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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This page contains outdated information. This workflow has been replaced by a Teachable course. If you are interested in the new workflow, read the Teachable page


Recording to watch: (remember to login on the opening of the link)

Information from the previous Webinar: ReMo/Webinar/2017-04-04

General information about our Webinar onboarding approach can be found in the ReMo/Webinar wiki page.

Next steps for you to take

  • Watch the recording of the Webinar
    • Please note that this was recorded at the beginning of April and was live. We had an Etherpad for notes and questions, we won't be providing this at this time.
    • If you have any questions that don't get answered in the recording, in the ReMo/Webinar/2017-04-04 Wiki page, or in the "Questions&Answers" section here, please reach out to Michael Kohler or the Reps Council.
  • Indicate whether you are still interested in joining the Reps program in your application bug
  • Get in touch with your fellow Mozilla Reps in your country/region to introduce yourself, seek and offer support. It is crucial to work together to make sure the local support is as good as it can be
  • We will take it from there and if there is something else you need to do, you will get a comment on the application bug (for example an invitation to create your profile, or a follow up from Council)

Questions & Answers

  • If i want to get started now what will i have to do ? (Writing yes on bug?)
    • Yes, confirm your interest on the application bug and we will guide you from there
  • What about mentors? How are we gonna get those?
    • For now it's the Council who is mentoring you. Once we have enough Coaches, we will be assigning them to you. We are tracking who is without a personal coach for now.
  • How many reports we need to submit during Orientation Period?
    • Quality over quantity
  • Could you throw some more light on the 3-month orientation program. What activities would be in it for us?
  • How do we get Budget and Swag?
    • As we are introducing a specialized track for Resources, newly onboarded Reps don't have access to the budget and swag request form. However, if you need to have a budget or swag, Reps Council will gladly help you to find an existing Rep who can file a request in your name.
    • Our budget allocation for the first and second quarter of 2017:


If you have any feedback about the onboarding process and the Webinar itself, please fill out this survey: