ReleaseEngineering/How To/Verify a New Taskcluster Platform

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  1. making sure api keys exist
  2. making sure that the installer gets localized (on localized builds)
  3. ensure google/etc api keys are in place
  4. ensure information necessary [?] to let EME extensions load.
  5. verify size of zip
  6. verify package naming
  7. verify package icons
  8. Verify TC-dervied builds are byte-for-byte equivalent to buildbot builds#
  9. manually sign build (manual-signed dmg, then task-signed, then full graph)
  10. run talos (bug 1354804) and ensure that performance is on par with buildbot builds
  11. run unit tests
  12. Verify that the en-US+l10n nightlies and associated updated methods work via manual testing
  13. verify updates work as expected - run update verify tests (Softvision QA can help) Example bug 1330008
  14. verify that a build that is updated is signed after update, both for en-US and other locales
  15. Verify that the signature formats match those from buildbot builds

Platform Specific

  • Macosx
  • Windows
    1. Verify that sha's of all files in extracted in the installer match the sha's of files in the zip and as generated after a complete.mar updates us.
  • Linux
  • Android