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  • Project Status [mmucci]
  • Gutenberg test result highlights [maja_zf]
    • We should run these on Travis in a gutenberg fork
  • Anything to do before Puppeteer 3? [maja_zf]
    • (done) Firefox support in `puppeteer.connect`



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Project Status

  • Still ahead of schedule, still 2 bugs/milestone
  • Definitely secure for May 19th early end date
  • MVP scope was increased by 2; we had time enough in that case so we didn't have to swap anything out
  • What happens after May 19 - pick bugs from reserve backlog and continue process as before (charts will show how much reserve work is completed)
  • Reserve represents work we are not committing to completing unless we have the capacity

Gutenberg Update

  • Running tests after describeNode/resolveNode patches, results aren't complete yet
  • The good: test setup/teardown works, 17/84 suites pass so far (still running, have run 62/84)
  • Modifications:
  • General: quite slow, tab clean-up seems not to happen (Page.close?), more failures with headless true (same for Chrome)
    • tabs which might be closed are not - would be good to check with Chrome
  • Most comment failures: not finding expected CSS selectors, unexpected output (so maybe navigation races), timeout errors with Page.click, console errors and warnings
  • UnknownMethodError (relatively infrequent overall): Input.insertText, DOM.setFileInputFiles, Fetch, Network.emulateNetworkConditions
  • Conclusions:
    • prioritize work to improve core quality (navigation, element interaction) rather than chasing new methods to implement for specific tests
    • Some time in the next month set up Firefox+gutenberg in Travis, something minimal so it's easy for whole team to run tests and examine results (not essential since we can get decent feedback from puppeteer unitt tests)
    • [maja] Todo - Share trace logs

Puppeteer v3

  • Maybe check that docs are accurate for Firefox
  • Sync our changes with upstream


Milestone Status

  • Last meeting: 48 Total; 8 Open (16.67%); 40 Resolved (83.33%)
  • This meeting: 48 Total; 6 Open (12.5%); 42 Resolved (87.5%)

Other indicators


hg log -M -r bebf8622dd3b::central --template "{node|short}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n" remote
1bac37288ded    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1624046 - [remote] Update puppeteer-expected.json for insertion order. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jgr
6502d0dbe2be    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1624785 - [remote] Split-up long running test file browser_callFunctionOn.js. r=remote-protocol-review
31d3fb769ac3    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1607560 - [remote] Basic implementation for DOM.describeNode. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
b87ac5f5e1d6    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1607562 - [remote] Basic implementation for DOM.resolveNode. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
051cb91bd7aa    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1607562 - [remote] Update puppeteer unit tests and expectation data. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_


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