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QA Community Team Meeting

  • February 8, 2012
  • Attendees: marcia, geo, nhirata, jsmith, retornam, kbrosnan, jbonacci, rbillings, dboswell, davidg

Upcoming Testdays


  • Let's talk about where we are making progress

Reference documents

Project Status

Community Building/Events (ideas and progress) [marcia/ashughes]

QA Videos [marcia]

QMO [retornam]

  • Resource issues?
  • Status of trying to replace front page video due to hardcoding
  • Documentation status?
    • (ashughes) Rev2 testday docs are posted: docs
      • hopefully these address some of the previous concerns

Roundtable/Discussion Items

Meeting Notes/Action Items

Action items/Notes from (20120208) meeting

  • Onboarding New People - No formal way of tracking people right now.
    • Ft. Lewis - more to finish a school project and less long term?
    • MozCamp update: There will be 4 total for the year.
  • QMO
  • Documentation
  • Should we be Grouping into smaller number of fronts - or wait until things solidify
    • Train ourselves to work together [geo]
    • Are we Skilled at collaborating?
  • QMO - Works well as a blog -
    • Should we create a Blog instance that is not QMO?
    • We should develop a List of requirements - what do we need an organization
    • What does QMO need to accomplish?
    • Transition plan - Is QMO effective in attracting people to the site?
  • Tasks
    • Suggest creating Wiki task list - page on QMO that points to that
    • Coding team is using this:
    • Could we pin this as a blog post?
  • Events
    • Get a Picture at the beginning of the year what is going on
    • Come up with a strategy for better planning of events
      • We now have and Events coordinator for Engagement team
      • Should we try more MozSpaces Testing Style Events
      • More Mixer Style events - GTAC
  • Work more closely with Academia
    • Things flying under the radar for QA
    • Work with vocational schools such as Portnov School
    • Work with Local colleges - San Jose State
    • Contact Professors that teach testing courses (Jason knows the one at RIT)

  • Action Items
    • Have Ambassadors attend the meeting from each team?
      • Apps - Jason
      • Automation Services - Geo
      • Kevin - Mobile
      • Services - James
      • Desktop - Juan
      • WebQA - ?
    • Documentation
      • Each team should be working on this independently
    • Improve the nightly first run page [marcia/david boswell/juan]
      • repository - SVN - new backend called Bedrock
      • Using mentor=email address
  • Items to Revisit
    • Reflecting on the ateam's experience with community involvement - can we reuse some of their approaches?
    • General tracking for community action items - wiki, explicit tracker?
    • Cameron to give an update about the task tracker

Action items/Notes from (20120125) meeting


Social Networking

  • Professional Network on linkedin - [owner-naoki?]
    • Doing something social makes sense - create content for the group
    • bonjour mozilla is a good example
    • Use QR code and advertise consistently
    • Create some new badges that are QA specific


    • Front Page featured Community Member of the month
      • AI: Rebecca will start gathering info for SUMO contributors so we are ready
      • AI: Design help needed to see how we can get it on QMO front page
    • Feature Projects where you can get involved
    • Cameron's Homework Idea
    • Picture - 3x5 card - when you are done contact - bulletin board style set of tasks. We would need to develop an app for this
      • AI: Cameron to follow up with Aakash regarding the web app he created
      • Need to follow up on the first contact
    • Craigs List Style of Tasks
    • Some cards could be single person or some could be multi person
    • Provide a way for them to get to the water
    • Change front page to better describe the teams
    • Documentation
      • Needs to live someplace where it is maintained
      • MDN audience more technical?
      • Cliff notes - point to MDN for authoritative source
      • AI: Ask Raymond to look at the documents in QMO
        • SAE for Browser ID you should be cleaning up those docs
        • Gathering people together of what to do with QMO - too many clicks
    • Site Map? Do we need one
    • Should we do something like Get to know a WebDev?


  • Link tasks to bugzilla open items
  • What it status of QA contact field bug? Could help greatly ownership
    • Still working on it


  • Mentorship and Interns
  • QA New Hire document


    • Tech talks

Auto Response to QA contribute

  • Anonymize the email addresses - maybe we could involve the community in responding to those messages
  • Helping mozilla with community outreach

MozCamp Malaysia Notes from tchung(20111130) meeting

  • (tchung) at mozcampasia, i learned that people's backgrounds were mostly localizers and contributer engagement folks, and web developers. Many of them were not really technical, but they have the heart and excitement of outreach.
    • 5 countries expressed interested in a testday, and learn more about products.
    • indonesia in particular, will be participating 3 folks in this week's OWA testday
    • future idea: localized communities understand what testdays are, and we provide a list of projects they can take on. then they can run a localized testday in their region, in their own time zone, while fulfilling tasks that mozQA initially provides through docs and posts.
    • target the community localizer contacts first. (eg. Viking from Indonesia, Bob from Taiwan)
    • mozQA makes an effort to join their localized testday when that happens. A place to start, helping nurture and mentor initially.

