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The Swag request form is an essential tool of the Mozilla Reps program. Never under-estimate the power of swag :) It is used extensively by Mozilla Reps that organize and/or participate in conferences. Mentors and Council members are given Swag Requests Handling rights (Bugzilla rights and swag system account) based on load of requests, by the council.

Keep bugs tidy
Please make sure that within the process the swag bug is up to date with the progress and reflects the steps as noted below

Shipping time
Please fill in your requests at least 3 weeks in advance. Requests that have been submitted in a period less than 3 weeks before the event will be automatically rejected

Step 1

Mozilla Rep has submitted a swag request (swag request form). The swag request is automatically assigned to Konstantina (bug owner)

Step 2:

Owner assesses the bug to see if it makes sense to ship swag requested (ie. consults with council, checks stock inventory etc...)

Bug depending on Budget
If the event has a budget request that includes travelling expenses for the rep, the Swag request will be on hold until the Budget is approved

  Whiteboard: Reviewing Order
  Status: ASSIGNED

General Info that must be included in the event page

  1. Type of the event
  2. Connection to the 2014 goals
  3. Event's length (hours, all day)
  4. Bug related to the event
  5. General info
    • topic of the rep's talk
    • where it is happening
  6. Agenda
  7. Expected size of audience
  8. Type of swag distribution at events
    • free for all = anyone can swing by and pick up some swag
    • selective = swag is only distributed to a selected type of attendee based on person's contribution to the project
    • mix = combination of free for all and selective

General Info and Swag Metrics based on the event type

  1. Community Meetings and Inter-community Meet-ups
    • Community meetings don't need regular swag, we encourage ,however, the local communities, to produce their own local swag for awareness.
  2. Moz Coffee
    1. General Info
      • Attendance to 20 people (max)
    2. Metrics
      • Engaging Contributors-->success scenario 10% of the attendees (sign-ups)
      • Awareness of the Mozilla mission/projects --> 100%
      • Attendance-->70% of the estimated attendees showing up
  3. Project Specific Hackathons
    1. General Info
      • Attendance up to 100
    2. Metrics
      • Set a measurable goal (eg. 10 articles to be translated, 5 apps etc)
      • L10n, SUMO, App days -->up to 80% of the original goal
      • Articles/ Creating apps we should track if he met that goal
      • QA run 80-100% of the goal tests
      • Attendance-->70%
      • Contributor engagement--0-10% (0% if the attendees are all Mozillians)
      • Awareness of the specific project and how it works (tools, procedures)
  4. Talks-Presentations
    1. General Info
      • What is the talk about
      • Attendance up to 250
    2. Metrics
      • Contributors--> 15%
      • New users fans--> 70%
      • Attendance--> 70%
      • Awareness of the Mozilla mission/projects --> 100%
  5. WoMoz Events
    1. General Info
      • Attendance up to 20 people
    2. Metrics
      • Same metrics with talks
      • Specific presentation about the WoMoz Community and women in technology
  6. Talks in conferences/bigger events
    1. General Info
      • Link of the conference
      • Schedule of the conference
      • Attendance: no limit (ask the reps to indicate of the last years conference attendance according to the organizers)
    2. Metrics
      • Contributors (0-10%) (0 cause attendees may not only interested in Mozilla Projects)
      • Fans/users (0-20 %)
      • Awareness of the project
      • Online link of the presentation (video is preferable)
      • Attendance 10% of the conference (or less for huge events) 50 % for smaller events
  7. Booth in a conference
    1. General Info
      • Same special requirements with Talk in conferences
      • Evidence that Mozilla will have a booth there
    2. Metrics
      • Interaction and visibility--> attract 60% of the conference attendees
      • Contributors-->0-5% of the attendees
      • Users/Fans--> 20%
      • Awareness of Mozilla project/Mission
  8. Mozilla Tour
    1. General Info
      • Schedule of the cities, universities that will be visited
      • Attendees-->depending of the number of places visited
    2. Metrics
      • Contributors 2-10%
      • Users/Fans40%
      • Awareness of the Mozilla project/Mission

Questions to ask yourself when reviewing a swag order

  • How does the Event page look? (i.e. good description, Mozilla specific activities, promising means of documentation, promotions etc.)
  • What type of event is it? (e.g. consumer event vs. tech event)
  • Are the metrics measurable (e.g number of new contributors to be engaged)
  • What type of attendees are expected? (e.g. young attendees vs. old attendees; technical vs. non-technical)
  • What is out existing stock of swag (e.g. are we running out of a particular item?)
  • Are shipment costs going to be sky-high? (e.g. sending 10 lanyards to Kazakhstan costs more than sending 100 t-shirts to Germany)
  • What type of swag would be better suited for this region? (e.g. some regions despise or love specific swag, like pens in Africa or lanyards in Germany <3)
  • How often has this Reps requested swag in the past? (e.g. people constantly asking for the same swag in a region - Reps are encouraged to use their swag "wisely" and save some for future events)
  • Has this rep been filing his Monthly Reports regularly?
  • How many days we have for shipping the swag?

Examples of typical quantities you should distribute

Event type: FOSS conference
Audience type: FOSS advocates, developers, geeks
Expected attendance: 100
Will there be a Mozilla booth?: Yes

# bracelets: 50 (most people love bracelets but end up never wearing them so give to people who wear them :)
# stickers: 200 (stickers are always super popular - usually order as many as you have participants)
# lanyards: 25 (lanyards are super popular but expensive - use them wisely)
# buttons: 50 (buttons are heavy and expensive - use them wisely)
# pens: 50 (in some countries, pens are SUPER popular :)
# tshirts: 5 (get different sizes + should be given for free as a prize or award - do not distribute randomly)
# horizontal banner: 1 (if Rep doesn't already have one)
# pop-up banner: 1 (if Rep doesn't already have one) 
# tablecloth: 1 (if Rep doesn't already have one)

Step 3:

If the request is approved, the owner cc's Jennifer Balaco so she can process the request via Staples. Whitebord: Order Processed

If the request is rejected, the owner informs Mozilla Rep that his/her request has been rejected

  Whiteboard: Request Rejected

Step 4:

Tracking Number is obtained through shipping vendor and bug is updated by the owner to include tracking number

  Whiteboard: Order Shipped

Step 5:

The Rep receives and informs you on the bug or the package is lost in translation :P

  Whiteboard: Order Delivered or Lost in Space