ReleaseEngineering/Buildduty/SVMeetings/May30-June3 2016

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Meeting Details

Upcoming vacation/PTO:

  • Alin: June 21 - July 1, July 7 or 8 (TBD soon)
  • Vlad: July 10 - 22 July
  • Andrei: August 16 - 26 August
  • Coop: a few days in July (TBD), a week in August (TBD)
  • Ihsiao: 6/8, 6/20-24
  • Ashiue: 6/8


  • Canada:
    • July 1, August 1
  • Romania:
    • June 20, August 15
  • Taiwan:
    • Dragon Boat Festival, 6/9-10
    • Moon Festival, 9/15-16
    • National Day, 10/10

Possible bugs

From coop:

From kmoir:

SV: 2016/05/30 - 2016/06/03

  • Bug 1276227 - Windows XP reimage installs Windows 8
    • Coop to follow-up with Amy
  • Bug 1275428 - Weekly master restart should add comment to slavealloc while disabled
    • created a patch to notice in slavealloc when the master was disabled
    • Coop to talk to dustin re: auth options
    • tried to test on local
  • [root password]:
    • Created the intended set of passwords to land and retested them on all platforms
    • Had some issues on b-2008-ec2 as I couldn’t run puppet agent (the instance was created as b-2008-ec2-golden)
    • In moco-nodes.pp there are 5 nodes that don’t have aspects, will need to ping Amy or Jake to see what to do
    • Jake mentioned about a relops private repo (beside releng private repo) that needs to be updated, so will need to ping Amy about this as well

Taipei: 2016/05/30 - 2016/06/03

  • Slave loan bugs:
  • Create new script to setup a buildbot master for development:
  • About tox, could we just install tox in virtualenv and create a simple test case for testing if tox works? For example, just test py27 to run a very simple function.
    • Yes, that would work as a first step. I think it’s worth running the actual tox tests as a final step in the setup to verify everything was installed correctly. Maybe that could be flagged off by default though.
    • Uploaded the script to bugzilla, please help to give some advice