Action items/Notes from (20111130) meeting

  • Suggest a Blog Post on QMO that defines BHAGs -
    • Start categorizing these and standardizing the areas.
    • "be careful who you tell your dreams to"
  • "vagueness of the definition. The specificity of the BHAG may be to a certain extent something that changes over time.
    • transparency - even folks that are close to the QA org have no clues as to what QA does. Huge deficit that need a BHAG to improve.
  • What is the mission: How are we falling short of it?
    • Identifying room for improvement
    • Establishing where we are and where we want to be
  • Continuous participation allows community to join all disciplines of QA **(Threads of this - Cameron's homework,
    • Portal -> Online portal community members to participate in test activities. Online portal is the meta goal.
      • Uniformity makes it easy
      • Could Case Conductor be the vehicle?
      • Increased demand for test days at end of year. Make contributing and testing more open to people outside of test days.
      • Crowdsource testing and focus during the week and it culminates on Friday in a more traditional test day.
      • Survey Monkey account could be used for feedback
      • Questions for the Developer - A webcast to start the week
  • Enticing - what is enticing for people to get involved in QA?
    • What do you want to learn today - BDD Is one of those areas.
  • Part of the template idea - functional areas of involvement - Andre Klapper and Tanner would be a program to involve community in the triage process.

Next steps:

  • Quarterly tactical goals need to push BHAGs.
  • Marcia to suggest templates that can be used for each the large areas for each team

Action items/Notes from (20111102) meeting

  • Q4 very busy - how does QA participate in community building and still do our job?
  • Test Days have not been well planned. Need to have them planned in advance.
    • Test Native Fennec for next Testday
    • Test Firefox Beta for this week's test day - juanb to set up
    • Get license for Mibbit and try it on QMO. - al. This might help ease barrier to entry for IRC
  • QA Vision
    • marcia suggests focusing on new contributors by trying event such as "Contribute to Mozilla" model.
    • Leverage off of Mozilla Summit events
    • Look at other events such as
    • We need support of event planners to help us to plan events
  • Action Items
    • Matt and Marcia - Develop a QA vision for 2012
    • QA staff: discuss how we balance our work and community building - matt to send out email.
    • juanb - Get Firefox beta test day set up for this Friday
    • tchung - Get Mobile test day posted on QMO soon

Action items/Notes from (20111019) meeting

  • QA SIG - are we comfortable in current state?
    • mevans suggests having this as a theme for the upcoming QA newsletter. We can announce it there and then refine over time.
    • Also discuss this with Vlad and Iona
  • Status of Team Slides
    • Goal have it for the Mozilla Festival
    • Include clearest path to contribution in the slides
  • How do want to present Mobile to the outside world?
    • Not easy to find on QMO - needs to be exposed more
    • Next steps: Team discussion how do we want to present
  • Engagement Kit - Goal for Q4
    • Should be structured as a simple task for a particular audience?
    • More experienced users?
    • Badging and how that relates to the tasks
    • Add feedback to etherpad that juan set up
  • Tracking new contributors into the project
    • Encourage new users to Sign up for QMO and add mozillians PB entry.
    • Have a sign in sheet available at the various events
  • QMO:
    • XML RPC we did not have, it has been fixed
    • Basically bringing all the plugins up to date

Action items:

  • Include SIG as a theme for newsletter [marcia]
  • Have team slides available in time for Mozilla Festival on November 4 [team leads]
  • Provide links for QA flyer to be used for Mozilla festival [team leads]
  • Set up a team discussion about how we want to present Mobile [ashughes?]
  • Talk to Dave Dash about enhancements for the mozillians phonebook [marlena]
  • Add Engagement kit project start to Q4 goals [juanb]

Action items/Notes from (20111005) meeting

Action Items

  • Team leads to come up with 2 slides to use as part of a general QA presentation
    • Target deadline is before MozCamp Malaysia event in mid November
  • Team leads to create a set of Q4 community goals (will be on a public wiki but link back to the intranet page)
  • Work to improve Services content on QMO [marcia and jbonacci]
  • Construct a user survey to post on QMO [abillings]
  • Set up a Browser ID Test Day for next Friday [jbonacci and ashughes]


