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Desktop QA Standup - April 23rd, 2014

Dial-in Information

Attendees: Paul, Mihaela, Petruta, Camelia, Ioana,Florin, Tracy, Marc, Juan, Nils, Henrik, Matt, KaiRo, Andrei, Liz, Cornel


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Alexandra - Sick Leave - Apr 8-29
    • Florin - PTO - May 5-16
    • National Holidays in Romania - May 1st
    • KaiRo off Fri, April 25, for travel to German Hacking Meetup
    • Anthony off Friday April 18th, returning on Monday April 28th
    • lizzard - possible jury duty next week, will not know yes/no/when till late Friday.
    • Otilia - PTO April 25
    • Mihaela - PTO May 2nd
    • Petruta - PTO May 2nd
    • Paul - May 2nd, 5th
  • Events
    • KaiRo and Henrik at German Hacking Meetup on Saturday, April 26

Upcoming Schedule

  • Fx29 release: Tuesday morning 6am Pacific. Everything to be ready by Monday evening.

Previous Action Items

  • [mschifer] to follow up with Platform/Automation re: WebGL automation coverage (so we can catch issues like bug 975824 more easily). WebGL test suties available, not kept up/disabled, Marc to talk to them about how we can help them.
    • Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 9am
  • [Matt] Safe browsing: investigate history of feature, what goes into Fx29, what is in test suite, how to cover in test day [done]
  • [Florin] Softvision team feedback on ideas to improve our process
    • To raise via email [done]

Discussion Items

Channel Status

Beta (Fx 29)

Aurora (Fx 30)

Nightly (Fx 31)


ESR (Fx 24.5)



  • Still lots of disconnects during testruns which have to be investigated. Henrik will finish up the work on letting mozmill report details for application disconnects (bug 975068) - most likely all happen because Firefox doesn't restart as instructed (bug 974971)
  • Still working on the remaining TPS failures. Mostly intermittent ones, now between 1-3 failures
  • Preparation for puppetizing machines are mostly done. Waiting for some work from IT before we can get started hopefully next week



  • lizzard: GNOME-OPW interns starting in mid-may, Maja Frydrychowicz (One and Done, python coding, from Montreal) and Francesca Cicieri (Desktop triage, community building, from Barcelona)

Notes and Actions