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  • Project Status Update [mmucci]
  • Communicating project status [maja_zf]
  • For cookies sameSite=Lax is default now in Firefox Nightly [henrik]
  • Inspector protocol tests [henrik]



dreams, marco, maja_zf, whimboo


Status update

  • On track, 2 bugs per milestone
  • 0 contigency bugs left

Q: Should we move bug out of mvp if something comes up?

Yes, must do a swap.

Communicating project status

  • No user-friendly status page
    • Reporting Puppeteer API support (which we impact indirectly) versus CDP support (what we're actually working on)?
    • Old CDP status dashboard depends on Bugzilla structure we don't use since October, so it reports inaccurate data https://andreastt.github.io/remotedash/
  • What should Puppeteer users look at?
    • Puppeteer team could publish summary of unit test results ("Is Puppeteer + Firefox ready") similar to what they did for Juggler
  • Best source of info for internal/external collaborators is Remote/Milestones
    • Marco will update the queries to match his spreadsheet for the beta milestone
  • [devin] what does the beta milestone actually mean?
    • [maja] We looked at different sources for how often CDP methods and events are in use by various frameworks and testsuites and prioritized accordingly. Can think of it as what would get the tools working for Firefox for 90% of use-cases? To measure completeness: might not be high percentage of Gutenberg, maybe 70% puppeteer unit tests
    • [henrik] Could Devin can have a look at Remote/Milestones and tell us his ideas what could / needs to be on this page
      • Based on that feedback we can add more information for overall target and for each of the milestones
  • After beta we should target a Hacks blog post to get further feedback from end-users of puppeteer for next goals


  • Upstream Puppeteer tests started to fail for Firefox but not Chrome, which should have it since the 80 release
  • Does Puppeteer disable it? No feedback from Mathias yet.
  • Disable the pref in Firefox for now.

CDP Tests


Milestone Status

  • Last week: 78 Total; 43 Open (55.13%); 35 Resolved (44.87%)
  • This week: 80 Total; 43 Open (53.75%); 37 Resolved (46.25%)

Other indicators


$ hg log -M -r %commit_from_last_time%::central --template "{node|short}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n" remote
c7a202f7a8e1    Matt Woodrow    Bug 1615967 - Move customUserAgent to BrowsingContext. r=nika,remote-protocol-reviewers
34ce3f0a1cdb    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1615360 - [remote] Add BigInt support to Runtime.callFunctionOn. r=remote-protocol-r
b6488af73b52    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1619548 - [remote] Update expectation states of Puppeteer unit tests to pass on MacOS


Development status of Puppeteer beta
Puppeteer beta dashboard
Bugzilla queries - Puppeteer Beta
All project work currently in development
Available MVP work
Completed MVP work
Available Reserve work
Bug overviews
Gutenberg dependency tree
Puppeteer examples dependency tree
Complete Puppeteer dependency tree
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  • maja_zf: March 5-6