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16.11.2015 - 19-11.2015

[alin] there are bugs where we uploaded patches (which got reviewed), but have not been landed yet: (modify check_pending_builds to report more granularly on pending builds/tests) the nagios alert also needs to be implemented following the suggestions from :catlee on bug 1220191 (related to, I also updated the in a similar manner (did not uploaded the new version on the bug yet) disable media-tests on linux asan, debug (on development and release-stabilization branches) if we want to land the patch in prod, it may need to be updated first

     2. (Enable DOM push Mochitests on Android Fennec)  Kim will take a look after meeting

updated the bug with the requested info

     3. (High ratio of failed jobs on bld-lion-r5 machines)

not sure who should I address this

[vlad] coop/kim if you can provide us the agenda for Orlando and if we need to prepare something for Orlando.

We also started to work on small bugs for slave loan tool