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QA Services Team Meeting

  • June 16, 2010
  • Attendees:

Discussion Items

Project Status

CrashKill [tomcat/marcia]

  • No formal crashkill meeting this week. Currently reviewing Alpha 5 and 3.6.4 data since builds just went out.
  • CrashSpike in Crash-Stats for 3.6.4 - Investigation is still underway (Tomcat)

Accessibility Status Update [marco]

  • Firefox 4
    • Perf bugs bug 566103, bug 571532 and bug 541618 landed late last week. We're working through some slight regressions/crashers that are now showing up like bug 571459 and bug 571246.
    • Also expecting another perf boost from bug 572394. This is currently in review.
    • Overall, Firefox 4 will be noticeably faster for both Windows and Linux users using assistive technologies. page load times, updates on heavily dynamic pages etc.
    • Note that much of this didn't make alpha 5, but will be in the next release (beta1?) and is currently being dog-fed on the nightlies.
  • Firefox 3.6.4 build 7 is good to go from my end, as was to be expected.

Summit/Summit Presentations [marcia]

  • Summit Proposed Presentations are now available:
    • Proposed QA Breakout Sessions:
      • WebQA and You: The Whats, Hows, and Whys of What We Do, and How We Can Use Your Help - stephend
      • Mozmill Cloud Testing - hskupin
      • Bugdays and You - ashughes
      • Plans for Fx Input - aakash
      • QA on a Global Scale - marcia/matt and others
      • What does the new Add-Ons Manager UI sound like? - Marco/Matt assisting(?)
  • Science Fair Sessions
    • "Come by and have your favorite web site read out to you! - marcoz
  • Related Summit Presentations
    • Getting to Confirmed: Improving Bug Triage - ctalbert
  • Proposed from Community
    • Making Memorable Interfaces: The Book of Kells, Saliency, and User Interface Design - Tanner M. Young
    • NVDA, An Open Source Screen Reader for Windows - James Teh
  • Proposed QA Lightning Talks
    • Firefox Feedback Review and Analysis - marcia
    • Bug Writing Guidelines - a QA perspective - marcia
  • Waiting for the official schedule to see when there will be a time slot for the QA mixer

QA Videos [marcia]

  • QA Promo Video International Version targeted for the Summit
  • Status check on the Team Videos - how are individual teams progressing on their video plans?
    • Need to leverage the work week and make plans in advance to get Rainer's time

Community Events [marcia/tomcat]

  • Tomcat and Marcia attending
  • Marcia attending Blogher conference in NY. We will be doing demos of addons in the Geek Share and there will be lots of opportunities to meet our community.
    • Thinking about doing a Meetup in NYC on Thursday night. Need to figure out a venue where we can host it.
  • Linuxtag 2010 Done!
    • Contact to a lot of Community Members and User. Firefox Performance (with/without addons) was a big topic.

QMO2 Update [aakashd]


  • need links qa services page to accessibility, byob projects etc.

Agenda items for next meeting [marcia]

Action Items/Takeaways

  • Create an IRC channel specific to QA for the Summit.
    • done. tomcat created the channel for Summit 2010.
  • need links qa services page to accessibility, byob projects etc. populate this page with the different projects. Deadline is by the end of the week
  • Meetup topic for Mt. View will be Live Testing of Firefox 4
    • tchung to create the post and send to to marcia


  • Matt still wants Dashboard Metric of how many nightly testers we have.

Three levels of videos

  • Video that comes out of the Summit introductions
  • Team Videos
    • Will be professional, example would be Marcia's How to write a good bug.
  • Informal videos
    • Consider hiring a resource to editing. Maybe from the community or craig's list. Getting student to help with the project.
  • Meetup topics for Mt. View
    • Two Ideas - Live testing event
    • Labs build your own project
    • Decision made to go with live testing on 7/21/10
  • Community Events
    • We should try to take advantage of being in other cities, etc for conferences. Even meeting up with the community informally can be a win.
  • QMO 1.1
    • akizmut spam blocker
    • calendar update (Details coming soon from Aakash)
    • content updates
    • permanlink issue raised by hskupin