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This page is an incomplete attempt to categorize all of the applications (or systems, or infrastructures, or whatever you'd like to call them) installed and in use by release engineering.

App Store

What the heck?

We're not quite sure yet what these pages should contain. Here are some questions that should be answered for each application:

Deployment Questions

  • what languages are needed and their version
    • if python, what python modules - can they be run in a virtualenv
    • if perl, what cpan modules are needed
    • if php, what php version and what php.ini entries are needed
  • what is the command line parameters to start the web service
  • does it have any special configuration or init files
    • How are those backed up?
  • does it require root or sudo
  • does it require a special directory layout
  • will it generate/use temp files or non-database assets?
    • which of those need to be backed up?
    • how is that done?
  • what version of mysql and what database config, where is the sql to init the tables
    • what is the backup strategy?
  • does memcached have a min/max memory? which processes read/write to it - can it be on different IP
  • what ports will be opened for listening
  • cronjobs that need to be run
  • if outside services are utilized, what is that list

Maintenance Questions

  • what are common issues we run into, and how to debug?
    • place in buildduty docs?
  • where is the code/schema for hacking/reading?
  • are there special passwords/accounts/acl's, and what are they? (not in public docs)