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Notes: 2016/05/09 - 2016/05/13

Slave loan bugs:

Things to pursue if there are no loans

Setup development masters to enable you to test buildbot patches

Write a tool to update bugzilla bugs for outstanding machine loans and ask if the loaner is still needed on say, a weekly basis:

[Alin] [***will need to see why screen sharing on Vidyo does not work, sorry for inconveniences***]

Example on how to test a patch:

On local computer:

  1. clone the repo where the file(s) that you want to modify are stored
  2. make the changes to the files from the repo
  3. compute the patch: e.g. hg diff > test.patch

On dev-master2:

  1. go to /builds/buildbot/<your_name>, clone 'braindump' repo:
    • if it's already cloned, make sure it's up-to-date
  2. cd to your master's home folder, activate the virtual environment: source bin/activate
  3. you can do some optimizations on /master/master_config.json in order to limit the number of tests/builders to certain platforms/branches.
  4. compute the list of builders/tests using '' script:
    • e.g. ../braindump/buildbot-related/ master/master.cfg > old
  5. copy the patch from your local computer and apply it on your master
    • e.g. cd buildbot-configs; patch -p1 < ../test.patch
  6. run 'cd buildbot-configs; ./' - all the tests should pass
  7. run 'make checkconfig' --> should say 'Config file is good!'
  8. compute the new list of builders/tests
  9. compute the difference file: e.g. diff -U 8 -p old new > diff.txt