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Puppeteer beta update

  • Forecast have been revised for two of us still on track
  • All-Hands period is skipped (not factored in, so M3 is longer, if work gets done it will be added)
  • Original completion date is feasible for smaller team
  • Maja did some investigations for Gutenberg and Puppeteer tests (new bugs might come up soon)
  • We still have 9 bugs for the MVP
  • Move the 2 assigned bugs from Andreas to reserve backlog (2 more MVP)


  • Some kind of Puppeteer fork and released by the former Puppeteer folks @microsoft now
  • They still make use of Juggler - as James noticed the code is very similar
  • Cloud infrastructure, Webkit support, cleaner API?
  • Questions
    • Differences in API (is Playwright eliminating some Blinkisms)
    • What is the CDP usage of Playwright versus Puppeteer (TODO: run playwright unit tests with DEBUG)
    • What does Juggler do well that we haven't solved yet?
  • Maja: now it shows that it was a good decision not to rely on Juggler or Puppeteer, good to target CDP
  • CDP patch accepted from Pavel
  • Mathias is pretty open to our approach, and even for Playwright we might be able to simply switch out Juggler for Firefox once we are ready
  • When to deprecate puppeteer-firefox (Juggler)? Juggler is not maintained so it is better to have Puppeteer working with a more recent version of Firefox
  • We will announce it for Firefox Nightly, also to get early feedback based on the latest implementations

Status of prep for lightning talk + demo at All-Hands

  • Gutenberg demo, extra Puppeteer example code ready shortly. Passing more Puppeteer unit test as well.
  • Harald is setting up a meeting about this project in Berlin.

Action items:

  • Henrik: File bug for Puppeteer's page.setContent()
  • Maja: Run Playwright unit tests with debug logging enabled -> get numbers of API usage
  • Look at Playwrite API more closely, compare with Puppeteer


Milestone Status

  • Last week: 70 Total; 49 Open (70%); 21 Resolved (30%); [January 10th]
  • This week: 77 Total; 48 Open (62.34%); 29 Resolved (37.66%);

Other indicators


hg log -M -r 7472a5f9c6c0::central --template "{node|short}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n" remote
44d98b5ee706    Andreas Tolfsen bug 1603078: remote: fix passing extra prefs to Puppeteer r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
74eea3cb0eac    Andreas Tolfsen bug 1603078: remote: add --enable-fission to "./mach puppeteer-test" r=remote-protocol-reviewers,whimboo
ef16eb363c08    Khushal Sahni   Bug 1604143 - Make browser-chrome task function arguments an object. r=whimboo,remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
24f9ca7b6c8b    Andreas Tolfsen bug 1606828: remote: add -v[v] flag to "./mach puppeteer-test" r=remote-protocol-reviewers,whimboo
a752d438b017    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1590102 - [remote] Implement Network.deleteCookies. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
e8d3c8a85b63    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1544417 - [remote] Implement Emulation.setDeviceMetricsOverride. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf,ato
28abd2840682    Maja Frydrychowicz      Bug 1602686 - Check that navigation has completed; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,whimboo
1f54496cc9c9    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1609163 - [remote] Implement Page.getNavigationHistory. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
a79af660f3a9    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1609627 - [remote] Implement Page.navigateToHistoryEntry. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
fc39777607a4    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1607823 - [remote] Use ContentTask.spawn instead of SpecialPowers.spawn in browser_setCacheDisabled.js. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
135183e3f91f    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1587845 - [remote] Use _contentRect as name for internal helper that returns the content bounding box. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
e584a14a5a4e    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1587845 - [remote] Add "clip" argument to Page.captureScreenshot. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
30ff42ad6a0d    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1587845 - [remote] ESLint fix for browser_captureScreenshot.js.


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