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Fx 4b12 Test Plan

Top Sites Testing

Tomcat runs an automated test suite that checks for crashes on page load for the top 20k sites on an on-going basis. When there's a problem it's usually a crasher bug and Tomcat files those.

See also and see Tomcat for question/inquiries about a run for you!

  • In beta 10 we started using an outsourcing service that tested functionality (using beta 9) of the top 100 web sites according to A few issues were found and bugs were filed for them. Search for "uTest" in bugzilla to find related bugs.
  • For the beta 11 cycle, this outsourced service will tests top financial sites in the US as well as globally (about 25 financial sites). The tests will include basic functionality like login, account details browsing, sorting, and other common use cases. These tests will be performed using official beta 10 builds. Issues will be filed directly in bugzilla.
  • For the beta 12 cycle, the outsourced service ran basic tests on popular social and entertainment sites, some of which included Flash use. As of Friday this was still ongoing.
  • Farmville spotcheck using testing accounts: status