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Mergeduty is responsible for performing branching + code uplifts, and making sure the automation is ready for those branches and merges. The steps that need to be performed alternate; we're basing this on whether mozilla-central will become an odd or even numbered Gecko version after Merge Day. (See: What train is it now? and RapidRelease/Calendar)

Note that there are several uplifts involved:

  • beta->release
  • aurora->beta
  • central->aurora
  • aurora->b2gXX_vX_X

Past merge days

  • bug 1017923 - Tracking bug for 21-jul-2014 migration work
  • bug 1029851 - Tracking bug for 01-sep-2014 migration work
  • bug 1061861 - Tracking bug for 13-oct-2014 migration work
  • bug 1097666 - Tracking bug for 28-Nov-2014 migration work
  • bug 1116781 - Tracking bug for 12-Jan-2015 migration work
  • bug 1123367 - Tracking bug for 23-Feb-2015 migration work
  • bug 1123369 - Tracking bug for 06-Apr-2015 migration work
  • bug 1153859 - Tracking bug for 11-May-2015 migration work
  • bug 1175533 - Tracking bug for June-29-2015 migration work
  • bug 1178507 - Tracking bug for August-10-2015 migration work
  • bug 1190766 - Tracking bug for Sep-21-2015 migration work
  • bug 1206664 - Tracking bug for Nov-02-2015 migration work
  • bug 1206668 - Tracking bug for Dec-14-2015 migration work
  • bug 1232329 - Tracking bug for Jan-25-2016 migration work
  • bug 1243796 - Tracking bug for Mar-7-2016 migration work
  • bug 1261999 - Tracking bug for April-25-2016 migration work
  • bug 1267295 - Tracking bug for June-06-2016 migration work
  • bug 1275600 - Tracking bug for Aug-02-2016 migration work
  • bug 1275601 - Tracking bug for Sept-13-2016 migration work
  • bug 1305491 - Tracking bug for Nov-07-2016 migration work

Next merge days

  • bug 1305492 - Tracking bug for Jan-24-2017 migration work
  • bug 1318918 - Tracking bug for 2017-03-07 migration work
  • bug 1318919 - Tracking bug for 2017-04-18 migration work
  • bug 1319436 - Tracking bug for 2017-06-13 migration work

Current process

Two weeks before

  • Read these docs. Please do your part to familiarize yourself with what needs doing.
  • Prepare the patch for the mozilla-release bump in buildbot-configs
  • Look at blocking bugs against the merge day bugs, and ask around if there are any patches that need to land with the release migration
  • Prepare the other patches for Release Merge Day

Release Merge Day

One week before

Release Merge Day + the release build will take up the first portion of this week.

  • Prepare the patch for the other desktop train migrations
  • Look at blocking bugs against the merge day bugs, and ask around if there are any patches that need to land with the other migrations
  • Prep the other patches for Merge Day (next section). Merge Day will be Very Busy, so the patches+reviews beforehand will be very important.
  • run the b2g_tag script with --pull to clone the repos ahead of time.

Merge Day

Post merge day

Update this documentation

The next person on merge duty will appreciate it!

Old process