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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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As with everything in life, sometimes, it's just time to throw in the towel and move on or take a leave of absence. Here's a SOP that describes how to leave the Mozilla Reps program or deal with prolonged inactivity. Please choose the case that describes best your situation.


I would like to leave the Mozilla Reps program and want to do that by following Mozilla's best practices.


Case 1 : I am leaving temporarily

A Mozilla Rep can take a break and go on a break from the program up to 3 months. Simply inform visitors to your Community Portal profile that you are busy/unavailable and make sure to specify for how long you think you'll be unavailable and if another Rep is going to replace you (this is important if you are a mentor). You can do this in the "Bio" field.

Case 2 : I am leaving permanently

If a Mozilla Rep decides to leave and does NOT expect to return any time soon (more than 3 months), here's the procedure to follow:

  1. Mail your mentor.
  2. Mentor will inform Council.
  3. Council will apply all necessary changes.

Your profile will be moved to the Alumni group.

Case 3 : I am leaving reluctantly

In some cases, a Mozilla Rep will want to leave due to a conflict or problem of some sorts related to another Mozilla Rep or an activity related to the Mozilla Reps program.

Before signing off and leaving Mozilla Reps, you're strongly encouraged to speak to your mentor to make sure you've explored all options to resolve the conflict.

If you feel you still aren't getting the support you need, please let the Reps council know what is missing and what should be improved so as to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Case 4 : Leaving due to inactivity

Due to inactivity Mozilla Reps can be moved to Alumni automatically for inactivity. In those cases the Council cannot do any exceptions due to the complexity of the program.

Reps Admin Actions

Once a leaving request has been processed by Council, Reps admins will make sure to:

  • Move to Alumni group
  • Revoke bugzilla permissions (mozilla-reps and mozilla-reps-admin if applicable)
  • Unsubscribe from reps-general and reps-mentors (if applicable).
  • Remove them from the NDA group
  • Remove them from the Slack
  • Remove the Reps agreement from storage folder.
  • Tweet #mozlove message from the Reps twitter account (not in the case of leaving due conflict)
  • Inform the Council the previous steps were completed and ask them to communicate this action with the person affected (not in the case of leaving due conflict).
  • Coordinate with the current council chair an email of appreciation to the person affected with their Rep certificate attached

Returning to the Program

You are able to return to the program anytime. We will be happy to have you back on the team!

Steps to be taken by Alumni

  1. File a new Reps Application
    • In the field Mozilla contributors who vouch your application please leave empty
  2. The applicant will be screened as new Reps on the program by following the same procedure: