560 Favicon service should automatically use remote favicon when one isn't in the DB Places All
1089691 Convert consumers of removePagesByTimeframe and removePagesFromHost to PlacesUtils.history.removeByFilter Places All
1089695 Port sanitize.js to History.removeByFilter Places All
1090157 History.remove should block async shutdown Places All
1090205 Move getReversedHost from Bookmarks.jsm to PlacesUtils Places Windows 8.1
1090308 Invalidate mDaysOfHistory when getObservers is invoked Places All
1090312 onDeletePages notifiers should batch notifications Places All
1090961 Bookmarks.jsm and History.jsm need a solution for concurrent Sqlite transactions Places All
1091446 If an async generator function passed to PlacesTransaction.transact yields a pending promise returned by another call to PlacesTransaction.transact, the queue is stuck until shutdown Places All
1091693 history tests folder should be one level higher Places All
1091851 Sqlite wrapped connections should close before the underlying connection Places All
1092390 debug gavin's places db corruption, think of mitigation strategies Places All
1092607 Intermittent test_PlacesUtils_asyncGetBookmarkIds.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | 1 == 2 Places Windows XP
1094900 Livemarks service should use the new Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1094903 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1094906 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/queries to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1094909 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/expiration to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1094910 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095403 Make history and bookmarks proxies go through js modules first Places All
1095405 PlacesUtils.getURLAndPostDataForKeyword should use the Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095406 Remove getBookmarksForURI and getMostRecentBookmarkForURI from PlacesUtils Places All
1095408 Remove PlacesUtils.getMostRecentBookmarkForURI Places All
1095411 PlacesUtils.wrapNode is using synchronous getKeywordForBookmark Places All
1095415 Convert mochitest-chrome in toolkit/components/places/tests/chrome to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095418 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/favicons to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095421 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095424 UnifiedComplete is using synchronous getURIForKeyword Places All
1095425 Convert PlacesTransactions to the new Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095426 Convert JSON backups code to the new Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095427 Convert BookmarkHTMLUtils code to the new Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1095960 'Sort By Name' is broken on Aurora 35 Places All
1096248 Disable restyling of autocomplete search page items Places All
1096837 Allow PlacesUtils.bookmarks.update({ parentGuid, index: DEFAULT_INDEX }) Places All
1096856 fetch({ url }) should exclude tags (like PlacesUtils.getBookmarksForURI) Places All
1097528 An observer notification can cause other observers to be removed/added to the observers array Places All
1098296 addLivemark should take a dateAdded input property Places All
1098552 Bookmarks.jsm should use case-insensitive keywords Places All
1099332 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/test_empty_search.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places All
1099371 Create a Places proxy forwarding to the existing modules Places All
1100082 Updates tests that use addVisits/promiseAddVisits to use PlacesTestUtils.jsm Places All
1100294 Deprecate PlacesUtils.getURLAndPostDataForKeyword Places All
1101553 remove nsPIPlacesHistoryListenersNotifier Places All
1103622 PlacesTransactions.Annotate for multiple items Places All
1103636 PlacesTransactions.Remove(guids), PlacesTransactions.RemoveBookmarksForUrls Places All
1103938 Deprecate hasHistoryEntries Places All
1103978 aNewValue=undefined in onItemChange for removed keyword Places All
1104796 Bookmarks.remove disallows removing any direct child of the places root Places All
1104985 Bookmark keyword searches should rely solely on the cache, rather than needing an extra DB query Places All
1105208 regression: (null) title for Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, Unsorted Bookmarks Places All
1105385 Bookmark Keyword searches auto go to the default search engine Places Windows 7
1105492 Use notify() helper in removeHistoryByFilter Places All
1105866 Implement folderShorcutNode.targetFolderGuid (guid version of folderShortcutNode.folderItemId) Places All
1106617 PLACES_AUTOCOMPLETE_6_FIRST_RESULTS_TIME_MS histogram regressed the 25/11 Places All
1107308 Round dateAdded and lastModified values to milliseconds precision in places cpp components Places All
1107691 nsNavHistoryResultNode::FindChildById shouldn't work with both types of item ids (target and "external") Places macOS
1108019 safePrefGetter triggers exceptions (and catches them), which is noisy for debuggers Places All
1110042 Round down all PRTime values in places to milliseconds precision Places All
1110101 Bookmarks.remove doesn't remove folder contents properly Places All
1110919 Intermittent test_treeview_date.xul | Date format is correct - got 12/11/2014 12:00 AM, expected 12:00 AM Places All
1111133 Intermittent test_bookmarks_html_corrupt.js | xpcshell return code: 0 | test_corrupt_database - [test_corrupt_database : 150] 4 == 3 Places Windows 8.1
1111182 Firefox search bookmarks library: Cannot find bookmark with %20 in URL Places All
1113071 async transaction commit makes runInBatchMode non-atomic Places All
1113175 Implement clear() in History.jsm Places All
1113178 Replace removeAllPages with history.clear() in tests Places All
1116600 Fix RegExp escaping in PlacesBackups.jsm Places All
1117072 updatePlaces can mistakenly change typed and hidden attributes of a page Places All
1117337 [e10s] Crash in mozilla::ipc::SerializeURI(nsIURI*, mozilla::ipc::URIParams&) Places All
1118413 Mark virtual overridden functions as MOZ_OVERRIDE in places; r=mak Places All
1118749 Intermittent test_searchEngine_host.js | test_searchEngine_autoFill - [test_searchEngine_autoFill : 55] Adeded URI should have expected high frecency - false == true Places All
1119386 Use the loading document's principal to populate loadInfo for Favicons instead of using systemPrincipal Places All
1123372 Remove use of .toLocaleFormat() from Places Places All
1124185 Replace removeAllPages with history.clear() and deprecate it Places All
1125113 Change the keywords schema associating them with uris Places All
1125115 Write a new keywords pseudo-API in PlacesUtils Places All
1125116 Remove keywords support from Bookmarks.jsm Places All
1125117 Use the new keywords API in autocomplete Places All
