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When a mozilla-central is an even numbered Gecko version and will become an odd numbered Gecko version, the B2G version on mozilla-central will migrate into mozilla-aurora, and a new B2G version will start on mozilla-central. For B2G 1.3, when Gecko 28 merges into mozilla-aurora, mozilla-central will become 1.4 and mozilla-aurora will be 1.3.

Two weeks before

  • Read these docs. They're still fairly new as of Feb 7 2014, and they may not be 100% accurate or smooth yet. Please do your part to familiarize yourself with what needs doing.
  • Communicate with Release Management to determine what features are going to merge from central->aurora, aurora->beta, and which will be pref'ed off.
  • Prep the patch for the mozilla-release bump in buildbot-configs
    • Look at blocking bugs against the merge day bugs, and ask around if there are any patches that need to land with the release migration
  • Prep the other patches for Release Merge Day

Release Merge Day

One week before

Release Merge Day + the release build will take up the first portion of this week.

Merge Day

dev.b2g newsgroup post

Like this:

We have created the v1.3 branch in all git repos. The master branch is now reserved for 1.4 development. For more information, see the page below which always contains the latest information.

Post merge day

Update this documentation

The next person on merge duty will appreciate it!