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Desktop QA Standup - April 16th, 2014

Dial-in Information

Attendees: Matt, Mihaela, Petruta, Paul, Camelia, Catalin, Florin, KaiRo, Anthony, Juan, Marc, Nils, Otilia, Liz, Henrik, Tracy, Bogdan


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Alexandra - Sick Leave - Apr 8-29
    • Florin - PTO - May 5-16
    • National Holidays in Romania - Apr 21st, May 1st
    • National Holidays in Germany - Apr 18th - 21st
    • National Holidays in Canada - April 18th
    • KaiRo off Fri, April 25, for travel to German Hacking Meetup
    • Anthony off Friday April 18th, returning on Monday April 28th
  • Events

Upcoming Schedule

Previous Action Items

  • [juanb] Added Florin to email lists I have admin access too, r-d, desktopqa, QMO (editor); and sent email to Marcia for qa-contribute.
  • [mschifer] review KaiRo's dev-quality post
    • Done
  • [mschifer] to follow up with Platform/Automation re: WebGL automation coverage (so we can catch issues like bug 975824 more easily). WebGL test suties available, not kept up/disabled, Marc to talk to them about how we can help them.
    • Meeting schudled for Tuesday 9am
  • [Matt] Safe browsing: investigate history of feature, what goes into Fx29, what is in test suite, how to cover in test day
  • [Kairo] Send out a summary to dev-quality and dev-planning and elicit discussion about keywords and qa whiteboard tags.
    • done, please take part in the discussions!
  • Fixed bugs triage process, keywords vs tags etc - progress?
    • See above, KaiRo posted on dev-quality, please join the dicussions there!

Discussion Items

  • [Florin] Softvision team feedback on ideas to improve our process:
    • KaiRo's proposal of working only on bugs in current iteration and the ones explicitly flagged to the QA team - this would greatly reduce the triaging effort, so we fully support the effort to go forward with this. As Anthony and Marc mentioned, this may be risky as we may still miss on important stuff, but we do not yet see any other solution to reliably reduce the triaging effort.
    • Softvision proposal for adding a field in bugs where QA can find specific details on how to verify the fix - we think this can reduce the time spent verifying bugs, it can give us a better understanding on how to properly verify the fix, and may improve contributor involvement (a similar issue was raised via email (dev-platform) by Karl Tomlinson for the dev side: "Very often I've found that the intended approach changes during the life of a bug, and there is no clear summary in the bug of what eventually was done. It is then necessary to go back through multiple revisions of the patch and associated comments and replies to find out the reasoning. Add in the complexity of multiple changes in one bug, and having a single summary in one place would be very helpful, and is, when it is there.")

Channel Status

Beta (Fx 29)

Aurora (Fx 30)

Nightly (Fx 31)

ESR (Fx 24.4)


  • Heartbleet - working on some possible add on to report if a site has been updated. but this is still being debated as if its a good idea or not.


  • Goals for Q2 are up:
  • We have stopped to run Mozmill tests for localized builds of Nighlty to free resources and to limit amount of failures for regressions. Will be soon on production too
  • Lots of disconnects during testruns which have to be investigated
  • Still working on the remaining TPS failures - bit of delay due to some devs were on PTO
  • Started to work on PuppetAgain for OS X machines to get updates easier populated to our machines



Notes and Actions