  • Test Days
    • Browser ID Test Day on the radar for next Friday
  • QA Sig
    • Consider Inviting our regular users to help us define the role and put up a blog post
  • QA Team Slide Preso
    • Team Leads
      • Advertise and evangelize what we do within each team
      • Charter at team level
      • Similar to what we did at the Summit
      • Summary slide
  • QA Team Goals
    • Break the community down into teams
    • Link to the Goals page - Q4 it should be on the public wiki
    • Each Team should have a set of Q4 community goals
  • QA Services Team
    • Advertise it on QMO. Marcia to work with James to get content updated on QMO.
    • Longer term goal
      • How do we prevent this in the future. Postmortem about how to avoid this in the future.
      • Education, fixing code, stopping
      • James to talk to Pete about load test that would have shown this. Making sure we test this in the future will be important
  • Events
    • Please see Mary Colvig's email regarding the MozCamps
  • QMO
    • Blocking issue - hard to know where QA wants to go with QMO and that drives the development decisions
    • User survey on QMO - Did not happen last quarter but Al will get some team feedback and work on it for this quarter.

Action items/Notes from (20110907) meeting

Action Items:

  • Get communications out as soon as possible for upcoming Test Day(entire team)
  • Make timezone a dropdown instead of free form text field in TestDay questionnaire [ashughes]
  • marcia to contact Mary about status of Firefox 4 tshirts.
  • marcia and matt to sync up offline re: blurb for GTAC meetup
  • matt to clarify if the next mtg will be during QA work week
  • waverly to organize a Test Day event for the 16th and 23rd.
  • ashughes needs team feedback on
  • marcia needs to get a vidyo URL to post

Whiteboard Status thread

  • Identify how we are going to proceed
  • Dedicated time within the work week to get things assigned.
  • Goal of the work week that we have done a lot of triage - clearly Firefox 8-9-10

Move forward with plans to get Devs involved in QA test events

  • Push forward invite to a Webcast -
  • Get Something planned for dev.planning - request help from devs that are interested
  • Target Friday of the QA work week - possibly the 23rd
  • Doesn't have to be a developer that hosts the test event. Could be someone like Asa or Mitchell

Meetups in Klug

  • Matt suggested that the Waverly team set one up and then go from there.
  • Next meeting
  • Unclear whether the next Community meeting will fall during the QA Work week

Action items/Notes from (20110824) meeting

  • GTAC
    • Consensus around the theme
    • Perhaps Involve Bob's group
    • Advertise in GTAC forums, Linked in, Lightning talks
    • What is the goal of having the meetup?
      • I think we want to keep the notion of talks to lightning talks - social interaction should be emphasized
  • Adding others to this meeting:
    • Increase the visibility of our involvement into community - advertising blitz to this meeting. Call into this meeting.
    • Focal point of our community involvement. Call to our community - Adding others to this meeting -> Broader community -> Focal point - wider participation in this meeting.
    • Key is to Advertise as much as we possibly can - Better communication - Every Two weeks
  • QA Ambassadors
    • Building a more global community - have people involved in more places around the world
    • We should think of anything we could ask of them - owen
    • What do we want them to do?
    • Draft Document is on Google documents -> Will send out in notes
  • Test Days
    • Testday Drivers/Topics for September
    • Matt recommends not doing something on 9/2
    • Can we use vidyo - record a webcast of the screen sharing video itself - planning to do for this test day on Friday. AI - Advertise it - Trial run with Joe Drew this Friday
    • Recorded session versus webcast - what we can do with it.
    • Combination would be good - screencast

Action Items/Notes from (20110713) meeting

  • GTAC - Matt will register team. Something around test automation - demo hot tools in automation. October 26-27, 2011 in Mt. View
  • Firefox Testday Cadence
    • Best time for Beta test day is one week after the merge
    • Best time for Aurora test day is 4 weeks after the merge
    • ashughes to create public page to suggest topics
  • QMO
    • - do we really need it? owen is confused and other people may be confused.
    • File a bug to remove the QA Community Team Page
    • How we do our org chart internally-and how we present to community does not have to be a 1:1 correlation.

Action items from (20110615) meeting

  • marcia and owen to meet to talk about badging rewards

Action items from (20110601) meeting

Action Items from (20110518) meeting

  • [DONE] ashughes to add TestDay checklist info to and also make the schedule a static link
  • 'Marcia to add a Brainstorming scrumpad to Community page where suggestions can be made such as improvements to QMO, video ideas, etc.'
  • Marcia to follow up with Rainer to get the video of the QA team at Whistler
  • Marcia to Dig deeper with Mary about events after Friday meeting
  • Tracy owes Tony a video for sync - Introduction to Sync - Tips and Tricks on how to test
  • Al to get TwoPress URL - maybe look at it once it is up on QMO staging site
  • Expansion of testdays into the European and Asian

timezones. Softvision can help us here. Henrik sees this as very impt. to the expansion of our community