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  • login to cruncher (using LDAP credentials):
  • switch to buildduty
sudo su - buildduty
  • set up environment
source ~/aws/aws-ve/bin/activate
cd ~/aws/cloud-tools/aws
  • query AWS database. last parameter is a regexp, use "." (dot) to get all slaves
python -k secrets/aws-secrets.json -r us-west-1 bld-linux64-ec2-076 '(bld|try)-linux64-ec2-03.*'
  • You may want to use different regions (us-east-1, us-west-1 or us-west-2)
  1. This hasn't been updated since Nov 2013 because the parameters in no longer include -k

See also hourly updated /etc/hosts style dump:

Find IP of any spot instance

(updated on 03-22-2015)

ssh "/builds/aws_manager/bin/python /builds/aws_manager/cloud-tools/scripts/ status $HOST" | grep "\(IP\|Found\)"