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  • Project Update [mmucci]


mmucci, maja_zf, whimboo, dreams, digitarald, jgraham


mmucci: Project is on track. For now we still have a buffer. If no progress in next milestone, will have to re-evaluate scope in late April but we're not there yet.

whimboo: status of bidi explainer feedback?

bidi meeting Monday

  • Pick one area/functionality to focus on to sketch out further and prototype, like Console logging
  • Clarify intent for CDP, Remote Protocol & WebDriver
  • Split in different documents to parallelize work
  • Aside: extensions in WebDriver: https://www.w3.org/TR/webdriver/#extensions-0


  • Define: when are we done? What do that look like to web developers?
  • Share an announcement as follow-up to All-Hands presentation (internal)
  • Hacks blog post in May/June?
    • Mention which frameworks it can work with?
    • Add Firefox to gutenberg ci? Learnings from getting gutenberg to work, proper use of async, puppeteer API
    • Ellicit feedback about real-world use cases


Milestone Status

  • Last meeting: 48 Total; 6 Open (12.5%); 42 Resolved (87.5%)
  • This meeting: 48 Total; 6 Open (12.5%); 42 Resolved (87.5%)

Other indicators


$ hg log -M -r 051cb91bd7aa::central --template "{node|short}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n" remote
051cb91bd7aa    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1607562 - [remote] Update puppeteer unit tests and expectation data. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_
f554112cb7bd    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1626526 - [remote] Don't emit internal network request events for invalid top frame elements. r=remote
dbde4c8759e8    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1627780 - [remote] Add status mapping for Mocha's "CRASHED" status. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_z
c0e540ea69dd    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1628578 - [remote] Update puppeteer test expectation status for console messages in detached iframes.
9c302ec1db41    Henrik Skupin   Bug 1628344 - [remote] Return DOM.Node “attributes” for DOM.describeNode. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,jgraham


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