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2015-10-09 - 2015-10-13 (Vlad) attached the public key

[alin] (Alin) attached the public key noticed that Kim vouched for both of us to receive level 1 commit access Josh Matthews opened duplicate bugs where we were requested to re-upload the public ssh key, which we did (remove larch graphene build) the reason why I was not getting larch builders was indeed the type of master used (should have been build instead of test) -> thanks Kim :) created a build master and started it -> no builder was generated at first

limited the b2g_branches to “larch” and restarted the master → that triggered graphene and horizon builders

deleted those builders and created a patch that removed the definitions for the builders above from; restarted the master and noticed that no builder had been generated repeated the process by re-creating the master, applying the patch and then starting it → again, we had no builders uploaded the patch and the builder diff file to the bug (modify check_pending_builds to report more granularly on pending builds/tests) since we need to report the number of pending jobs by platform (and not by branch), we tried to see which are the fields that may help us do that → found that we can use the “buildername” parameter took a look at the json file that contains all the pending jobs: → the problem here is that it is likely that it does not contain all the builders available, so we would need to also take into consideration the json file containing the running jobs: at the moment, we managed to extract all the builder names from those json files, but we need to group them on platforms (like t-w732-ix, t-w864-ix, etc) , more links:

Slave Loan Tool: first task from Callek resolved the first task Cloned the official project in our github accounts. Started to work on first task and configured also the travis-ci in order to test the changes

2015-10-14 - 2015-10-15

I was able to run the try command, details:

Started to work on

[alin] continued to work on python script to endure more granularity on reporting the number of pending jobs