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Meeting Details

  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • Alin: November 28-29
    • Andrei:
    • Florin:
    • Coop:
    • Kmoir:
  • Holidays:
    • Canada:
    • Romania:
      • November 30
      • December 1 (National Day)

Possible bugs

From coop:

  • Triage
  • Prep for Hawaii

From kmoir:

SV: 2016/11/07 - 2016/11/11

  • Bug 1315766 - Create alerts for ratio of pool size to pending jobs
    • For the moment the pending jobs are been alerted based on the pools which have a unique slavepool id
    • Alerting only hardware pools will not give as an overview of what is happens,and we also have some pools with both hardware and aws machines
    • We must have alerts also for the pools with aws
  • Bug 1285483 - t-yosemite-r7 machines have high coreaudiod and launchd CPU usage (no updates)
  • Bug 1302567 - watch_pending should send an alert when we're outbid for spot instances
    • Papertrail logs are not enough for determining whether we have a real problem
    • Will need to find a better solution for this alert
  • Investigating bug 1315266 - buildbot and puppet masters shouldn't listen for NTP connections