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As ReleaseEngineering/Applications attests, releng has a lot of apps, and many of them have APIs. But these APIs are all bespoke implementations, and are not tied to a single endpoint, authentication scheme, etc. RelengAPI aims to be the glue that binds all of these apps together, makes it easy to add new ones, and makes it easy for others to build tools that consume releng's APIs.


  • Simple self-service usage for consumers
  • Simple, rapid implementation of new apps
  • Operations-friendly

See README.md for more


Getting Involved

  • IRC: #releng, look for dustin
  • Patches: releng and relops can push directly for now; GitHub pull requests are welcome from others
  • Bugs/RFE's: Use GitHub issues for minor issues; for major work that must be tracked within Mozilla, file bugs in "Release Engineering: Other", cc :dustin