ReleaseEngineering/Buildduty/SVMeetings/May23-May27 2016

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Meeting Details

Upcoming vacation/PTO

  • Alin: June 21 - July 4
  • Vlad: July 10 - 22 July
  • Andrei: August 16 - 26 August
  • Coop: a few days in July (TBD), a week in August (TBD)
  • Ihsiao: 5/24, 6/8, 6/20-24


  • Canada:
    • July 1, August 1
  • Romania:
    • June 20, August 15
  • Taiwan:
    • Dragon Boat Festival, 6/9-10
    • Moon Festival, 9/15-16

Possible bugs

From coop

From kmoir

SV: 2016/05/19 - 2016/05/25

  • Updated the scripts used for checking the backlog age and pending jobs
  • Taipei folks had some questions about the new script that needs to be implement

specifically, they want to know how to update and and also, how to run Travis checks after applying changes to their masters

    • They also sent an e-mail on this
  • [root password project]
    • I would like to know how to update a gpg encoded file from the private repo was thinking about decode → do the change → encode with my public gpg key?
  • - weekly master restart should add comment to slavealloc while disabled
    • Andrei started looking over the master restart script to understand it and figure out how to update slavealloc when a master gets disabled
      • The API *should* allow you to do this

Taipei: 2016/05/23 - 2016/05/27

Things to pursue if there are no loans:

  • Write a tool to update bugzilla bugs for outstanding machine loans and ask if the loaner is still needed on say, a weekly basis:
    • Study bugzilla API
  • Create new script to setup a buildbot master for development:
    • I replied to the questions in your mail. Let me know if you have more.
    • Buildbot-configs: Makefile.setup