1125118 remove the cache from the old keywords APIs Places All
1127277 Calling Bookmarks.insert() without a type throws an unhelpful error Places All
1127612 promiseAsyncUpdate in some head_xx.js should be moved into PlacesTestUtils.jsm Places All
1127763 Some database might be missing the favicons guid index Places All
1129677 Import bookmarks from HTML destroys bookmarks Places Windows 7
1129794 xpcshell test in toolkit/places should be independent from firefox Places All
1131491 Remove legacy places transactions code Places All
1135851 Library, Import and Backup, Restore, Choose file... does not recognize .json4lz in Windows XP Places Windows XP
1138151 Scrolling on some specific pages causes Firefox to use HDD constantly and loudly Places All
1138255 places loses selection/scroll position after Go Back, Go Forward Places All
1138274 xpcshell tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/ should be independent from firefox Places All
1140334 Remove __noSuchMethod__ from PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
1140395 Deprecate old keywords API Places All
1140902 places.sqlite-wal extremely large and causes firefox to become unresponsive Places Windows 7
1141547 [meta] Deprecate synchronous Bookmarks API (Milestone 1) Places All
1143712 Remove moz_bookmarks_roots Places All
1144571 First bookmark is the last one (Cut - Paste). Places Windows 7
1145063 Remove the keywords column from the Library Places All
1145424 Removing PlacesCategoriesStarter from the observers category is not enough to stop receiving notifications Places All
1145650 deprecate passing parentId to livemarks API Places All
1145653 addLivemark API should also accept parentGuids Places All
1146299 (bookmark keywords are broken!) v27 migration is using a bookmark description instead of POST data Places All
1146705 Intermittent TestLog.test_in_app_restart_the_browser | application crashed [@ mozilla::storage::AsyncExecuteStatements::execute(nsTArray<mozilla::storage::StatementData>&, mozilla::storage::Connection*, sqlite3*, mozIStorageStat Places Windows 8.1
1147378 Intermittent browser_action_searchengine_alias.js | Test timed out | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - at chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/general/head.js:593 - Error: Timed out while waiting for a 'load'' event Places Linux
1147891 Intermittent test_bookmarks_html.js,test_bookmarks_json.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places macOS
1148459 Use new keywords API in tests Places All
1148461 Use new keywords API in Sync Places All
1148466 Use new keywords API in BookmarkHTMLUtils and BookmarkJSONUtils Places All
1148467 Use new keywords API in promiseBookmarksTree Places All
1149488 PlacesUtils.keywords.fetch should be able to fetch by url Places All
1149548 keyword search from the location bar is now case sensitive - previously wasn't. Places All
1150484 Replace custom function LOG() with do_print Places All
1150678 Autocomplete produces incorrect results for modified bookmark keyword searches Places All
1150851 Use AppConstants.jsm in Toolkit/places and stop pre-processing PlacesUtils.jsm Places All
1154877 Content process shouldn't use the Places Database Places All
1157709 Remove PlacesUtils.asyncGetBookmarkIds Places Unspecified
1157952 Unified AutoComplete Milestone 1 Places Unspecified
1158205 Remove the unuesed hostSupports variable Places All
1158511 Add "most recent expired visit" telemetry Places Unspecified
1158750 Fix the commented out test in browser_bookmarkProperties.js Places Unspecified
1158833 Intermittent test_mozIAsyncLivemarks.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Windows XP
1158887 Intermittent test_async_transactions.js | xpcshell return code: 0 | test_add_and_remove_livemark Places Windows XP
1160450 Places Maintenance telemetry is completely bogus and maintenance never runs Places Unspecified
1162717 Make BookmarkJSONUtils import the "mobile" root Places Unspecified
1163972 PLACES_MAINTENANCE_DAYSFROMLAST histogram changed on the 2nd of May Places Unspecified
1166715 Intermittent browser_views_liveupdate.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - expected PASS Places Windows 7
1167522 add an util to invalidate the guid cache for a given id Places All
1167915 "Add a Keyword for this Search…" does not work where using POST method Places Unspecified
1168811 Enable Unified AutoComplete Places Unspecified
1169753 Remove favicons GUIDs - 2% Win7 Non-Main Normal File IO regression on Fx-Team-Non-PGO on May 29, 2015 from push 5670c0c09c2c Places Unspecified
1169985 Remove browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete pref Places Unspecified
1170042 crash in free_impl | mozilla::places::PageData::~PageData() Places Unspecified
1170719 Intermittent test_818587_compress-bookmarks-backups.js | application crashed [@ nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef()] Places All
1171065 test_async_transitions.js sometimes takes a very long time to run Places Unspecified
1172341 Deleting multiple history entries causes browser to hang, use 100% of a single CPU core and read a lot of data from HDD Places Unspecified
1172342 Sometimes get black favicons on Twitter and Pinterest Places Unspecified
1174811 Firefox downloads huge favicon files Places Unspecified
1175249 nsNavBookmarks.cpp causes multiple 'WARNING: Suboptimal indexes for the SQL statement' on first run Places Unspecified
1175578 Investigate odd stack caused by test failure Places Unspecified
1176204 Crash Bookmarks Menu: Script: chrome://browser/content/places/browserPlacesViews.js:271 Places Unspecified
1176437 Fallback "Search with" first result should not appear when pressing Down in an empty awesomebar (i.e., search string is an empty string) Places Unspecified
1177382 Error is thrown by controller.jsm each time a URL is dragged onto the Bookmarks Toolbar Places All
1177654 Copy & paste (or drag & drop) Bookmarks folder will fail between 2 instances of browser (aka profiles) Places Unspecified
1178041 SyntaxError: redefining arguments is deprecated _tests/xpcshell/toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_signed_migrate.js Places Unspecified
1179076 Changing a bookmark's keyword doesn't remove keyword from database Places All
1180019 My history expires Places Unspecified
1180205 Disable Unified Complete in Firefox 41 Places Unspecified
1180375 Avoid the url prediction query in UnifiedComplete Places Unspecified
1182080 Intermittent browser_views_liveupdate.js | application terminated with exit code -11 Places Unspecified
1182895 bookmark copies share tags Places Windows 7
1185182 [UnifiedComplete] Broken completion after selecting with the keyboard, then editing Places All
1185183 [UnifiedComplete] Broken completion after selecting with the keyboard, then editing Places All
1186714 PlacesBackups.create is extremely janky Places Unspecified
1187644 Keywords get broken when bookmark URL is updated Places Unspecified
1188154 Intermittent browser_action_keyword.js | Test timed out Places Windows 8
1189369 Clean up nsMaybeWeakPtrArray Places Unspecified
1190359 sanitize.js should report errors in plug-in cookie clearing Places Unspecified
1191475 Intermittent browser_star_hsts.js | Test timed out Places Linux
1192692 PlacesUtils.promiseBookmarksTree() may cause id/guid cache to not be updated. Places Unspecified
1194568 Renaming live bookmark while adding it renames the wrong one Places Unspecified
1194945 Changing bookmark location discards the keyword Places Unspecified
1195326 New Bookmark pop-up appears in detailed mode for a second then it switches to default Places All
1197693 nsINavHistoryService - resultType: RESULTS_AS_VISIT does not return downloads Places Unspecified
1198194 Password logged to browsing history, location bar history, etc. Places Unspecified
1199094 Failed to restore bookmarks from {path} ... UNIQUE constraint failed: moz_keywords.keyword Places Unspecified
1199496 The dialog(New Folder / New Bookmark) width is increased each time it pops up Places Windows
1202398 PlacesUtils.keywords.insert creates "UNIQUE constraint failed" sqlite error Places Unspecified
1203446 PlacesUIUtils.showBookmarkDialog issue Places All
1204391 Intermittent browser_bug248970.js | Check the new bookmark items count - Got 16, expected 15 Places Unspecified
1205634 Intermittent browser_library_commands.js | History child is the expected container - Got Yesterday, expected Today Places Unspecified
1206350 "New Bookmark..." will create about:blank instead of the URL entered by the user Places Unspecified
1206764 places.sqlite frequently "corrupted" but restorable Places Unspecified
1209027 Reduce queries load on visits addition Places Unspecified
1211427 Can't change keyword in Bookmarks Library of existing bookmark Places All
1213124 4,000 instances of "WARNING: SQL statement should have been finalized before closing the connection" emitted from storage/mozStorageConnection.cpp during linux64 debug testing Places Unspecified
1213672 Forget button doesn't work anymore Places Windows 10
1215989 Intermittent test_reloadLivemarks.xul | application terminated with exit code -11 Places Unspecified
1219808 keyword associations not properly updated when edits are made to bookmark Location or Keyword fields Places All
1220654 Replace removeVisitsTimeframe with History.removeVisitsByFilter and deprecate it Places Unspecified
1220723 Places should recover from malformed database in a more timely manner Places macOS
1221974 Firefox 42.0 OOM crash on startup Places Windows 7
1222214 Investigate why browser_bug680727.js fails test-verify, and re-enable it Places Unspecified
1223728 Remove the unifiedcomplete pref and the urlinline component Places Unspecified
1225696 Use ICU's formatter instead of resource bundle Places All
1226921 My places.sqlite.corrupt says OK to the PRAGMA integrity_check; yet renaming it to places.sqlite doesn't work Places Unspecified
1228004 Firefox 42 removes keywords from bookmarks with %s and pseudo protocols (like private:) Places Unspecified
1228975 Remove Array generics usage from Places code Places Unspecified
1228976 Remove array comprehensions from Places Places Unspecified
1230185 Updating Firefox causes places.sqlite file to be renamed to places.sqlite.corrupt Places Windows 7
1230792 Not able to use old, deleted, bookmark search keywords Places All
1232769 Changing a bookmark's keyword cannot be reverted Places All
1233369 UnifiedComplete.js calls TelemetryStopwatch.finish() for PLACES_AUTOCOMPLETE_1ST_RESULT_TIME_MS twice Places All
1235946 Intermittent test_browserGlue_migrate.js | Test timed out Places Unspecified
1236324 Annotate intentional switch fallthroughs to suppress -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings in toolkit/components/places/ Places Unspecified
1236554 Enable e10s tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/browser Places Unspecified
1236889 Intermittent test_384370.js | Test timed out Places Unspecified
1239708 Improve the autofill decisions algorithms Places Unspecified
1240013 Crash in nsNavBookmarks::OnVisit by setting long location.hash Places Unspecified
1240227 Intermittent test_clearHistory_shutdown.js | application crashed [@ mozalloc_abort(char const * const)] | after Assertion failure: mPendingEventCount (Mismatched calls to observer methods!), at LazyIdleThread.cpp:550 Places Unspecified
1240756 Cannot edit keyword search / moz_keywords referential integrity Places Unspecified
1243485 Intermittent crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const * const)] | TestSSLStatusAfterRestart.test_ssl_status_after_restart | ###!!! ABORT: file chrome://browser/content/sanitize.js, line 77 Places Unspecified
1243779 Remove uriIsPrefix option from nsINavHistoryQuery Places Unspecified
1244766 Remove FHR left-overs from Places code Places All
1247943 Deleting history is slow Places Windows 10
1249263 Introduce History.jsm::removeByFilter that accepts a filter object for host and timeframe Places Unspecified
1250363 Speedup history removals by simulating a per-statement trigger Places Unspecified
1250888 there is a problem with history and cache Places Unspecified
1251645 deleting history doesn't work Places Windows 10
1252166 unefined is not defined Places macOS
1253407 favicon.ico caching issue Places Unspecified
1254592 [e10s] fix test_history_post.xul to run in content and remove duped test_bug_94514.html Places Unspecified
1254923 Remove RemoveAllPages API Places Unspecified
1255061 [e10s] convert test_bug_411966.html to mochitest-browser Places Unspecified
1255066 [e10s] convert test_bug_461710_perwindowpb.html to mochitest-browser Places Unspecified
1261313 Remove RemoveVisitsByTimeframe API Places Unspecified
1262518 Corrupt places DB causing failure to open bookmarks sidebar etc Places Unspecified
1262639 Lots of "JavaScript error: resource://gre/components/nsLivemarkService.js, line 299: NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE: Invalid arguments" spam in mochitest-bc logs Places Unspecified
1263133 Intermittent browser_visituri_privatebrowsing_perwindowpb.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: - at resource://gre/modules/Sqlite.jsm:826 - Error: Connection is not open. Places Unspecified
1263378 Intermittent browser_bug461710.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://browser/content/browser.xul][url = about:blank] Places Unspecified
1263806 Merge URLBar entry for a remote tab and it's corresponding visit Places Unspecified
1263823 Some http:// livemarks fail to load Places Unspecified
1264904 ENUMERATE_WEAKARRAY should use a copied array Places Unspecified
1265309 NS_ERROR_STORAGE_CONSTRAINT thrown when trying to set keyboard for bookmark Places Unspecified
1265420 SetAndFetchFaviconForPage should return a cancelable object to allow aborting the fetch Places Unspecified
1265832 Firefox has deleted all of my history Places Unspecified
1266469 PRIMARY_KEY typo in PlacesDBUtils Places Unspecified
1267517 Allow for sharing of Places test utils that are currently in head_common.js Places Unspecified
1269071 An e10s crash removes all favicons from loaded tabs Places Unspecified
1269398 Update HistoryService.executeQuery method to return extra fields needed for browser.history API Places Unspecified
1269737 Make AsyncFaviconHelpers more maintainable Places Unspecified
1271201 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_384228.js to Bookmarks.jsm API Places Unspecified
1271280 Places shutdown blockers have wrong names and are not properly reporting state. Places Unspecified
1271325 PLACES_MOST_RECENT_EXPIRED_VISIT_DAYS collects wrong data Places Unspecified
1271801 Change the moz_places.typed column from a boolean to a visit count Places Unspecified
1272025 Add preference to start Places SQLite database without durability Places Unspecified
1272060 Use low I/O, volatile storage for Places when running mochitests Places Unspecified
1272322 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/test_searchSuggestions.js | singleWordQuery - [singleWordQuery : 241] Got as many results as expected - 1 == 3 Places Unspecified
1272679 Clear Recent History, 1 hour, left accessed site in places.sqlite Places Unspecified
1272684 Remove PlacesUtils.promiseUpdatePlace as it has been replaced with PlacesUtils.history.insert Places Unspecified
1272686 Change PlacesTestUtils.addVisits to use PlacesUtils.history.insertMany internally Places Unspecified
1272926 Intermittent test_telemetry.js | test_execute - [test_execute : 20] false == true Places Unspecified
1273023 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_385829.js to Bookmarks.jsm API Places Unspecified
1273213 Adding second tag to bookmark crashes Firefox Places All
1273751 50+ GB of read I/O in places.sqlite shortly after starting Nightly Places Unspecified
1275145 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_388695.js to Bookmarks.jsm API Places Unspecified
1275811 Crash in free_impl | nsACString_internal::Replace | mozilla::places::AsyncFetchAndSetIconForPage Places Windows
1275878 Replace places-will-close-connection notification with a shutdown blocker Places Unspecified
1276032 Intermittent browser_bug461710.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output Places Unspecified
1276128 Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_393498.js to Bookmarks.jsm API Places Unspecified
1276636 Crash in mozilla::places::AsyncFetchAndSetIconForPage::start Places Windows 7
1276676 Remove _serializeNodeAsJSONToOutputStream Places Unspecified
1277235 add typed and visitCount to onVisit Places Unspecified
1277405 Places observers cause a shutdown leak when there are reference cycles Places Unspecified
1279650 Error: When cancelling a request for chrome://branding/content/icon32.png because the chrome window went away Places Unspecified
1280601 Add lastKnownTitle to onVisit Places Unspecified
1281005 Move the nsPlacesAutocomplete component to Suite (mozilla-central part) Places All
1282672 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/chrome/test_treeview_date.xul | application crashed [@ nsZipArchive::~nsZipArchive] Places Unspecified
1283825 Add a page-icon protocol to fetch the best icon for a url Places Unspecified
1284083 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/expiration/test_pref_maxpages.js | test_pref_maxpages - [test_pref_maxpages : 115] 0 == 1 Places Unspecified
1284121 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/expiration/test_pref_maxpages.js | test_pref_maxpages - [test_pref_maxpages : 115] 0 == 1 Places Unspecified
1284519 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_1129529.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Unspecified
1284927 moz-anno:favicon:(chrome|file|resource|about) should pass-through rather than failing Places Unspecified
1286525 Handle failure when creating URI and enable test Places Unspecified
1287277 Awesomebar autocomplete perf optimizations Places Unspecified
1290683 Changes on Keyword search or existence of it's originating bookmark do nothing Places Unspecified
1292177 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_favicon_setAndFetchFaviconForPage_failures.js | Test timed out - Places Unspecified
1292224 Remove duplicate mRefCnt member from nsNavHistoryFolderResultNode Places Unspecified
1292301 reduce reference counting in Places Places All
1292426 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_visituri_privatebrowsing_perwindowpb.js | This test contains no passes, no fails and no todos. Maybe it threw a silent exception? Make sure you use waitForExplicitFinish() if you need it. - Places Unspecified
1292799 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_library_batch_delete.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Places Unspecified
1293365 `PlacesUtils.bookmarks.reorder` can introduce holes when reordering Places Unspecified
1293445 Remove the `RESULTS_AS_TAG_CONTENTS` query type Places Unspecified
1293458 Extend `Bookmarks.fetch` to allow a `parentGuid` without an `index` Places Unspecified
1294290 Enforce that all places items must have non-null GUIDs Places Unspecified
1294291 Enforce that all places items must have non-null GUIDs Places Unspecified
1296096 Wrong favicon shown in awesomebar result Places macOS
1296401 Implement native changes to support simple chrome.bookmarks events Places Unspecified
1296429 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_views_liveupdate.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Places Unspecified
1296958 Visited link coloring is visibly slow after refresh or after going back to page Places Unspecified
1297941 removeFoldersContents may leave an invalid GuidHelper cache Places Unspecified
1298292 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_visituri_nohistory.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Places Unspecified
1300020 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_async_transactions.js | test_remove_bookmarks_for_urls - [test_remove_bookmarks_for_urls : 325] {"guid":"p3apwe-kdoqn","title":"test title a","index":10,"dateAdded":1472778147382000,"lastModified":... Places Unspecified
1300568 Remove unused unifiedcomplete.manifest Places Unspecified
1301235 Bookmark UI operations may hang the browser when there are cycles in folder shortcuts Places Unspecified
1301917 Firefox hangs briefly when bookmarks are edited Places Linux
1301975 delay when search in urlbar by keyword since 20160509 nightly Places Unspecified
1302201 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_475045.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Places Unspecified
1302770 Old bookmark becoming invalid, when I add a new one with a conflicting keyword Places Unspecified
1302901 Create a mobile bookmarks root Places Unspecified
1302960 Remove dead code from `PlacesSyncUtils.bookmarks.order` Places Unspecified
1303219 When Firefox has been running for an extended period of time, the "Show All Downloads" and "Show All History" buttons open a blank, nonfunctional window. Places Windows 8.1
1303405 `RemoveFolderTransaction::UndoTransaction` passes an empty GUID to `onItemAdded` Places Unspecified
1303557 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | browser/components/places/tests/unit/test_clearHistory_shutdown.js | Test timed out Places Unspecified
1303825 Track whether bookmarks are syncable in Places Places Unspecified
1303893 Library: Sorting: Script: chrome://browser/content/places/tree.xml:315 Places Unspecified
1304862 Use mozilla::Base64URLEncode for Places GUIDs Places Unspecified
1306276 Deprecate History RemovePage and RemovePages Places Unspecified
1306445 Remove the mobile bookmarks anno from the mobile root Places Unspecified
1306511 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_410196_paste_into_tags.js | Uncaught exception - at resource://gre/modules/History.jsm:504 - TypeError: date: Thu Sep 29 2016 04:34:51 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) cannot be a future date Places Unspecified
1306547 browser_autocomplete_autoselect.js,browser_library_infoBox.js,browser_autocomplete_tag_star_visibility.js,browser_thumbnails_privacy.js | Uncaught exception - at History.jsm:504 - TypeError: date: ... cannot be a future date Places Unspecified
1307199 Favicon of a redirecting bookmark not set when history is disabled Places Linux
1309930 [meta] Make all bookmarks syncable Places Unspecified
1310295 Make left pane queries virtual Places Unspecified
1310299 Remove and prevent creation of custom Places roots Places Unspecified
1311049 Rename unifiedcomplete tests to follow the same naming convention Places Unspecified
1311880 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_favicon_setAndFetchFaviconForPage.js | Test timed out - Places Unspecified
1313188 Multiple bookmark keywords for same (uri, postData) pair possible Places Unspecified
1314013 Allow the bookmarking ui to add a new keyword when the provided postData differs from the existing one Places Unspecified
1314084 Implement `nsIAnnotationService::getObservers` Places Unspecified
1315008 Add title to the onItemChanged notification in nsINavBookmarkObserver Places Unspecified
1315009 Add title to the onItemRemoved notification in nsINavBookmarkObserver Places Unspecified
1315342 Bookmarks fail when drive goes offline and then returns Places Unspecified
1316287 Remove test_history_redirect.js as it doesn't test anything. Places Unspecified
1316348 Update eraseEverything in Bookmarks.jsm to notify at least the top-level folders Places Unspecified
1316792 gtestify toolkit/components/places/tests/cpp/test_IHistory.cpp Places Unspecified
1317072 Intermittent browser_bookmark_popup.js | application crashed [@ nsNavBookmarks::OnDeleteURI(nsIURI *,nsACString_internal const &,unsigned short)] due to Assertion failure: history [...], at nsNavBookmarks.cpp:2764 Places Unspecified
1317931 Bookmarks create/update/delete too slow Places Unspecified
1318650 Link hover is very laggy with a huge places.sqlite and the Link Status Redux add-on. Places Unspecified
1319594 Many users report unable to restore bookmarks from backups Places Unspecified
1319727 Large places.sqlite causes huge delay when visiting unknown page from urlbar Places Windows 10
1321533 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_telemetry.js | test_execute - [test_execute : 20] false == true Places Unspecified
1326309 Crash in AsyncShutdownTimeout | places-will-close-connection | PlacesUtils read-only connection closing as part of Places shutdown Places Windows 10
1329063 Don't Expire Download History So Quickly Places Unspecified
1329926 Remove getURIForKeyword API Places Unspecified
1329930 Remove get/setKeywordForBookmark APIs Places Unspecified
1330521 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/history/test_remove.js | application crashed [unknown top frame] Places Unspecified
1331545 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_async_transactions.js | test_copy - [test_copy : 316] {"guid":"yXGeA0jz2g3Z","title":"Test Folder","index":11,"dateAdded":1484626049055000,"lastModified":1484626051082000,"parentGuid === null Places Unspecified
1332627 ABORT: file resource://gre/modules/PlacesUtils.jsm line 1910 for OSX network accounts Places macOS
1333304 PlacesUtils.bookmarks.reorder fails when reordering an empty folder when a non-empty list of children is passed. Places Unspecified
1333309 Calling PlacesUtils.bookmarks.eraseEverything() causes JS warnings Places Unspecified
1333322 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_paste_into_tags.js | Test timed out - Places Unspecified
1336233 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_multi_redirect_frecency.js | Frecency of the page is the expected one (http://mochi.test:8888/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/redirect_thrice.sjs) - Got 73, expected 75 Places Unspecified
1336694 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_async_transactions.js | Test timed out Places Unspecified
1337397 Add mask-icon and average color support to favicons Places Unspecified
1337402 Extract single frames from ico files Places Unspecified
1337404 Build ico files on-the-fly Places Unspecified
1337409 Add more favicons telemetry Places Unspecified
1337480 test_417228-other-roots.js - excludedItemsFromRestore / excludedItems are undefined Places Unspecified
1337858 Replace CopyFavicon in Docshell with a proper API Places Unspecified
1338116 Places favicon (bookmarks, history) incorrectly uses larger icon size Places Unspecified
1338121 Remove old tests for bookmarks caching, as it was removed when the async bookmarking API was created Places Unspecified
1338280 Make Places restartable in tests Places Unspecified
1339390 Investigate Bookmarks::Reorder behavior with several thousands bookmarks Places Unspecified
1340487 Use an FTS in Places Places Unspecified
1340498 Redesign the Places observers system Places Unspecified
1340540 Intermittent places/main.testSearchURLForBookmarks | Test timed out (after: START) Places Unspecified
1341350 Visiting an insecure (http://) site that permanently redirects to secure (https://) should only offer the secure version in the visit autofill action Places Unspecified
1342753 unwanted localization on Library and Sidebar(en-US Nightly on Japanese edition of Windows10) Places All
1342946 MOZ_ASSERT(true) in toolkit/components/places/Database.cpp Places All
1343182 Add support for updatePlaces' ignoreErrors, ignoreResults, and aGroupNotifications to insertMany API surface Places Unspecified
1343863 precompile_cache.js leaks the places shutdown blockers Places Unspecified
1344282 Add an insertTree API to Bookmarks.jsm to allow batch-inserting a set of bookmarks Places Unspecified
1346139 Move icons optimization off the main thread Places Unspecified
1346554 Use PRAGMA incremental_vacuum on favicons.sqlite Places Unspecified
1346979 Optimize Bookmarks.jsm's updateFrecency method to be more efficient when passed many URLs Places Unspecified
1347230 Investigate ensuring we return correct indices from insertTree (and other APIs?) if we hit races when inserting items Places Unspecified
1347248 Bookmarks.jsm's insert() shouldn't use "nonexistent" as a 'url' for inserts Places Unspecified
1347281 Investigate using a TEMP TABLE to make guid to id lookups quicker Places Unspecified
1347427 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_bug248970.js | Check the total items count - Got 17, expected 16 Places Unspecified
1347452 Change insertBookmark to use history.makeGuid Places Unspecified
1348330 PlacesUtils.history.remove should implement chunking to avoid SQL stack size issues Places Unspecified
1348910 Visiting a site via an insecure address, then visiting via secure doesn't update the autofill offer Places Unspecified
1350377 Implement History.fetch Places Unspecified
1352012 Use a separate read-only connection for favicon protocols Places Unspecified
1352461 Consider converting Places backend to use IndexedDB Places Unspecified
1352502 Add Activity Stream related fields to places Places Unspecified
1353328 Keep a memory cache of the last N stored favicons Places Unspecified
1353538 hg "abort: case-folding collision between toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcom plete/test_autofill_default_behavior.js and toolkit/components/places/tests/unif iedcomplete/test_autoFill_default_behavior.js" Places Unspecified
1353783 updatePlaces handleCompletion doesn't return embed visits in its updatedCount argument Places Unspecified
1354032 Remove ANALYZE calls and use pragma OPTIMIZE(0x02) instead Places Unspecified
1354248 Allow privileged about content process use page-icon protocol Places Unspecified
1354531 Remove PlacesUtils.asyncHistory Places Unspecified
1355008 Use SimpleChannel for the page-icon protocol Places Unspecified
1355414 places.sqlite migration fails if an application has never used the bookmarks service Places Unspecified
1356079 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/favicons/test_root_icons.js | test_removePagesByTimeframe - [test_removePagesByTimeframe : 75] There should only be 1 icon entry - 2 == 1 Places Unspecified
1356159 Stop storing a separate title field for all the bookmarks Places Unspecified
1356220 Set journal_size_limit on favicons.sqlite Places Unspecified
1356361 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_bug248970.js | Test timed out - Places Unspecified
1356435 Styling bookmark item is no longer available Places Unspecified
1356440 Favicons in bookmarks views are not updated on visit Places Unspecified
1356525 [meta] Broken favicons storage for many favicons which are: missing, no proper, no updating etc. after landing patches from bug #977177 Places Windows 7
1356531 Remove moz_places_faviconindex Places Unspecified
1356567 root icons should still create a page association if the domain differs Places Unspecified
1356597 Bookmarks and History are completely lost after downgrade version from 55.0a1 to 53, and completely nonfunctional Places Windows 10
1356812 Crash in mozilla::places::Database::ForceCrashAndReplaceDatabase Places Windows 10
1356845 migrated favicons will be lost Places Unspecified
1356859 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/test_search_suggestions.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Unspecified
1357366 Avoid a possible crash loop in Places Database corruption handling Places Unspecified
1357555 A migrated favicon has expiration = 0, unexpected by the previous code Places Unspecified
1357664 Don't expire all relations for expired icons when updating icons for a specific page Places Unspecified
1358368 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/favicons/test_root_icons.js | test_removePagesByTimeframe - [test_removePagesByTimeframe : 84] There should be no icon entry - 1 == 0 Places Unspecified
1359164 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_telemetry.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Unspecified
1359167 Intermittent test_429505_remove_shortcuts.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Unspecified
1359168 Intermittent test_424958-json-quoted-folders.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Unspecified
1359173 Intermittent test_992901-backup-unsorted-hierarchy.js | xpcshell return code: 0 Places Unspecified
1359278 Typo in UnifiedComplete causes browser.urlbar.restrict.searches not to be used Places Unspecified
1359456 Favicons are not shown for urls with a ref Places Windows 7
1359466 HTTP/HTTPS favicons are not saved in bookmarks on HTTPS/HTTP website pages Places Windows 7
1359487 The root domain icon is preferred if it has an higher resolution than the local page favicon Places Windows 7
1359698 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_bug399606.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Places Unspecified
1359887 Potential deadlock when forcing a wal checkpoint on Places startup Places Unspecified
1360158 Bookmarked favicons blinking on next bookmarks visit after landing patches from bug #977177 Places Windows 7
1360477 Enlarge favicons size limit and rescale bigger icons instead of discarding them. Places Unspecified
1360872 Return empty strings for `null` bookmark titles Places Unspecified
1360891 Replace the Places default favicon with an SVG Places Unspecified
1360972 Bookmark favicon won't be updated when favicon is altered Places Unspecified
1361291 the UI doesn't know anymore when to use the inverted defaultFavicon Places Unspecified
1361322 Don't try to open the favicons database on startup for existing profiles Places Unspecified
1361431 Telemetry causes Places to do periodic main thread IO Places Unspecified
1361839 Intermittent browser_favicon_setAndFetchFaviconForPage.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. Places Unspecified
1362346 HTTP favicons are saved in bookmarks on HTTPS website pages Places Windows 7
1362628 Bookmark favicon is broken Places Windows 10
1363443 Use Cu.isModuleLoaded to see if the module is loaded in PlacesCategoriesStarter.js Places Unspecified
1363620 Favicons in history panel, location bar suggestions may appear blurred Places Unspecified
1363621 Favicon in the first location bar suggestion flickers when typing url Places Unspecified
1363622 Active location bar suggestion uses wrong default favicon Places Unspecified
1364337 Remove a deprecated RemovePages call from WindowsJumpLists.jsm Places Unspecified
