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ReleaseEngineering/Merge Duty

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Mergeduty is responsible for performing branching + code uplifts, and making sure the automation is ready for those branches and merges. The steps that need to be performed alternate; we're basing this on whether mozilla-central will become an odd or even numbered Gecko version after Merge Day. (See: What train is it now? and RapidRelease/Calendar)

Note that there are several uplifts involved:

  • beta->release
  • aurora->beta
  • central->aurora
  • aurora->b2gXX_vX_X

Next merge days


  • bug 1017923 - Tracking bug for 21-jul-2014 migration work
  • bug 1029851 - Tracking bug for 01-sep-2014 migration work
  • bug 1061861 - Tracking bug for 13-oct-2014 migration work
  • bug 1097666 - Tracking bug for 28-Nov-2014 migration work
  • bug 1116781 - Tracking bug for 12-Jan-2015 migration work
  • bug 1123367 - Tracking bug for 23-Feb-2015 migration work
  • bug 1123369 - Tracking bug for 06-Apr-2015 migration work

Best practice: the patches are based on gecko_version so they get uplifted automatically.

Current process

Two weeks before

  • Read these docs. Please do your part to familiarize yourself with what needs doing.
  • Communicate with Release Management to determine what features are going to merge from central->aurora, aurora->beta, and which will be pref'ed off.
  • Prepare the patch for the mozilla-release bump in buildbot-configs
  • Look at blocking bugs against the merge day bugs, and ask around if there are any patches that need to land with the release migration
  • Prepare the other patches for Release Merge Day

Release Merge Day

One week before

Release Merge Day + the release build will take up the first portion of this week.

  • Prepare the patch for the other desktop train migrations
  • Look at blocking bugs against the merge day bugs, and ask around if there are any patches that need to land with the other migrations
  • Prep the other patches for Merge Day (next section). Merge Day will be Very Busy, so the patches+reviews beforehand will be very important.
  • run the b2g_tag script with --pull to clone the repos ahead of time.

Merge Day

Post merge day

Update this documentation

The next person on merge duty will appreciate it!

Old process

The following process is not used anymore.

For the specific steps to run, see the following 2 pages: