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Triggering Talos Jobs

  • Sometimes a developer would want more talos runs for a certain changeset
  • You want to do this quickly as tinderbox-builds are removed
  • Load up the revision/branch/changeset BuildAPI page (e.g. bug 598153)
  • Use the filter for showing only the talos suites you want and click "Rebuild" on the right
  • Remember that the queue collapses for talos so you will have to wait for the job to become a running job (you can just watch the running BuildAPI display). Similarly the job you want to redo may have been combined with another change.

Retrigger all Talos runs for a build (using sendchange)

note: this is how I (bear) did it, please edit/educate me if i'm doing it the hard way ;)

  • load [1] but with your changeset id
  • find each <os> <branch> build entry and click on the master link for that job
  • then find the "sendchange #" step - it should be "sendchange 6" and click on it's stdio link
  • copy that sendchange command and run it on any master's command line
  • rinse/repeat

Triggering addition Talos/Test runs for a try build

  • When someone pings you in #build with their try run dir name (format: $email-$changeset eg:
  • Either:
    • ssh into production-master{01,02,03}
    • OR run from your machine tools/buildfarm/maintenance/
      • on the production-masters, there is a ~/ wrapper script which uses argparse in /tools/buildbot-0.8.0/bin/python

Then run:

# Add a -n to get a --dry-run or --help for more info.
# get all talos runs available (based on ftp dir for that build, so you can't do it before the builds are there)
./ $email-changeset -t all
# OR to do custom set of talos suites
./ $email-$changeset -t scroll,svg,nochrome
# NOTICE no spaces between comma-separated suite names!
  • It will spew back to you all the sendchanges it does (or will do if you are in dry-run mode).