1364488 2.02 - 10.63% sessionrestore / sessionrestore_no_auto_restore / tabpaint / tart / tpaint / tps / ts_paint (linux64, osx-10-10, windows7-32, windows8-64) regression on push 4ee414a52ab12c40f008da99d21a93d3cf3852f6 (Thu May 11 2017) Places Unspecified
1364685 History and cookies are radomly deleted Places Unspecified
1365139 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | toolkit/components/places/tests/history/test_removeMany.js | Test timed out Places Unspecified
1365913 History.fetch should return referrer URI in VisitInfo objects while returning visits Places Unspecified
1366186 File descriptor leak for places.sqlite Places Unspecified
1366231 implement History.hasVisits as a wrapper of asyncHistory.isURIVisited Places Unspecified
1366829 Fix various "undefined property" errors raised in places tests Places Unspecified
1368451 "Nightly Tester Tools" favicon is missing Places All
1368677 Not all bookmark favicons are displayed after importing bookmarks from HTML Places All
1368683 Favicons are not displayed in bookmarks and history after sync Places All
1368754 Change nsINavHistoryResultObserver::NodeHistoryDetailsChanged/NodeURIChanged to be called with the old time/access count/uri rather than the new ones Places Unspecified
1368999 remove or fix WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) failed with result 0x80004005: toolkit/components/places/nsFaviconService.cpp, line 776 Places Unspecified
1369940 nsNavBookmarks::GetBookmarkIdsForURITArray() uses synchronous sqlite Places Unspecified
1370881 Replace calls to asyncHistory.isURIVisited and promiseIsURIVisited with PlacesUtils.history.hasVisits Places Unspecified
1371607 Inconsistency on Some of the favicons of the Firefox Nightly Resources Places Unspecified
1371611 UnifiedComplete::LoadPrefs is slow Places Unspecified
1371677 Delay the database connection in the history service as far as possible Places Unspecified
1371679 Use skipDescendantsOnItemRemoval in nsNavHistoryResult Places Unspecified
1371696 Missing favicons in the Synced Tabs area after sync Places Linux
1371702 Some search results are displayed without favicon in history sidebar Places All
1371710 Places should not be initialized before first paint Places Unspecified
1371713 History does not update with reload(F5) after Forget About This Site Places Windows 10
1372413 History::RegisterVisitedCallback/UnregisterVisitedCallback does unnecessary hashtable lookups Places All
1372496 PlacesUtils.bookmarks.eraseEverything is very slow Places Unspecified
1372936 onManyFrecenciesChanged doesn't get notified for the new Bookmarks eraseEverything and remove APIs Places Unspecified
1373387 Places should not be initialized by the SanityTest window Places Unspecified
1373599 Add firefox-appdir to places' xpcshell.ini files to make it easier to debug quickly Places Unspecified
1373610 Make BookmarkJSONUtils.importFromJSON more robust for invalid/unknown bookmark entries Places Unspecified
1374705 Clean up some unused variables and some unnecessary run_test functions in toolkit/components/places/tests Places Unspecified
1374776 Convert toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_395101.js to use the new Bookmarks async API Places Unspecified
1375874 Make insert/insertMany work with 'description' and 'previewImageURL' in PageInfo Places Unspecified
1375896 Export Database::MaxUrlLength() to the JS modules Places Unspecified
1376149 poor performance when deleting an item from history due to favicons removals Places Unspecified
1376232 When updating date added the async Bookmarks.update API should also change the last modified date Places Unspecified
1376234 Convert some xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit to async Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1376471 nsNavHistory does unnecessary hashtable lookups Places All
1376531 When enabling places transactions, cannot update bookmarks names, and pasting fails Places Unspecified
1376533 Use idleDispatch for Places expiration Places Unspecified
1376535 use idleDispatch for frecency decay Places Unspecified
1376676 Intermittent LeakSanitizer | leak at sqlite3MemMalloc, sqlite3Malloc, sqlite3MallocZero, pcache1Create Places Unspecified
1376802 Preferences for configuring the maximum days of history to keep Places Unspecified
1376870 In 56 Nightly Awesome bar history are not populating Places Unspecified
1377181 PlacesUtils.getFolderContents should throw if a non-id is passed Places Unspecified
1377598 browser_page_action_menu.js fails with async places transactions turned on Places Unspecified
1377599 browser_bookmark_popup.js fails with async places transactions turned on Places Unspecified
1377600 browser_bug581253.js fails with async places transactions turned on Places Unspecified
1377864 Stop using Promise.jsm in Places head_common.js Places Unspecified
1378132 browser_bookmarkProperties_addKeywordForThisSearch.js fails with async places transactions turned on Places Unspecified
1378362 Favicon handling - problems with erroneous icon in bookmarks, embedded base64 handling and tab labelling (Nightly) Places Unspecified
1378711 Bookmarks Properties / Places Transactions are susceptible to failing to undo correctly Places Unspecified
1379412 Bookmark created with blank/no name still has bookmark name in some cases and on browser restart after landing patch from bug #1360872 Places Windows 7
1379630 Convert some more xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit to async Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1379798 Ensure `insertTree` notifies observers with the correct parent ID Places Unspecified
1380302 Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings in Places Places Unspecified
1380570 browser_bookmark_titles.js fails with async Places Transactions turned on Places Unspecified
1380599 Intermittent browser_bookmark_popup.js | Test timed out - | Found a tab after previous test timed out: about:home (browser_bookmark_popup.js can fail occasionally in ctrl_d_edit_bookmark_remove_bookmark) Places Unspecified
1380718 Include the operation name in bookmark validation errors Places Unspecified
1380740 Bookmark created with blank/no name still has bookmark name in some cases after landing patch from bug #1360872 Places Windows 7
1380853 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_visituri_privatebrowsing_perwindowpb.js | application crashed [@ strncpy + 0x38] Places Unspecified
1380948 Resolve possible issues in bookmark properties dialogs with potential for undoing an action whilst part way through a transaction Places Unspecified
1381027 test_bug631374_tags_selector_scroll.xul is failing for async PlacesTransactions Places Unspecified
1381049 Fix cases of async function definitions without await in Places code Places Unspecified
1382444 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_visited_notfound.js | Uncaught exception - at resource://testing-common/PlacesTestUtils.jsm:222 - TypeError: rows[0] is undefined Places Unspecified
