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None! We improvised :)


dreams, Joel Einbinder (Microsoft), :maja_zf, :mmucci, :whimboo


[whimboo] Will work on describeNode next which is one of the main blockers for Puppeteer and a lot of Puppeteer unit tests [maja_zf] Finishing off the patch for downloading Firefox when puppeteer is installed. Lots of Puppeteer code around this is tightly coupled with other areas, so unravelling that and removing Chrome-only assumption in lots of places.

  • Next will return focus on protocol implementation. Maybe investigate setContent (which would use up a contingency bug in our planning)

Puppeteer's page.setContent (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1612174)

[maja] foolip raised an issue for running puppeteer with firefox (https://github.com/puppeteer/puppeteer/issues/5437)

  • The problem is that one needs to provide an executable path for Firefox, which isn't clearly explained in the docs
  • This is be irrelevent after automatic browser fetching works for Firefox, so Maja will reply by pointing to that PR

[mmucci] Project status:

  • We are 74% complete, 8 bugs remaining and 2 contingency bugs
  • 5th Milestone from 26th Feb March 10th
  • We may be able to finish on May 19th

[joel] Playwright update:

  • Playwright team is landing lots of patches in upstream WebKit, especially their web inspector
  • Playwright webkit browser diff includes lots of browser fixes in addition to protocol
  • Aiming for 1.0 in March
  • Webkit crashing a lot on windows
  • The Playwright Firefox diff is just the custom protocol, no browser fixes.
  • Only Firefox issue is slow start-up, 2000 ms in headless mode versus 15 ms for Chrome. Joel will file a bug.


Milestone Status

  • Last week: 78 Total; 47 Open (60.26%); 31 Resolved (39.74%) [February 14th]
  • This week: 78 Total; 43 Open (55.13%); 35 Resolved (44.87%); 0 Verified (0%)

Other indicators


$ hg log -M -r %commit_from_last_time%::central --template "{node|short}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n" remote
b9b47103dff1    Mark Banner     Bug 1614891 - Clarify the ESLint situation around some remote/ files. Remove unnecessary remote/test/demo.js. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,whimboo
afc658d2dd3a    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1615260 - [remote] Return correct properties for unserializable values in Runtime.callFunctionOn. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
c4aaefede9d7    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1615368 - [remote] Response for Runtime.callFunctionOn with returnbyValue misses "type" and "description". r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_z
2aad23c07f68    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1610374 - [remote] Page.navigateToHistoryEntry() has to wait for requested index been set. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
9db39cd56bba    Mihai Alexandru Michis  Backed out changeset 2aad23c07f68 (bug 1610374) for causing lint failures in remote/test/browser/page/head.js
308dd8bb9e06    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1610374 - [remote] Page.navigateToHistoryEntry() has to wait for requested index been set. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
ccff3d924dde    Maja Frydrychowicz      Bug 1614108 - Truncate Remote Agent log messages; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,whimboo
c7a202f7a8e1    Matt Woodrow    Bug 1615967 - Move customUserAgent to BrowsingContext. r=nika,remote-protocol-reviewers


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  • maja_zf: some days in first week of March, TBC