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Notes: 2016/05/16 - 2016/05/20

Slave loan bugs:

Things to pursue if there are no loans:

  • We created build master and test master on dev-master2
    • [Fixed][ihsiao] practicing how to test a patch, 3 tests failed in step 6 (run 'cd buildbot-configs; ./' - all the tests should pass), trying to figure out the issue.
      • make sure your code checkouts for buildbot-configs, buildbotcustom, and tools are up-to-date, i.e. hg pull && hg update -r default. There were some code issues with buildbotcustom last Friday, so if you happened to pull at the wrong time, you might have ended up with the broken code.
    • [Fixed][ashiue] Encounter ImportError: No module named buildbotcustom.misc when executed ./braindump/buildbot-related/ master/master.cfg, trying to figure out this problem => It works now, thx!
      • Probably need to set a PYTHONPATH to point to your buildbotcustom dir
      • Alternately, you should make sure you are running inside the virtualenv for your master before running other commands, i.e. cd build-master; source bin/activate (I just tried this in the venv for my build master without doing anything else, and was able to run the script)
  • Write a tool to update bugzilla bugs for outstanding machine loans and ask if the loaner is still needed on say, a weekly basis: