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Warning: This RelEng page is obsolete!
With migration to Taskcluster Clobberer is not anymore needed and will be turned off in September, 2018.

Application Description

The clobberer allows developers to "clobber" particular build directories (objdirs) on particular slaves. This is sometimes necessary if a change is committed that is not compatible with previous objdirs, or occasionally when a compile failure results in a bogus objdir.

The application has an outward-facing web interface for developers, and also provides an internal web service which buildslaves contact to determine what build directories they should clobber.

As with all other RelengAPI integrated applications, clobberer is completely API based. For information about its endpoints see:

  • UI
   * production
       * - https
   * staging





Clobberer uses the LDAP username verified by RelengAPI's permissions system.


Clobberer is a Flask blueprint, and part of the RelengAPI project. For information about Testing/Updating see the project readme:


See the websites page