1383027 Remove a test use of PlacesUtils.getBookmarksForURI Places Unspecified
1383639 Add missing tests to manifests and check they pass Places Unspecified
1385883 Cannot delete history with IDN Places Unspecified
1385989 Consider not rejecting if `History.insertMany` doesn't add any new items Places Unspecified
1386513 Copy & paste Bookmark will fail between 2 instance of browser Places Windows
1386540 Remove deprecated and unused methods from PlacesUtils Places Unspecified
1387780 Awesomebar autocomplete perf optimizations, take 2 Places Unspecified
1387782 places.sqlite work following Firefox Sync "Receive from Device" activity cause 100% CPU usage and crash Places Linux
1388097 Consider allowing insertTree to affect indexes Places Unspecified
1388149 PlacesUtils.history.insertMany ignores provided GUIDs Places Unspecified
1388250 Remove old sync isBookmarked and getBookmarkedURIFor APIs from nsINavBookmarksService Places Unspecified
1388331 Use more precise criteria for stopping auto-complete searches Places Unspecified
1388463 Consider adding a `lastModified` column for keywords and tags Places Unspecified
1388584 Places breaks if there is a single-quote character in the profile path, resulting in Firefox freezing, not responding, and bookmarks being inaccessible Places Windows
1388940 Places Database > Task: checkIntegrity - Unable to check database integrity Places Unspecified
1389716 `Bookmarks.reorder` shouldn't call `withConnectionWrapper` from within a transaction Places Unspecified
1391236 Unable to restrict saving entered keystrokes in the places.sqlite file's moz_inputhistory table (privacy issue) Places Unspecified
1392263 Regression in PLACES_AUTOCOMPLETE_1ST_RESULTS_TIME_MS on July 15th Places Unspecified
1392271 dateAdded/lastModified requirements when using PlacesUtils.bookmarks.insert are confusing Places Unspecified
1393483 Correctly pass cancel token to _onResultRow Places Unspecified
1393486 Avoid joining with moz_openpages_temp when we don't need to Places Unspecified
1393904 Ensure `insertTree` removes Sync tombstones for restored bookmarks Places Unspecified
1394571 Firefox 52.3.0esr Crash Report [@ AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-change-teardown | Places Clients shutdown ] Places Windows
1394737 Cannot clear downloads Places Unspecified
1394801 No onItemAnnotationRemoved updates with async PlacesTransactions Places Unspecified
1394845 places.sqlite gets corrupt in Firefox v55 Places Unspecified
1395082 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_visited_notfound.js | Uncaught exception - at resource://testing-common/PlacesTestUtils.jsm:222 - TypeError: rows[0] is undefined Places Unspecified
1395333 WARNING: NS_ENSURE_TRUE(addition) failed: file toolkit/components/places/nsNavHistoryResult.cpp Places All
1395542 Crash in AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-before-change | Places Connection shutdown Places Windows 7
1395994 Various tests leak windows when run by themselves due to async PlacesTransactions being passed arrays Places Unspecified
1396193 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_419731.js | application crashed [unknown top frame] Places Unspecified
1396513 Intermittent toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_bug399606.js | onVisit has been received right number of times for - Got 0, expected 1 Places Unspecified
1396888 Move bookmarks only moves the first bookmark with Async Places Transactions turned on Places Unspecified
1397227 Bookmarks don't delete in Nightly 57.0a1 (2017-09-05) Places Unspecified
1397267 Unresponsive script while deleting pages from history Places Unspecified
1397495 Mark Selected Links As Visited 0.3 can hang the browser Places All
1397789 Tune data expiration policy for Places as Firefox starts collecting page metadata Places Unspecified
1398135 [Bookmark Sidebar] The bookmark is not grayed out when you try to cut it the second time Places All
1398536 Error restoring from bookmark backup (JSON import, livemark failures) Places Unspecified
1399185 Add a test for dragging around multiple bookmarks Places Unspecified
1399879 Remove from history when right-clicking a download in the download button list is slow to act Places Unspecified
1401214 Investigate code early initializing the Places Connection on startup Places Unspecified
1401715 Transparent portion of favicons displayed as white Places Unspecified
1401777 Favicons looking bad in Nightly 57 Places Unspecified
1401851 Yahoo favicon / rich-icon is black Places Unspecified
1402103 Crash in AsyncShutdownTimeout | Places Connection shutdown | PlacesUtils read-only connection closing as part of Places shutdown Places All
1402286 chunk notifyResults calls so that we don't run all the autocomplete js for each match Places Unspecified
1402885 Intermittent toolkit/forgetaboutsite/test/unit/test_removeDataFromDomain.js | test_history_cleared_with_subdomain - [test_history_cleared_with_subdomain : 255] false == true Places Unspecified
1402890 Stop supporting and remove the description annotation Places All
1403372 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_views_liveupdate.js | Found new Places node in sidebar - Didn't expect null, but got it Places Unspecified
1403486 Convert some xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks to Bookmarks.jsm API Places All
1403487 Figure out what to do with toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks/test_bookmarks.js wrt async Bookmarks.jsm API Places Unspecified
1403494 Remove runInBatchMode from the tagging service Places Unspecified
1403502 Move a few Places xpcshell-tests from unit into unifiedcomplete Places Unspecified
1403829 YouTube icon doesn't look good in Firefox Places Unspecified
1404203 Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_controller_onDrop.js | uncaught exception - TypeError: aUrlString is null at PUIU_guessUrlSchemeForUI@resource:///modules/PlacesUIUtils.jsm:1123:5 Places Unspecified
1404267 make Places Async Transactions ride the train to beta 58. Places Unspecified
1404631 Firefox 56: "Unable to process the backup file" without any details on what's wrong Places Linux
1405115 Intermittent GECKO(3298) | FATAL ERROR: AsyncShutdown timeout in profile-before-change Conditions: [{"name":"Places Connection shutdown","state":{"progress":{}},"filename":"/builds/worker/workspace/build/src/toolkit/components/places/Database.cpp" Places Unspecified
1405317 Restoring bookmarks from json files ignores lastModified for bookmarks with an annotation Places Unspecified
1405625 Verify if Places nsIURI constraints are satisfied Places Unspecified
1406860 Intermittent browser/base/content/test/urlbar/browser_autocomplete_tag_star_visibility.js | Result should have expected type - Got (tag|favicon), expected bookmark Places Unspecified