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Upcoming vacation/PTO:

  • alin - aug31-sep11
  • vlad - oct16-oct20
        - Sep 11 - meeting from 10 - 12 AM EET 
  • Monday Sep 7 - Holiday in Canada
  • coop - sep 27 - oct 2 in Cluj-Napoca (approved!)

Meetings every Tuesday and Thursday

2015-09-03 - 2015-09-08



   created the patches but I was not able to test them on bm69
   updated the patches 
   Kim review them


   created decommission bug for DCOps


   :eihrul requested to help him to stop an aws instance but I was out of office. Added kmoir to cc to help him when I'm out of office.


   Until this bug is resolved, the re-image for wxp slaves can not be made


   created a DCOps bug ticket to run a memory diagnostic


   created a DCops bug ticket to run a diagnostic

7. nigelb|sheriffduty reported that the following slave b-2008-ix-0164 ran out of space; I have updated the following bug with the problem and started to look over it and try to resolve the problem.

   In this case of problem what we should do ?
   discussed with coop and the next step are to re-image the slave. Started the re-image
   re-image completed. Enabled the slave in slavealloc

8. 9.

   Created bug 1202698 for DCops to run a disk diagnostic

2015-09-09 - 2015-09-10


1. I notice a lot of b-2008-ix slaves that are broken. 2. WARNING Pending Builds on #buildduty� channel

   I have tried to understand the problem that appeared Wednesday and Thursday; read the wiki page This report page I think is very useful 


2015-09-11 - 2015-09-15


   loaned tst-linux32-ec2 to tbsaunde . He accidentally created 4 bugs . 3 bugs has been marked as duplicated. I spoke with him on irc and he confirmed that he needs only 1 slave