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Mentors, together with the Council members, are the backbone of the Mozilla Reps program. They make sure things run smoothly, they ensure that Reps are supported and have what they need to be impactful in their region. Last but not least, together with Council member, they help plan and pave the way forward to ensure that the program keeps getting better while staying true to the Mozilla mission.



Being a mentor involves becoming familiar with different tools and processes that the Council has put in place to better streamline the way Mozilla Reps can document their activities, request budgets for projects, order swag and interact with other Reps.

Mozilla Rep mentors play a crucial part in the success of the program. They are responsible for:

  • Reviewing applications assigned to them on Bugzilla
  • Interviewing applicants to learn more about them, and tell them more about the program
  • Informing applicants whether or not they've been accepted to the program
  • Monitoring the progress of their "mentees" and being their regular contact person in the program
  • Reviewing and validating their Reps with swag and budget requests
  • Providing feedback to the Council
  • Participating in regional meetings (online and offline), notably the annual ReMo Camp.

How to become a mentor

New mentors are nominated during bi-annual council work weeks. During these work weeks, the council first identifies a number of particularly active Mozilla Reps who have the right profile to become mentors. Then, a selection is made through a process of range voting. If the Council has decided that X number of new mentors need to be selected, then the top X of the range voting list are then contacted and invited to join the program as a mentor. If they refuse, the next highest nominated mentor is contacted.

Next steps when becoming a mentor

Once a Mozilla Rep has accepted to become a mentor, (s)he must follow these next steps to be ready to start mentoring:

1) subscribe to
2) carefully read through the relevant mentor SOPs

    "Mentoring" SOP : 
    "Swag Review" SOP:
    "Budget Review" SOP:

3) get a "walk through" from a Council member of the Mozilla Reps website and of the new mentoring tools that they will have at their disposal.
4) update their profile page to ensure that they have a full biography and clear "office hours" (see for example:

List of current mentors

Here, you can find the full list of mentors (updated Feb 2013)