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  • Scope needs to be reduced due to a slow down in the team's completion rate (mmucci)
  • New meeting time - possible days/times:
    • Monday at 10 AM Eastern (4 PM Henrik).
    • Wednesday at 9 AM or 10 AM Eastern (3 PM or 4 PM Henrik).
    • Other Options?
  • Confirm puppeteer-firefox deprecation warning (:maja_zf)
  • Move discussion from DevTools slack to chat.mozilla.org (Matrix)?
  • Reviews while Henrik is out next week?
  • puppeteer triage for firefox issues (:digitarald)



whimboo, maja_zf, digitarald, mmucci, jgraham, Joel Einbinder (Microsoft)



Scope needs to be reduced due to a slow down in the team's completion rate.

Admin Topics

  • New meeting time should be Wednesday 7:30 UTC or 4PM UTC? Probably 4UTC, Maja will send announcement.
  • Yes, move chat from Slack to Matrix - see #remote-protocol on Matrix
  • jgraham will fill in with code review while whimboo is out next week

Deprecation message

Update about Playwright


  • Playwright will continue to use Juggler Firefox now, but they don't want to maintain a fork for firefox and webkit
    • Mainly focused on WebKit lately because it's harder
  • Interested in switching to Firefox remote protocol implementation but that's in the long run; want to provide help by answering questions about CDP, Blink, Juggler
    • Still concerned by going after CDP as the protocol layer, but will cooperate regardless of what path Firefox chooses
  • Fixing bugs in Chrome sometimes leaves Puppeteer in a broken state; when Puppeteer team asks questions, Joel tries to be responsive.
  • Six people on Playwright, but Joel only offers himself as a point of contact about technical questions. For "official" answers to other questions, Pavel is the right person.


  • Searching through CDP implementation
  • [whimboo] Do you have metrics that indicate what Playwright methods are most used?
    • [joel] Everything works and is prioritized equally, priority is feature completeness, large test suite. More unit tests in an area might indicate more bug reports from users?

Puppeteer issue triage

  • Feedback from users after initial 2.1 announcement?
    • [maja] A bit of activity, not huge. Mainly confusion about which version of Firefox to use, fetching/launching the browser automatically, feature-completeness in comparison with puppeteer-firefox (i.e. Should puppeteer-firefox still be used for now?)
    • A user contributed improvements to the Puppeteer docs about cross-browser support, https://github.com/puppeteer/puppeteer/pull/5360
  • Browser fetching is in progress by Maja

Other Business

  • [joel] Do puppeteer unit tests run in Mozilla CI? Yes
    • James has a patch for setting test metadata -- this will allow running them as Tier 2
  • [joel] Seems like users are confused by which Firefox to run; Joel is doing is best to clarify on which browser is being used implicitly by Playwright
  • [whimboo] - Should we enable remote agent on Beta?
    • [jgraham] Not yet, too much change. Once more stable, enabling on DevEdition (beta) makes the most sense given the audience.


Milestone Status

  • Last week: 70 Total; 49 Open (70%); 21 Resolved (30%); [January 24th]
  • This week: 78 Total; 47 Open (60.26%); 31 Resolved (39.74%)

Other indicators


$ hg log -M -r 30ff42ad6a0d::central --template "{node|short}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n" remote

30ff42ad6a0d    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1587845 - [remote] ESLint fix for browser_captureScreenshot.js.
abfe9c13a2f4    Coroiu Cristina Bug 1610374 - Disable browser_navigateToHistoryEntry.js on linux1804 and win for frequent failures r=remote-protocol-reviewers
537d9cea1acd    Noemi Erli      Bug 1610382 - Disable browser_setCacheDisabled.js for frequent failures r=remote-protocol-reviewers,gbrown,whimboo
d627299e3dd8    Maja Frydrychowicz      Bug 1611274 - [puppeteer] Vendor in fixes for Launcher tests
686af4c3274d    David Burns     Bug 1588114 - [remote] Implement Network.setCookie and Network.setCookies. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
6f15878925ca    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1610377 - [remote] Move session history navigation code into the parent process. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
d45350ccf8aa    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1610377 - [remote] Wait for history index selected when using gBrowser.gotoIndex(). r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
bf5ac2c3466b    Mihai Alexandru Michis  Bug 1610377 - Fix lint error in remote/test/browser/page/head.js a=lint-fix
b9b47103dff1    Mark Banner     Bug 1614891 - Clarify the ESLint situation around some remote/ files. Remove unnecessary remote/test/demo.js. r=remote-protoco


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  • Henrik: PTO Feb 17th - 21st